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                          Not knowing how to answer her question about liking Analise, Ichiro let out a sigh of relief when the car pulled up to his house. Did he like her? That would remain an unanswered question for a while, at least until tomorrow or so when he had time to really pay attention to her. The only time he had ever actually had full attention on her was when she said something perverted in front of everybody, but that had almost all the males in their group looking at her lustfully. Ana always enjoyed having all eyes on her no matter the reason for it, even if it was something bad. Now that he thought about it, she was always constantly trying to get his attention but it was usually on his friends or other girls that walked by. A girl liking him was no news to him, but someone that he would actually consider dating had only happened a couple times before. Now that the question of whether or not he liked Analise enough to date her popped up, he would be thinking about it for a long time. His attention would be on her more than ever but in all honesty, not much of it would be focused on her personality or smarts, most of it would be on her body and such. Ichiro was brought back into reality by the sound of Scarlett and Thadeus' voice. He nodded lightly at Thadeus's mention about making tea. He wasn't big on tea, but he'd manage for today. "Sounds good."

                          Ichiro walked into the living room and picked up his bag and set it down, leaning it against a leg of the table. His gaze traveled from the ground up to Scarlett, and he winced at her words. She had definitely been serious about his sister being a bully. He pulled out the books and small amount of notes he had in his bag and set them down next to Scarlett's. Ichiro sucked in a deep breath, but when she looked up at him he looked down. Despite her taking it back, he still felt the need to answer. "I didn't believe you. I couldn't bring myself to." he said simply before standing up and walking around the couch. He glanced over at Thadeus in the kitchen, seeming to mind his own business but Ichiro knew he was listening in on what was being said. Looking back over to Scarlett he stopped, "I'll be right back" he said before making his way to his sisters room and stepping in, closing the door behind him. Two pairs of eyes stared at him and he gave an unconvincing smile. "Why is she here?" Suddenly, something seemed to click in his sister's mind. "She's not your girlfriend is she? Oh god, I'm going to kill you if you say yes" Ichiro stood up straight because he had been leaning against the door, and looked from Tiana to his sister. Tiana seemed to have full attention on him when his sister asked that.

                          "No, of course not. She's my study partner for chemistry." he replied. Esther exchanged a look with Tiana before they both started laughing. "You're going to study? Seriously?" When they looked at Ichiro for reassurance they both stopped laughing gradually, knowing he was serious. "Listen. I don't know what the f*** you did to her before, but she's obviously not very happy about you being here." After Scarlett left, Esther was probably going to smack him for standing up for Scarlett. "Please, just stay in here until she leaves, okay? I'll do whatever the hell you want, just don't bother her." He smiled again and exited the room. He thought about Ana calling Esther and telling her what Scarlett did, and he knew his sister would be out here in an instant so he opened the door again and leaned inside. "If Ana calls you, don't answer it." Hopefully that would be enough, but he doubted it. If Ana called Esther, she would probably answer it regardless so for now, he just had to hope Ana wouldn't think about calling her. Ichiro closed the door tightly and walked over to the couch again, sitting down with a sigh. "Where should we start?" Scarlett wouldn't forgive him for this would she?

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                          When she had asked Ichiro if he liked Analise his pause and look on concentration told her that he needed to think about it. So Scarlett didn't press the matter and in reality it wasn't like it mattered to her anyway. What was she going to do if he did? It wasn't any of her business anyway. When they got in the house and tea was being put on they headed to the living room and got their books and notebooks set up. Scarlett being so precise in the places she put her things it was no doubt to anyone that she did this often and very well. When she asked him about his sister she saw him wince and then he gave his answer. "That's no cause for not telling me she would be here. If I had known that I would have suggested we study at my house." She was whispering even softer now. 'You idiot Scarlett...why do you feel betrayed? You don't even know him.' Scolding herself mentally didn't exactly help her feelings as her eyes watered and she looked away. Then he was saying he'd be right back and went up the stairs and into a room, closing the door behind him. She knew he had went into his sister's room by the direction of the footsteps. He was gone for a bit and the tea was brought in and set on coasters. Thadeus had moved back into the kitchen and was sitting by the window acting as if he wasn't paying attention but listening to everything. She smiled at his tentativeness.

                          When Ichiro returned to the living room she looked up at him through her glasses and smiled. She gave a moments pause thinking about her next action over very carefully before she did it. Leaning over she gave him a peck on the cheek. "Thank you....for that." She said softly and pointed up as if motioning to his sister. Whether she would actually leave Scarlett alone was another thing, it meant a lot that somebody actually stood up for her that wasn't Thadeus. With that she smiled again and moved back to where she was and what she was doing. "We can start by looking through the elements we haven't gone over in class. Here..." She paused pointing to a page in one of her notebooks with a list of elements and which elements mix well and which do not. "...is a list of all the elements we've gone over in class. The ones we haven't gone over I have on another page." Picking up the book she flipped through the pages a moment until she got to the right page then set it down for both of them to see. "It's actually very simple if you don't think too hard on it. All you have to think about is the properties of the elements, which can be melted down at what temperature and which are already liquids...and you look lost." She paused looking at Ichiro who didn't look like he either cared or know what she was talking about.

                          Looking around the room she didn't see anything she could use as examples. This would be so much easier at her house considering Chemistry was her favorite subject and she had her parents make her a 'science room' is what they called it but it was supposed to be her study. After a moment Scarlett got an idea and started making drawings of each element and the properties they had, whether they melted, what temperature they melt at, if they boiled, and the like and it didn't take her very long to get all of the elements they hadn't gone over in class with perfect little drawings and explanations. When she was done she showed Ichiro. "There. That should make it easier. Chemistry is kinda my thing." she admitted softly then smiled picking up another notebook and jotting a few ideas down then flipping through her Chemistry text book. "You can start by getting a good feel on those elements and jot down any ideas that you would think would mix well in an experiment. Tomorrow we can test out the ideas at my house." Yeah...she was smart. With that she smiled and went back to jotting down notes and flipping through text books, every now and again taking a sip of her tea. When it got cold Thadeus brought out a fresh cup and removed the old one. Scarlett hated cold tea.

                          After about two hours she felt/heard her stomach growl. A blush so deep shaded her cheeks it was almost the color of her flaming hair. "Um...are you hungry?...Actually go see if Esther and her friend are hungry. I'll have Thadeus make something. It's not good to study when hungry, you'll lose all the knowledge your brain is trying to soak up cause it's only really thinking about food." She said with a laugh then looked over at Thadeus. He was already up and looking for something to make. She simply smiled at that then looked back at Ichiro. Yes, she may be scared of Esther but she wasn't rude. So she waited for Ichiro to get up to ask. Yes that did mean Esther and her friend would have to come downstairs to eat but Scarlett felt safe enough with Thadeus there that it didn't bother her.

