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She cocked an eyebrow at that; ‘Watery grave indeed.’ Her eyes rolled in a somehow graceful manner as the pigs behaved as so. The raven haired girl was beginning to think she should have let her sister take on this task. Chastity felt as if she had been fooled be the council into thinking this was a great honor when in fact it was a means of punishment for a crime she had unwittingly committed. Being around humans, let alone filthy men, took an unending amount of patience.

Ignoring the offered hand, she took hold of the rope ladder. How the man expected her to climb in heeled boots and a corset boggled her mind. Just once she would like to see a man attempt to perform a task in heels.

Chastity climbed at a slow pace, using the divot in the boots to slide along the rope. She was thankful the wind was mellow and refrained from exposing any more of her bloomers then any men looking up at her needed to see. She really didn’t have any modesty, her natural form was nude after all; but hearing them making even more vulgar comments might draw her over the edge and end in early execution.

Not really caring where the almighty captain was, but assuming close behind, she decided to just head all the way to the top. If he had a problem with it, they could deal with it on the ship.

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Nicholas waited until the woman had made it to the top of the ladder before he climbed up, his pace was quick, it'd been a simple task for him, it he couldn't even climb a ladder at a good pace, how would he sail such a ship?

He'd barely had the chance to plant his feet on the deck, and scan with his eyes for the woman before hearing a voice calling him. "Capt'in!" A small boy, not quite ten years of age with light blonde hair cropped short ran up to him. The boy grinned at his captain, though it quickly shrank at the glare he was given, as he was shouted after by the ship's chef. "Neglecting yer chores?" Nicholas sighed as the child ran to stand next to him, but stopped short a few inches, still smiling. The child went by the name of Aaron, and had currently been the cabin boy of the ship, though really he was more in training to become one of the crew when he was old enough to do more than clean and run errands.

Nicholas hadn't much time to deal with the boy, and as long as the woman stayed on board and avoided being alone with too many of his crew, he cared little about what she did at that moment, and got to work on giving orders and helping hoist the boats up after the last of the men made their way back up the to the deck.

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Chastity watched as a small boy approached the captain and her lip curled in disgust. Why was a child with these vermin? When she sank the ship she would be sure to carry the boy to land. Children didn’t deserve to die; they still had so many choices to make in their lives.

Her attention was diverted from the boy as men hustled and moved about. She made her way around adjusting herself to her new setting. It was a nice ship, at least in regards to size and stature. Then again it is not the size of the ship, but the skill of that captain that makes a ship good or not.

Giving a look around, she realized that the mighty king of the pirates was paying no regard to her. Good, she could unwind a little bit and perhaps refrain from killing someone ahead of schedule. She wasn’t sure why the man infuriated her so, but he did. Everything about him just caused her skin to crawl.

Making her way up to the top deck, Chastity leaned against the edge of the ship. She stared longingly into the deep blue abyss beneath the ship. She could use a swim and perhaps the drowning of a sailor to calm her. Letting out a sigh, she resigned herself to simply watching the little creatures in the water going about their business.

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Nicholas worked with commanding his crew on what to do, along with helping to carry out his own orders--it was the one thing he couldn't do, just standing around and hollering commands. To never order something he wasn't willing to do was something he always kept in mind--despite his position and strength enabling him to act as he wanted.

Aaron's gaze moved quickly from his captain working, to the woman he'd brought aboard. He bit his lip lightly as he tried to get a look at her and figure out why his captain would bring a girl on his ship...he didn't know as much about ships as those older than him, but he did know that it was thought to be a curse to bring a woman to sea.

He watched as she seemed to stray from the captain, and both curious and a little afraid, the small child followed, only intending to see if he could figure out why she was on the ship from a distance..at least that had been his plan, as she leaned against the railing and stared at the ocean his eyes widened, and he ran from his makeshift hiding place to her side. "Y-yer not gonna jump...are ya?" He asked, clearly flustered and in a state of panic as he misunderstood why she had been staring at the water so longingly. One way or another it looked to be an attempt of escape, though whether it was suicide or trying to swim away from the ship it couldn't end well.