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                          Ichiro was actually hoping that Analise was too busy plotting revenge right now to think about calling anyone. That one little thing would spread like a wild fire, and of the first people to find out would be his sister Esther. He couldn't bring himself to imagine what she would do to Scarlett when the information processed through her mind. Although, Thadeus was here and he seemed to be fairly protective of Scarlett, so she would probably be somewhat safe. Before Esther could do any real damage, Thadeus would probably pull her off of Scarlett, hopefully. Ichiro opened up his books to the page numbers scribbled down on the corners of his notebook pages and looked at Scarlett again. His face went red for a moment when she kissed his cheek lightly and he smiled warmly. He gave her a slight nod as his way of saying "You're welcome" for now. He looked back down at the books and he skimmed over all of the notes he had written. Scarlett had double, maybe triple the notes he had. She must have added a lot of extra details, he only wrote down what the teacher instructed them to and nothing else. Ichiro set his notebook down on the table and began to reach over to look at hers, but she started to point stuff out and explain so he put his hand back down and listened. Huh, maybe he'd actually learn something from this project.

                          He scanned the page she pointed at which listed all of the elements they had gone over in class, and then the one with the elements they hadn't gone over. Wait, hold on. Scarlett was moving on with all of this way too fast for him to keep up. He nodded, "Uh-huh." he said glancing up at her. When she began drawing, he smiled. She actually wanted him to understand this, didn't she? He took the drawing from her hand when she was done and he studied it carefully. "Mind if I keep this? " he asked, looking up at her momentarily before returning to the paper. It might not make perfect sense, but it definitely made more sense than the books did. He would prefer studying this versus reading twenty pages on all of the elements. While Scarlett wrote down extra notes and such, Ichiro spent this time studying the paper carefully. It might take a while for him to memorize it all but he'd have the basics down in maybe a week or two. He didn't really touch the tea Thadeus brought out because he was too busy looking at the paper, but every now and then he took a couple drinks of it.

                          Writing a couple of ideas down, Ichiro looked up at Scarlett when he heard the growl. He laughed out loud at her embarrassment, it was cute. Before he could answer her first question, she was telling him to go ask Esther and Tiana if they were hungry. He narrowed his eyes and raised an eyebrow at her considering it was strange. "I would have thought you'd want them in their room all day..." he shrugged it off and stood up, heading for Esther's room. When he opened the door, his sisters’ attention snapped to the door as if she was expecting Scarlett. "You two hungry?" he asked with a smile. They both nodded and stood up. "Is that little freak gone yet?" Esther asked him as she stretched her arms out. Ichiro sighed at the thought of his sister being a bully. Yeah, she bullied him a lot but they were siblings! Isn't that what siblings did? Esther seemed to be so nice at school but he guessed he just didn't pay much attention to her at school. He decided not to answer that and just continue on down the stairs. Ichiro could almost feel Tiana's eyes on him as he walked down the stairs and it sent a shiver of his spine.

                          Esther must have caught Ichiro staring at Scarlett’s butt as she walked to the kitchen because he received a smack on the back of the head. He rubbed the back of his head lightly and turned around toward his sister and Tiana. "You could do so much better" Esther puffed out when she walked passed him. Tiana wore what seemed to be a disappointed look on her face after that. Ichiro smiled over at Scarlett and sat down at the table. Just before Esther could sit down her phone went off like crazy and she pulled it from her pocket. Her eyes immediately went up to Ichiro when she read the name on the caller ID and she walked out of the kitchen, into the living room. Ichiro shrugged it off and looked over to Thadeus, wondering what he was cooking. A couple minutes later, Esther came stomping back into the room and she shoved Scarlett off her chair. She began yelling, cussing and hitting her, she wanted Scarlett to pay for what she had done to one of her best friends. Ichiro was up and out of his seat in an instant, and Thadeus was pushing Esther off of Scarlett. When Thadeus had pushed Esther off balance for a moment, he grabbed Scarlett swiftly as Ichiro grabbed his sister.

                          She was still yelling at her, trying to break free from her brothers’ grip. Esther may be stronger than him in some ways it would never be physically. Ichiro held both her hands behind her back and didn't let Tiana get anywhere near to help Esther break free. "Esther stop! Analise lied to you!" That made her calm down a bit, but if he let go she would jump back onto Scarlett. It was so obvious that Ana had called her and told her about what happened at school. "Why would she lie to me?! That little b***h broke her arm!" Ana must have exaggerated over the phone. "No, she didn't. That was someone else, she lied." He was of course, lying himself but he didn't want Esther to beat the living crap out of Scarlett so it was what he had to do. It took much explaining but eventually he got Esther to believe that Ana had lied about Scarlett hurting her and she stomped up to her room with Tiana. Ichiro made sure to tell her not to call Ana again because she would just lie. He found Thadeus helping Scarlett clean up in the bathroom and he wasn't sure what to say besides, "I'm sorry.".

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                          Scarlett couldn't help but smile at his slight momentary blush at the kiss she gave to his cheek. Although it made her blush a little bit harder considering how shy she normally was. When he nodded she smiled again and went back to her notes. When she started explaining things and then realized that the long version of it was confusing him she stopped and made the drawings with little explanations. When she was finished he took the paper without question and started to study it. She smiled at that, glad she was able to make it easier for him to understand, or enjoy possibly. When he asked if he could keep it she smiled and looked at him from her notes. "Of course. I made it for you." She answered with a smile then went back to her notes. She went from reading one of the books to jotting mores notes down. Then on a different notebook she would write down another idea. Every now and again she'd take a sip of tea and then the growl happened. Her embarrassment hit first and then Ichiro's burst of laughter. She grabbed a pillow and chucked it at him, watching it hit him square in the face. "It's not funny!" She tried to sound made but she was also laughing so it didn't exactly work. When she calmed down and mentioned asking his sister if she was hungry he gave her an odd look but she just raised an eyebrow back at him. "I may not like her Ichiro and yes I would prefer that she stayed away from me but she lives here. Not me." She said softly then watched him shrug it off and get up going upstairs to ask his sister and her friend.

                          When he was coming Scarlett was heading into the kitchen and for some reason she felt like somebody was staring at her. She made a face and looked at Thadeus who simply shrugged and went back to making lasagna. She knew that Esther was in the room because she heard the comment about Ichiro being able to do so much better. Scarlett refrained from rolling her eyes and sat down at the table. Her attention going to the window, to a bird to be specific. She guessed it was taking it's first leap from the nest because it was still very small. While she was watching the bird she heard a phone go off and turned around just in time to see Esther look at Ichiro and walk into the living room. Her attention went back to the bird but it wasn't there for long. Esther came stomping back into the kitchen and within moments Scarlett was on the floor from Esther's push. The curses and hits came shortly after as Esther was screaming at her saying that she would pay for what she did to one of her best friends. Scarlett didn't make any motion to fight back and she never did she just took it. The abuse didn't last long though as Esther was pulled off her. Scarlett's lip was bleeding and there was already another bruise forming on her cheek and a few on her chest. When Thadeus grabbed Scarlett she yelped, tears springing to her eyes even though she tried to hide it.

                          Thadeus gently helped her up but the damage had already been done. She got up regardless and straightened herself out. Her hand went out for a napkin and one was placed in it immediately by Thadeus. Scarlett patted the blood away from her lip as she listened to Ichiro calming his sister down. It didn't change anything though. Esther had blatantly attacked Scarlett and Ichiro was lying through his teeth to keep his sister from attacking her further. But her arm wasn't broken, her shoulder was popped out of socket so Analise more than likely exaggerated the extent of the injury that Scarlett inadvertently caused. She tried rather hard but she couldn't stop these tears, not this time. When Ichiro came back into the kitchen and walked up to Scarlett his words were the breaking point. The tears fell and as soon as Thadeus saw that he stepped in between Ichiro and Scarlett. The expression on his face was clearly enraged over what had happened and that Scarlett basically walked into the house and he knew what Esther was. His voice was any nicer. "I think it's time we leave. Scarlett go to the car, I'll gather your things." It wasn't a question and he didn't even look at Scarlett to get confirmation. She moved without question and headed for the door. She didn't look at anybody either as she held the napkin to her lip. Once she was in the car the tears didn't stop and she didn't try to stop them.

                          Thadeus moved with a swiftness that was very unexpected for his size but he gathered her things in an orderly manner making sure everything was put away to her liking then headed to the door. He gave one last look at Ichiro and it wasn't really anything nice, it was a glare as if he was blaming him for what happened. With that he left the house, slamming the door behind him and heading straight to the car. When Thadeus got to the car he didn't hesitate as he started the car and took off. Scarlett finally spoke up. "Don't blame Ichiro. I wasn't the one throwing punches." Her words were soft but they seemed to calm Thadeus down enough for them to go the speed limit as he had been going close to eighty miles an hour. When they got to the house Scarlett refused to see her parents until her new bruises were covered which she made sure of before she went to dinner even though she didn't eat. By the time she went to her room and got in the shower she was sore but in a i-just-got-into-a-fight-and-lost type of way which was never fun. She pushed through her shower though and took off all the make-up and when she was done she let her maids dress her in a light silk spaghetti strap nightgown. Thadeus came to her room once she was in bed with a text book, still doing homework. "Are you even going to talk to your parents about what happened?" He asked and Scarlett simply shook her head at the question then took her glasses off and rubbed the bridge of her nose, putting her book down and closing it in the process. "There isn't anything to tell. Except for the fact that Ichiro will be joining us tomorrow after school. Could you let them know, please?" She asked completely avoiding the subject of her newest bruises.

                          Thadeus nodded but didn't leave right away. He stepped up to the bed and kissed her forehead. "Please consider fighting back now." Was all he said then left after bowing at the waist like the butler he was. After that Scarlett went to sleep not really looking forward to the next day.

                          --- TIME SKIP TO THE NEXT DAY ---

                          Scarlett work up with almost the same routine. Though she actually got up at seven and gingerly got dressed. It was a bit difficult but she finally got her bruises covered with make-up to match her skin tone. Her clothes being simple but fashionable yet again. Not really her idea of comfort but she didn't argue with her maids as they chose her clothes for the day. Along with her hair style with was a loose braid today and her make up gave her the smoky eye look and a little bit of blush. Her lips....well that was just chap stick, for some reason she didn't like lip gloss and wearing lip stick to school was cliche now. Once she was fully ready she made her way downstairs and gave her parents a kiss goodbye then headed off to school. The whole trip she was basically scolded by Thadeus which she ignored and did homework she should have done last night. Getting to the school Thadeus escorted her to class and spoke to the teacher a moment. With that he left and Scarlett stayed put and started working homework again. Sitting in Chemistry class early was nothing new to Scarlett though when the bell rang her attention when to the door, as if she was looking for somebody.

                          And she was....Ichiro.

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                          Nodding lightly when Scarlett agreed to let him keep it, Ichiro made sure that he would have all of this down. Tomorrow he would probably be jumping up at the chance to tell Scarlett everything he had memorized and that thought made him chuckle softly. He never would have thought that he would ever be so excited to memorize something school related that wasn't girls' phone numbers or names and faces. Every now and then he would look up and watch Scarlett write down notes and then read. He didn't think he'd ever get over how neat she wrote, or how much she could write from just a simple paragraph. Maybe if they hung out some after this, his grades would go up and he wouldn't be worrying so much at the end of the year about graduating... He noted that in the back of his mind so he would remember to ask her about tutoring or something later. When her stomach growled, his laugh got a pillow thrown at his face and he caught it softly with a laugh. Ichiro set the pillow down next to him as Scarlett was giving her a small explanation on Esther. He nodded lightly and jogged up the stairs to her room. This would be 'fun' little reunion, wouldn't it?

                          The look Esther gave him before walking off into the living room made him a bit suspicious about the call but he managed to shrug it off. He hoped it was anyone but Analise right now but by the way Esther came back into the room, he knew it had been Ana. For a moment he watched in horror as Esther shoved Scarlett off of her chair and began to beat her mercilessly. If Thadeus hadn’t intervened when he had Scarlett might be a lot bloodier. Despite not particularly liking the idea of having Thadeus follow Scarlett around out of school, Ichiro was actually glad he had been there to pull her up. Ichiro was able to restrain Esther from hurting Scarlett further by lying about what Ana had said, and surprisingly Esther believed it. He wouldn't feel safe in his own home for a while knowing what he had just done, but he had a couple of ways to get out of any harm. Ichiro made sure his sister was in her room before returning to the kitchen to apologize. When he did apologize, Scarlett instantly started crying and he felt terrible. Thadeus stepped in front of him and he stepped back a couple of steps. The man’s voice was harsh and Ichiro couldn't even stand to look at Scarlett again as she walked out of the house.

                          The last look Thadeus gave him had Ichiro marching up to his sisters’ room. Tiana was trying to comfort Esther but it was no use, Esther was dead set on beating the heck out of Scarlett when Thadeus wasn't around. Ichiro motioned for Tiana to leave her alone and come to the door. He suggested she go home just in case Esther decided to take her anger out on her, but Esther must have been listening in because she said otherwise. She wanted Tiana here so she could vent. Ichiro didn't leave until he released all of his anger onto her but nothing was said after that. While Ichiro was on the phone in his room, one of the girls must have thrown away the food Thadeus had been making because when Ichiro went to go get something to eat, it was gone. He settled with chugging an energy drink for dinner and then continuing his studying for about half an hour or so. Ana called him at around ten thirty and he got her to agree on not telling Esther about what Scarlett did. Getting her to do so took a lot of persuasion, and almost two hours had passed before she really did agree. By the time their conversation was over, it was two in the morning and they were dating. Ana brought up the subject of dating and one thing led to another and then she was asking him out. Of course, he said yes. For two reasons; one, because she was attractive and two, because Ana wouldn't ever let Esther hurt him as long as they were together.