(I didn't know what to do, so I used the kid o-o Figure give Nicholas time to get his ship ready for sail.)
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Chastity quickly whirled around to face the person that spoke to her. Her eyes immediately softened when they landed on the boy. Laughing softly, she bent down to be eye level with the boy.

“No deary, I’m not going to jump.” She ruffled his hair with a smile. “My name is Chastity, what is yours?” She offered her hand as form of greeting. “And why is such a cute little boy on a pirate ship?” her voice held just the hint of a tease.

She wasn’t sure why, but children had always held a soft spot in her heart. Perhaps it was because the energy around them was still so pure. They hadn’t been corrupted by the distaste the world had to provide. Or perhaps it was because she never was able to be a child and felt that was something that shouldn’t be missed out on. Reason aside, a part of her wanted to shield this child from the harshness of life. It would be horrid if he turned out like the filth that were running about the ship.

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The boy's blue eyes widened more, and he took a half step back when she turned to look at him. He fidgeted with his hands slightly before giving a sheepish smile in return.

As he was told that he had misunderstood he gave a slight sigh of relief. "That's good." He mumbled keeping his smile even as she ruffled his hair. "Aaron..." He answered softly, but pulled his hands closer to his chest, it not meaning to be a rude gesture. "Nik--Capt'in Nicholas brought me aboard when I was little." He said not thinking of how it sounded with how small and young he already was.

He stared at Chastity a moment, trying to gain the courage to return the question. "Why did the capt'in bring ya here?" He asked trying to change his tone to a purposely cuter one as he tilted his head to the side questioningly. It'd been a technique he learned for getting answers when he'd usually be told that children didn't need to know what was going on.

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She smiled as she lowered her hand. “That is a very nice name, Aaron.”

Chastity kept the distaste from lighting up her face when the boy mentioned that he had been aboard from when he himself thought he was ‘little.’ She chuckled slightly at the boy’s antics and display of cuteness.

“I actually don’t know: he didn’t tell me,” she said in a very calm and slightly cheerful voice. No use telling the child she had been all but kidnapped. “I can tell that you know Nicholas well, what do you think of him?” She asked her question ignoring her lack of respect towards the captain of the ship.

Mitch grunted as he watched the woman conversing with the small boy. This was bad. Crossing thick muscular arms over his matching muscled chest, he growled. He had been on the ocean long enough to know that the Mistress of the Sea was a jealous one and wouldn’t have for another woman sailing her.

What the hell had the captain been thinking bringing a woman aboard the ship? Sure she was a cute little thing; so take care of your business on shore and leave it at that. He was gonna have a word with the captain about this.

Brown eyes surveyed the large ship before landing on their target. He marched in a straight line towards Nicholas. “Captn’, why is there a bloody broad aboard this vessel?”

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Aaron's grin grew at the compliment on his name, he'd been always been rather fond of it.

He nodded, as if in understanding, though it was more of an imitation of what he'd seen done before. The captain not having a reason for her being there seemed odd, to the small boy it'd always seemed like he had a plan...though it may have just been from his perspective.

"What I think of him?" He echoed her question, taking his answer in to consideration. He'd been treated better than people would think, but he knew that Nicholas didn't want other's knowing that the boy had been a bit of a weakness to him, and had become more so in time. Nicholas had been careful about how he interacted in front of his crew to take care that it wasn't known, so Aaron learned not to cling on to him as much as the child seemed to crave. "He's my favorite." He answered finally with a huge grin lighting up his face. "Capt'in's always been good to me...he even saved me from bad people." He added to elaborate on his reason, though he wasn't sure if his answer was what she was looking for when she asked, or why she wanted to know.