                          Once they both hung up, Ichiro sloppily put his stuff in his bag and set it next to the door. - - - Time skip! School day! - - - He took a shower in the morning and left for school almost immediately after changing. Most of his morning at school consisted of his and Ana's friends obsessing over the fact that they were going to start dating. "We always knew you two would be together!" was the most common thing to be said up until the bell rang signaling everyone to go to class. Ichiro had been talking to his friends when it rang and he hadn't even thought about saying anything to Ana until he got to the door of chemistry class and she tapped him on the shoulder with her free hand. Ichiro smiled softly at her as he leaned down and kissed her on the lips lightly. Ana narrowed her eyes at Scarlett when she caught her eyes on Ichiro before walking off to her own class. Ichiro turned around with a grin on his face but seeing Scarlett made it fade. He still felt pretty bad about what had happened yesterday and he wasn't sure if he should act as if it never happened or try to apologize again. For now he wouldn't talk about it unless Scarlett brought it up. Ichiro looked around the front of the room and when he noticed that the teacher wasn't here he stood up and walked over to Scarlett's desk.

                          He pulled a chair from an empty desk diagonal from hers, and glanced at the door before sitting down. Ana had instructed him to stay as far away from Scarlett as possible, and have her do all the work. He agreed to abide by her rules but he would be breaking them until this project was done and graded. Ichiro looked for the teacher again but she still hadn't come in yet so he turned back to Scarlett and smiled faintly. "I think I have that entire paper memorized..." he said with a small laugh.

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                          The school day was a drag for once, that is until Chemistry. Scarlett's eyes were glued to the door as she looked for Ichiro to walk in. She was early of course, like always, so she knew he'd probably be coming in last. Although she didn't see the teacher she didn't question it either. When the bell rang her eyes didn't move from the door, although she did glance at a few faces here and there. Studying them. Then he was in the doorway....and with Ana. Heat flared in her face and she couldn't completely tell if it was from jealousy, hatred, or betrayal. He kissed her on the lips and Scarlett knew what had happened between the two of them. When he turned away from Ana he had a grin as wide as an ocean on his face though it faded when he saw Scarlett. She was well aware of the fact that she looked pissed but when that smile faded so did part of her anger and the hurt replaced what had deflated of that anger forcing her to turn away and pretend to study.

                          It didn't take him long to realize the teacher wasn't in the room and that Ana was long gone so his little 'secret' was safe as he made his way across the room and sat in front of her. At his words she looked up at him, completely not amused. "That's what studying does. It helps you remember things." She felt like adding more but deciding against it. Glancing around the room she didn't see Ana or any of her little girlfriends so she looked directly at Ichiro. "You've got quite a bit of nerve Ichiro. First you lie to you sister to protect me, then you start dating Ana, and now you're talking to me as if everything is fine and dandy." She scuffed but the sound didn't mean what she meant it to mean. It sounded more as if she were hurt. "I can handle the bullies...the people that blatantly don't like me because I'm smart but I hate people who act as if they are my friend and then...aren't....it hurts more than any beating I can take." Her voice was only a whisper and she refused to look at him now.

                          Her eyes were training on her paper which was now spotted with tears and still she didn't look up at him. "Just....go away....get away from me.....just go..." She couldn't form a perfect sentence now and she wasn't really trying. With that she put her things away, wrote a note for the teacher and left the classroom trying not to wince from her bruises. The note read that she wasn't feeling well and went home. In the limo she didn't say anything other than Ichiro was still coming over to do the project. When she got home she didn't go to her room to study nor did she go to watch television. No she went to her studio and worked herself ragged by practicing every style of martial arts she knew and dancing in a way that could also be counted as fighting. This is where she stayed until Ichiro came to the house.

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                          How would Scarlett take it if she found out Ana and him were dating? He didn't plan on telling her anytime soon, maybe after the whole thing with Esther blew over. The expression on Scarlett's face actually scared him a little bit, but he wasn't going to avoid her. Before school he had been incredibly excited about telling Scarlett all about how he had actually studied the pictures she drew. Now that he was actually at school and he saw Scarlett, it didn't seem like she would care about it. He wondered what Ana would do to him if she caught him hanging out with Scarlett, and almost instantly he mind was filled with things he wanted her to do to him as "punishment". It didn't even have to be Ana, it might be better with someone else anyway, like Scarlett. Ichiro smiled to himself but shook it off. Scarlett was too innocent! Ichiro focused on Scarlett again and raised an eyebrow at her words, she didn't sound happy... Was lying to his sister a bad thing? He kept his comments on that to himself for now, not wanting to make it worse. Dating Ana was probably a bad decision on his part since he knew what Ana had been doing to Scarlett.

                          "I-" No. Saying anything in retaliation would just make it worse. Scarlett sounded like she was going to cry and when he looked at her she was. There was nothing he could say to her that would make it better, he knew that his decision was a bad one, but he had his reasons for making them (they were bad reasons but...). When she told him to get away he silently put the chair back and went back to his desk. By the giggles coming from behind and to his right, the couple of friends that were in this class must have seen. Ichiro turned around and narrowed his eyes and that made them realize it was serious. Scarlett got up a little bit later, placed something on the teacher's desk and left the classroom. Was he still going to her house to study? He might as well try. If she wasn't expecting him, he could use that time to explain himself. For now he would get through the day without showing even a hint of guilt to anyone. After class he talked with the couple of guys in the class and told them to keep quiet about it, and they did. Ana didn't suspect a thing, but she did when school ended. Somehow she managed to find him in the halls and talk non-stop and when Ichiro spoke up, telling her he had to leave she got suspicious. He usually stayed at school for a while to talk to friends, and he preferred to stay away from Tiana and Esther as long as possible.

                          He managed to get away from the group and meet Thadeus outside. Thadeus asked him a couple of questions about himself as they drove and Ichiro answered them with almost all honesty. Once at the house Thadeus led him to Scarlett, and he seemed to be hesitant on leaving the room or not but he did eventually leave. Ichiro looked at Scarlett for a brief moment and then his eyes wandered around the room, landing on the ground at last. "I'm sorry." he said softly, rubbing the back of his neck.

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                          In all truth Scarlett was very happy being able to take out her anger in her personalized training room. Her teachers knew better than to try lessons with her when she was in a mood and as it rarely happened they simply let her have her way with the training room. The room was pretty much stock except for a few monitors that showed how hard she hit. The hanging punching bag that she had basically been destroying flashed red, blue, purple, green, and then black. Each color meant something else but each hit was a death blow. It was part of the reason that Scarlett refused to fight back when she was attacked. She had always been afraid of terribly injuring somebody, let alone killing them. The only way she would ever put her fists up was if she was in her training room or her life truly depended on it. It was odd that she didn't hear anybody come into the training room until Ichiro spoke up and stated that he was sorry. That was at the same exact time as her final blow to the punching bag which sent it off it's chains and the monitor flashed black. She paused as the bag hit the wall behind it then fell to the floor. Her breathing heavy she turned and looked over at Ichiro. Not being completely sure that she was mad at him or his stupidity for his decisions she scuffed then looked at the monitor before she turned it off and turned just her head to one of her trainers. "Take care of that bag and put up a new one. I'm finished training today." Her voice still as soft as always she never got used to giving orders. For a time she watched the male grab the punching bag and sling it over his shoulder and lug it out of the room. When he was gone she turned back to face Ichiro.

                          The fact that she was only in a part of tight spandex shorts and a sports bra didn't cross her mind until she looked down at herself. Turning as red as her hair she grabbed the big tee shirt she had brought in with her and put it on covering her greatly curved body from his eyes. When she felt shielded enough she walked over to him. "Don't be sorry....it's whatever." She was lying of course but she didn't exactly feel like getting into the discussion right now. Not after the work out she'd just given herself and the fact that she was barely dressed. She'd been working out since she got home and that was never a good thing. Standing in front of him now it was almost painful to realize how cute he was, but then again it didn't really matter. It seemed as though he was more into the slutty girls than those with brains. After a pause she stepped around him. "I'll meet you in my study. I need to take a shower." Her voice was soft and it wasn't a command but it wasn't exactly something that he should ignore as she continued to walk up the grand staircase and to her bedroom. She sent Thadeus a message to show Ichiro where the study was and to bring snacks for the both of them. When she confirmed that Thadeus had gotten her message Scarlett got in the shower and washed off.

                          It didn't take but ten minutes total for her to shower, dry off, get dressed, and meet Ichiro down in the study. Now granted it was more like a library but still...it was her study. When she saw Ichiro she smiled but it was very brief as she still wasn't completely sure if she was mad at him. Now wearing a pair of black sweat pants that hugged her hips and thighs with a white tank top and the matching sweater she sat down at her desk which was big enough for two people and picked up her things. "Do you want to talk or do you want to do the project?" A rather blunt question coming from her but it was bugging her and for once she just couldn't help it. And she would absolutely love to hear his reasoning for his actions in a way that amazed her. Being completely honest with herself she'd never cared for the reasoning behind the actions of others...it just seemed to trivial but now this with Ichiro...she had to know why.

                          [[o.o.c. :: Blah...so gay...sorry.]]

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                          So this is why Scarlett never fought back. She could easily put an end to all the bullying she was put through, but she didn't. That was a little confusing to him. If someone tried to bully him he would hit them without hesitation. Scarlett could do a lot more than wounding them; she could injure them so badly that they might not ever walk again. That what it looked like anyway and from this day on he would do his best to stay on her good side. She had seemed like such a fragile girl at first but that was totally off. Ichiro watched her as her last punch sent the bag off its chains and toward the wall. Everything roaming his mind would have to stay there until he met up with a couple of his friends. The first time he told Scarlett that her doing something bad a** was hot, she didn't seem to get it and he didn't want to explain it (well, he didn't even know why actually). Ichiro was focused on every part of Scarlett that wasn't her face. Her attention was on the male carrying the broken punching bag out so she wouldn't notice until she looked back at him. It gave him enough time to realize she was twice as attractive as Ana, but that was something he would keep to himself. Ana would find out if he told his friends because they weren't the most trustworthy people in the world when it came to things like that.

                          It took his a couple of seconds to notice that Scarlett had put a shirt on and he looked up to her face. He really had nothing to say to her reply and he just waited for her to tell him where they were going to study. Instead, Scarlett decided to go take a shower and have him meet her in the study, wherever that was. Ichiro looked around the room and caught a couple of what seemed to be Scarlett's trainers, staring at him. One of them had his eyes narrowed as if Scarlett had told him that all of this was his fault. Maybe she did...and it would be true, there was no arguing that. This really was probably his fault. Ichiro raised an eyebrow at them and turned around to see Thadeus by the door. He followed him through the house and they eventually arrived at the study which was loaded with books. Thadeus asked him if he had anything to do with Scarlett's behavior and he shrugged, not exactly sure what to say. Once Thadeus left Ichiro looked around for a while until Scarlett came into the room and sat down. Ichiro walked over to her and sat down at the desk as well and took a deep breath. He kept his eyes trained on the desk as she spoke but he looked up when he was going to answer. "I'll explain first, then we can work" he said pushing his chair slightly backward and to the side so he was facing Scarlett's side.

                          She needed to know why he lied to Esther and why he decided to date Ana despite knowing that she was bullying Scarlett. Ichiro cleared his throat quickly and sat upright. "I lied to my sister about you hurting her because..." he paused for a moment thinking about his wording. "well, I knew what she was going to do. I didn't want you to get hurt. " he explained, his voice staying quite soft. This was really mushy. Ichiro thought about why he had asked Ana out and how he would tell Scarlett so she wouldn't immediately call bullshit. "And for this thing with Ana?" This was way to lovey-dovey for him...but he couldn't call it quits now. "I want to distract her, take her mind off of you. Stop this god damn bullying." he said with a slight nod. He didn't care that Scarlett would put up with the bullying for the rest of the year. "I care for you, yeah it's true. Are you happy?" he said throwing his hands out for a second and running one through his hair, leaning his head back. He may have only known her for a couple days but that didn't mean he wasn't considering her a friend. He cared for his friends, great. Did everyone need to know? Ichiro exhaled heavily and lifted his head back up to look at Scarlett.

                            ooc: c:
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                          Scarlett was actually shocked that Ichiro wanted to explain first and then get to work. Most people would just avoid the subject altogether so it wouldn't make them look worse than they already did in her eyes. Then again...Ichiro was different. She smiled to herself at that thought as she nodded and watched him turn his chair. Out of respect she turned her chair to face him as well, she always felt as if these conversations were best had when you were actually both facing each other. As he cleared his throat she felt herself get nervous. Why was she getting nervous? Maybe because this was the one person whose opinion mattered to her at the moment. She bit her lower lip and averted her eyes away from him as he spoke. He was protecting her. He didn't want her to get hurt. She smiled at that knowledge finding it sweet. Though she was sure he knew that Scarlett was more than capable of taking care of herself she simply chose not to. And there was a very good reason behind that. While she did have a lot of power and training she had never been very good at controlling her power when angered. So getting into a fight with Ana or Esther when they started it would turn out in one of two situations. A really really really bad injury that could possibly make them not walk anymore....or death. Two scenarios she would never, ever, want to cause again.

                          Her thoughts went to the one time when she was younger that she had actually stood up for herself. A little girl named Liza had been picking on her for weeks and Scarlett had warned the little girl to leave her alone. She didn't and Scarlett got pissed, she sent her fist into the little girl's spine. It was by bare miracle that the girl recovered and went into rehabilitation to begin walking again. Although she could do it, Liza was never the same again....and neither was Scarlett. His next words brought her back to the present and she looked up at him. She was focused on what he was saying, slowly he eyes averted away from him once again and stayed on the desk next to them. 'What? Distract her? From wha-......oh....' Her mind went on a little bit further but she tried not to listen to it. Some small part of her thought he was lying when as soon as the words 'I care for you' left his lips she knew he wasn't lying and for a reason she wasn't too sure of it made her heart sing. He ended his confessions with a question and she simply smiled at him looking away from the desk and into his eyes. "Yes....very happy." She whispered and leaned forward until she was practically on his lap and kissed him so sweetly, just that in itself would tell him it was her first kiss.

                          For a moment she stayed there until she pulled back and looked at him again, she smiled once more and leaned in for another kiss, despite the fact that she knew he was technically 'dating' Ana. Her arms slinked around his neck softly as she nestled into his lap a little bit more comfortably. It was then that Thadeus returned with their snacks and just about dropped the platter he was carrying. His first instinct was to grab Ichiro and beat him into a pulp but he placed the tray down first then pulled Scarlett away from Ichiro roughly. Scarlett gasped as Thadeus' grip landed on one of her fresh bruises. That was another reason she didn't like to fight back, she always ended up with more bruises because she bruised so easily. Her sharp intake of breath alarmed Thadeus as he let go of her arm and lead her down into the chair she had been in before she got into Ichiro's lap. Though he didn't stop to see what he had done because he whirled and picked Ichiro up by his shirt. "You've got a lot of nerve kid." He spat with all the disgust he could muster. Scarlett who was already pissed that he had pulled her away from Ichiro but he also made her arm hurt worse and insulted the guy that she liked. Her foot went out before she could really stop it. The kick landed with the back of Thadeus' knee and made it buckle. He dropped Ichiro and Scarlett stood over him. "You've got some nerve to think Ichiro could force me to do anything Thadeus. I'm ashamed of your thought process. Get out of my sight." She spat with enough venom to kill superman.

                          Thadeus didn't say any more as he gathered himself and left the room, bowing as he closed the doors so they could have some privacy. With a big sigh she turned to look at Ichiro, her expression softening when she did. "What an interesting turn of events." She said with a sweet smile before she nestled herself back into his lap. "I'll make you a deal. Break it off with Ana and I'll fight her. I'll hold back so I don't seriously injury her but enough to where she knows I've been able to defend myself this entire time. And then she can run and tell your sister whatever the hell she wants." Her smile was sweet still and her words were barely a whisper but she was absolutely positive that she got the point across. With that she leaned in and kissed him again, really enjoying the feel of his lips against hers.

                          [[o.o.c. :: I love your siggy. xD]]

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                          What was he doing? He had only just met her a couple days ago. Yeah he had probably spoken to her a couple of times but the conversations would have been very short. If he had noticed her before, he would have immediately known who he was paired with when he heard her name. When his teacher said "Scarlett Lefay" he had absolutely no idea who she was talking about and now suddenly he was trying to protect her from harm? Why didn't he just agree with her idea and have her do all the work? Ah, screw it. This was good. He had never really gotten "butterflies" in his stomach before; there was just a little party in his pants, nothing sincere. Caring for someone in this way was a strange feeling...but he liked it. Ichiro studied Scarlett carefully for a moment as he spoke to her, explaining why he had lied to Esther and why he started dating Ana. It all seemed like a good idea at the time... Once he was done explaining, before Scarlett said anything he rid his mind of the "fluffy" things and filled it with the things that should be there, skimpy Scarlett. Ichiro smiled absentmindedly at the thought and found his eyes drifting down to her chest. When Scarlett replied they snapped back up to her face and something unexpected happened; she kissed him. He smiled as he realized she was on his lap and instinctively his arms snaked around her waist.

                          There was a temporary frown on his lips when Scarlett pulled away but it vanished when she kissed him again. Oh, Ana would kill him if she knew about this...but he honestly could care less. His hands were about to lift her shirt up lightly but Scarlett was torn away from him abruptly and he was lifted up from his chair by the collar of his shirt. He couldn't get a say in the whole thing because Scarlett kicked Thadeus and he let go on Ichiro. Ichiro took a deep breath and looked down at Thadeus as Scarlett yelled at him and demanded he leave. He had to keep his smug smile hidden when Thadeus stood up and left the room. Scarlett sat back down on his lap and he smiled, this time making it visible. Her proposal to fight Ana caused him to laugh softly, wanting front row seats to this. How could anyone say no to that? Ichiro nodded softly to her and didn't hesitate in kissing her back. When he remembered why they were here in the first place he thought about asking her if they should start on their project but he liked this more and would rather not ruin the moment. Ichiro pulled away just for a second "Agreed." he said softly before leaning back in to kiss her. His hands had made it their goal to lift her shirt up before Thadeus teared them apart and now they planned on accomplishing that goal. Ichiro slowly had Scarlett turn so she had one leg on each side of him. His hands lifted the sides of her shirt halfway up and they stopped there, unsure of how Scarlett would react to having him take it all the way off.

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                            And thank you. c: it's adorable, right?
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                          Scarlett giggled softly at Ichiro's response to what she was doing. Yeah she could totally tell he was a pervert but for some reason it didn't bother her. That and she really enjoyed kissing him so it wasn't like she was thinking about anything else. She was pretty sure she could sit here all day and just kiss him. When he pulled away for a second and said that he agreed to her deal she smiled and continued to kiss him. Letting him slowly turn her so that she was straddling his lap her arms snaked around his neck and played with the little hairs on the back of his neck. When his hands started pushing up on her shirt it sent chills down her spine and made her shudder. She hadn't expected his touch to be so soft and...testing? She smiled and pulled away slightly so that their lips were barely touching. "I don't mind...with you." She whispered then reached into his front pocket and pulled out his phone. She quickly got to Ana's number and made a face then hit dial and handed him the phone. "Break it off with her now, in front of me. And tell her that I want to fight her tomorrow after school behind the gym." She whispered and leaned forward. Her chest pressed against his in a very sensual way as she teased his neck with her lips. She listened as Ana picked the phone up all excited and then listened as Ichiro broke up with her and told her about Scarlett's challenge. She grinned as she nipped his earlobe as Ana screeched on the other end of the phone about something Scarlett couldn't understand and really didn't care about. After a moment she took the phone and ended the call before turning it off and tossing it on the desk. With that she leaned forward and kissed him again deeply. While she kissed him she did something rather unexpected it. She took his hand and led it up her shirt to her boob and left it there which caused her shirt to be pushed up to expose that part of her body. She knew it effected him and for the rest of the time that he was there...no work on their project was done.

                          ----------- Time Skip!! To Le School!!! -----------

                          After going with Thadeus to drop Ichiro off at home last night the rest of her evening was pretty bland. She did a little bit of work on the project then went to bed. She was excited but not for the reason of kicking Ana's a**, it was because she got to see Ichiro again and he would be coming over to her place after the fight was over. The ride there was silent as she didn't really have anything to say to Thadeus since all he seemed to want to do was lecture her and since she didn't want to be in a foul mood she stayed silent. Once there she let Thadeus open her door and she walked to class. She was still incredibly shy so her outfit consisted of a pair of tight skinny jeans and a top that hugged all of her curves with a deep V neck, which she wore a sweater over. And her heels which she couldn't get out of thanks to her maids. Getting to Chemistry class she took her seat and started going through notes until she saw Ichiro and beamed at him. "Hey, how was your night?" She asked with a now soft smile before she went back to reading through notes. The day went by rather quickly and Ana had tried several times to attack her during school when nobody was looking but she simply dodged he attack and told her to save it for after school. With that she walked with Ichiro to behind the gym. At the current moment she was debating taking her heels off but since she knew how to fight in them anyway she didn't really see the point. Getting there she eyed Ana and her band of idiots for a moment before she turned to Ichiro and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

                          Turning back she took her backpack off and handed it to Ichiro then looked at Ana. "Since I already know you're an idiot you can have all of your little friends attack me at the same time. I'll fight all of you." Her voice was soft and didn't belay any of her abilities. Though as she took a stance from one of the types of martial arts that she knew she spoke. "Though I will warn you. I am very knowledgeable in several different types of martial arts." She said with a smirk then let them come at her.

                          [[o.o.c. :: can you do just like lamo attacks so we can finish this scene quickly?]]

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                          Ichiro couldn't hide his smile when Scarlett shook lightly from his touch. When she pulled away and gave him permission to lift her shirt higher his hands worked immediately at it. They came to an obstacle though, Scarlett was reaching down towards his pants and he was disappointed to see that she had just pulled his phone out, and she wanted him to call Ana. Ichiro groaned as she handed him the phone and it took him a couple of seconds to realize that she had pressed dial. He leaned back in the chair slightly as Scarlett pressed against his chest and kissed his neck lightly. He almost forgot about Ana for a second until he heard her saying his name repeatedly, waiting for an answer. "Ana? Yeah, it's me." he cleared his throat and sat up a bit before moving on. In the background, he thought he heard Esther but being too occupied with Scarlett he didn't pay enough attention to tell if it really was her or not. Whether Esther was there or not, he was going to get an earful when he was dropped off later, she would find out one way or another. "Hey uh...You know, I think it's time we broke up. It's just..." he paused when Scarlett bit his ear. "I don't think it's really working out, you know?" Oh, Ana was angry. She was very angry. Ichiro held the phone away from his ear for a moment as she screamed at him. "It's only been a day!" - "Come on! We can work this out!" She continued to curse and scream until it turned into a sob and for a moment Ichiro actually felt pretty bad. Ichiro stopped her for a second to tell her about Scarlett's challenge. "And, you know Scarlett? She wants to fight you tomorrow, after school behind the gym" he explained, holding the phone out again. "Oh? That's what this is about?! She wants you all to herself, huh? We-" Scarlett reached up and took his phone from his hand and ended the call.

                          Scarlett actually seemed pretty aggressive right now. Ichiro smiled wide as Scarlett took his hand and placed it on her boob. He eventually did reach his goal of taking her shirt off, but nothing else- he'd save that for later.

                          --- mini-skip / home! ---

                          While Thadeus drove him home, Ichiro constantly had his hands on Scarlett's legs but the moment Thadeus looked he moved them. Ichiro whistled softly as he entered the house but his guard was up one hundred percent. He was only guessing that Esther had heard about him breaking up with Ana so there was a slim chance that she was sleeping, but he doubted it. Ana had probably called Esther immediately after Scarlett hung up on her. He looked around the living room carefully and then looked into the kitchen, where Esther was standing. Ichiro smiled nervously at her and continued to walk to the stairs but she called him back before he could get up the stairs. Almost the entire night consisted of them arguing and hitting. Esther hit him hard on the collar bone and by the morning it would be bruised.

                          --- School ---

                          Thankfully, Esther was still sleeping when he woke up. He had managed to get ready in time to catch a ride with a couple of friends but considering their girlfriends hung out with Ana, he had them drop him off around back. Ichiro spent the morning avoiding Ana at all costs because he knew she or her friends would cause a scene if they saw him. Ichiro stopped worrying about running in to anyone when he got to chemistry class. He grinned at Scarlett and sat down at his seat, pulling his shirt down to reveal the bruise to her when she asked about his night. "It was nice." he said with a soft chuckle. The teacher asked about how everyone's project was going and their recent meet-ups and all Ichiro could do was give Scarlett a goofy grin. His day was spent in classrooms with Scarlett and he met up with her after school to meet up with Ana. Ichiro had been looking forward to seeing this all day, actually. When Ana laid her eyes on him, she was throwing daggers at him with her eyes but they were quickly turned on Scarlett. When Scarlett kissed him, Ana almost went ahead and attacked her right then and there but she was held back.

                          He took Scarlett's backpack from her and watched from afar with one or two of his friends. Ana really had no idea how to fight and Scarlett was kicking her a**. Ana threw a couple of punches and kicks but anything she landed didn't do much damage. It didn't take long for Scarlett to have Ana and all her friends on their backs, hurting a lot. Ichiro cheered out loud during the fight and when it was over, he walked up behind her and snaked one arm around her waist, giving her a soft kiss on the lips. "Remind me to stay on your good side."

                            ooc: good? xD
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                          The rest of the night after Ichiro took the call with Ana was very...interesting. The fact that she was being aggressive when her nature was to be quiet and shy and submission was rather exciting for the both of them. But they stopped a while after Ichiro had gotten Scarlett's shirt off muttering something about saving the rest for later. She had giggled and kissed him then gotten up and they had worked on their project for some time before Thadeus took Ichiro home close to eleven. Saying goodnight at the door was awkward because Scarlett's parents decided to hover and Thadeus was practically pushing Ichiro away from her. She wasn't worried though because she knew Thadeus wouldn't do anything to him, maybe scare him but nothing physical.

                          Not knowing what happened to Ichiro when he got home slightly worried her because she knew Esther wasn't going to take the news very well but she also knew that Ichiro was a big boy and could fight his own battles. This thing she had with Ana, she had to face by herself.

                          When the next day came Scarlett did whatever she could to avoid...well everybody. She did a really good job as she stayed in classrooms and around teachers all day. And when chemistry class came she practically ran there, she got there before him of course but that wasn't anything new. When she saw him she beamed, her form fitting clothes showing her well curved body off. Seeing his bruise, which she guessed he got from his sister, she winced then kissed it softly. "Hopefully your bruises go away faster than mine." She chuckled softly then kissed his cheek before retreating to her seat. They talked for awhile then class started and passed notes for awhile instead, all the while she was taking her detailed notes and paying attention to the teacher.

                          When class was let out for the day she knew Ana and her friends would be waiting at the spot she had designated last night and that thought alone made her smile on the inside. Today she had decided to not use make up to cover up any bruises that she had, she wore them proudly instead. She watched Ana and her gang of bullies as she walked up and when she kissed Ichiro she caught the movement Ana made from the corner of her eye and smirked. The fight was short and hardly took any effort on her part. Really what she had to concentrate on was keeping from killing one of the girls, which she had managed. Though now they would know to leave her alone, hopefully. When it was over she stood and released her fists, letting her hands dangle at her sides. "Please remember this moment for the next time you want to bully somebody. From today on...I will hold nothing back on any of you." She sounded cold but she had to and once it was done she stepped back then turned and walked back to Ichiro.

                          At his comment about staying on her good side she laughed softly then kissed him. "I suppose you should. Come on, we still have work to do and Thadeus is waiting." She whispered against his ear then hesitantly laced her fingers with his, taking her backpack from him and walking over to the limo. To be honest, it wasn't a fair fight, but it had to be done. When they reached the car Thadeus opened the door and she got in the Ichiro behind her. She told Thadeus to head home and he simply nodded, not commenting on their hands as they were still connected. She turned to Ichiro with a soft smile. "Do you want to stay at my house tonight? I don't think will be going well with Esther and we have plenty of room, plus it's Friday so we don't have classes tomorrow." She chewed on her lower lip waiting for his answer. She already knew it would be okay with her parents, as long as they were good.

                          [[o.o.c. :: was awesome! haha as long as they were good. XD]]

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                          Grinning, Ichiro walked along with Scarlett. His lips curled down into a frown, happiness draining from his face and a groan escaping his mouth at the mention of Thadeus waiting for them. "I don't think he likes me very much " he bit his lip for a moment before smiling again. There was really no doubt that Thadeus disliked Ichiro, it was evident in almost everything he did around Ichiro. Not the he really cared though, Thadeus could hate every fiber in his body and attack him with a sword every time they made eye contact and Ichiro still wouldn't stay away from Scarlett. Ichiro leaned back a bit and his eyes trailed down to her butt. Yeah, no he wouldn't be able to stay away. Ichiro curled his fingers up to hold Scarlett’s against his when she took his hand in hers. Their hands fit together nicely and Scarlett’s hands were smooth. The feeling of her skin was extremely comforting and somehow relaxing, Ichiro loved it. He let her take her backpack back and put it over her shoulder as they walked toward the limo. When they reached the car Ichiro and Thadeus made eye contact for a while and it was extremely uncomfortable and slightly terrifying. He only looked away when he nearly slammed into the car door behind Scarlett. Getting in, he let Thadeus close the door behind him ignoring the glare he received when he noticed Thadeus had noticed their hands. A smirk settled its way onto his lips for a while.

                          At Scarlett's words Ichiro raised his eyebrows. Did she-? Ichiro gave her a toothy grin, his eyes watching Thadeus for a reaction. It took everything in him to hold back a loud laugh at the incredulous look he made. Ichiro nodded and squeezed her hand lightly. "Definitely." he replied. The mischievous look on his face told just about everything that was running through his mind at the thought of staying over. During the couple minutes of silence after that his phone began to go off. By the ringtone alone, he knew exactly who it was. Esther. She had set a ringtone for herself when he had first got the phone and he hadn't really bothered to change it. For a while, he had been arguing with himself on whether he should answer it for so long that he had missed the call. Almost immediately after the noise ended he received a text.

                          From: Esther
                          "I know you have your god damn phone, so pick up. NOW. "

                          He couldn't even get to his contacts because she began calling him again. Ichiro looked over at Scarlett and rolled his eyes as he answered, pressing the phone to his ear. "What? " he asked blandly. Ana was on the other line and she began screaming obscenities but thankfully, Esther managed to quiet her down but that turned her anger into choked sobs. Esther was angry, but by just her voice he wasn't sure just how angry she was. " 'Chiro, what the ******** was that about?" she asked. He imagined her somewhere in his room, going through his stuff with one hand on her hip and the other holding the phone to her ear. "What, the fight? " Pretending to not have a clue what she was talking about would really just piss her off even more. Ichiro locked his eyes with Scarlett’s as he spoke. "Ana agreed to it so...." he dragged out the 'o' is 'so' for a second, smiling softly over at Scarlett. Esther sighed irritably. "Get home right now. And, I don't want you with Scarlett anymore." Ichiro snorted. "Es, you aren't my mom you know. I can date who ever the hell I want. I can't come home anyway; I'm heading over to Scarlett’s to work on our chemistry project. " Ichiro shot Scarlett a smirk when mentioned the chemistry project. He really didn't want to work on it, but Scarlett would probably insist...

                          "You li- Okay well since you're with her, tell her I'm going to kick her a** on Monday." At this point, Ichiro wasn't even sure if Ana was still on the phone or not. "If you even try I swear to god I'll tell her everything you told me about your first year. I won't leave anything out." he nearly growled into the phone before angrily hanging up. During Esther's second year of high school, and Ichiro's first, she had been extremely jealous of Scarlett. At the time, Ichiro had no clue who Scarlett was. He had seen her around a couple of times but he didn't pay much attention to her. Whenever they had gotten home, Esther would go on and on about how much she hated some girl named "Scarlett". She had no one else to rant to besides him. Esther had eventually gone on a mean streak and began to bully just about everyone she didn't like or know, Scarlett was her main target. It wasn't until his third year that Ichiro had actually discovered what she did to the people she bullied but did he do anything? No. He felt bad about it but trying to stop her would be pretty useless.

                          Ichiro cleared his mind, returning his thoughts to everything he wanted to do tonight. "Sorry about that. Just my sister being...my sister " he finally said pinching the bridge of his nose irritably.

                            ooc: ~~ sorry that took me so long.

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