Nicholas looked in the direction of the voice that spoke of the woman, he had to work a moment to soften the natural glare he seemed to have once he saw whom it was. "Mitch, ye do not trust me? The sea she is not fond of other women, but I would not invoke her jealousy if the reward was not...most generous." He smirked now, he paused, intending to wait for inquiry on what he meant, but lost patience too quickly. "We, my friend, shall obtain the ultimate treasure--seconded only to the capture of a mystical being. I had a vision, this woman will lead us to Vane's treasure." His tone was sure, even if he wasn't positive he'd have to pretend he was. The slightest bit of doubt could be fatal.
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Chastity shook her head slightly at the boy’s exclamation. She had forgotten children’s fascination with pirates. You would think after seeing them up close those opinions would change. She mildly wondered at the male’s comment. Had the child been stolen from his parent’s and convinced he had been saved? Next to pirates who could be the bad people? She decided she didn’t want to know; at least not for now. She had other matters on her mind.

Her hand moved to ruffle the boy’s hair. “Well I am glad that you are happy.” And she really was: she just wanted to boy to be safe and happy elsewhere. “I am going to be running along, but I will be sure to find you and maybe we can play a game later, hmmm?” Her emerald green eyes closed as she gave him a smile.

Straightening herself up she began her search for the man that brought her here.

Mitch let out a low whistle. Vane’s treasure was said to be the largest and the most impossible to find. Many crews had died in search of it. Thick fingers moved up to rub his chin in thought. Was the possibility of a curse worse a reward of that sum? Then again simply going after Vane’s treasure was asking for a curse. Tellings went that the crazy captain had made a pact with the Mistress of the Sea and sacrificed all of his men to keep his precious collection from ever being found. “How can you be sure that some wench will lead us to this treasure?”

He was about to go on with how risky challenging the curse of Vane and the Mistress of the Sea herself, when the forementioned wench entered his line of sight. She approached with a subtle sway of the hips with her eyes glued on the male beside him without even casting the burly man a second glance. He growled at her approach.

Chastity rose her eyebrow at the two as if she knew they had been speaking about her. Ignoring the fact the males had been in a conversation, she pressed on. “Oh Nicholas,” yes, the lack of respect was like honey on her tongue. “I would deeply appreciate being shown my quarters. It has been quite a dreadful day and I would like to rest up a bit.”

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Aaron smiled more, about to say he was happy when she announced she was going to leave...but left promise of playing with him later, so he waved before moving to get back to his chores.

Nicholas thought over his answer a moment, Mitch knew of the legends and curses of the sea as well as he had, though not all who claimed pirate payed them mind. "If the woman fails, we'll give her as a sacrifice to the sea, then perhaps she would accept the offering and give forgiveness." He said in a slightly hushed tone.

His gaze moved to the woman, then turned to a glare as she spoke so confidently, and as if it were he that'd be serving her. She didn't understand her place, and even worse than trying to take a blow at his pride, she did so in front of a member of his crew. He wouldn't accept the disrespect from any on his ship, especially not some wench. A lesson was to be learned. "Woman, ye mistake my ship for an inn of some sort. I will not be showing ye to any place, 'cept below deck should ye cross me." He began, a wicked smirk upon the young man's lips. "We've no room for ye, and ye will have to board with another from myself or my crew." It'd been an obvious lie, there was plenty of space on his ship, even with the large numbers that were there, it could be told at a glance. However with this he could keep a closer eye on her...and could insure that she wouldn't directly damage his ship in any way...though he could not guarantee the same if she chose to bunk with a member of his crew rather than him. He chuckled darkly at the trap he'd set her as he watched for her to make her decision.

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Chastity was pleased that she had riled him so. He was so fun to ruffle his feather. She brought her finger to her lips as if thinking over her choices. “Hmmm,” she hummed as if it was the most difficult choice she had ever had to make. “I suppose I will stay in the brigg then. I’m sure the arrangements there are much nicer than having to stay in your presences even a second longer.”

She didn’t care if he saw the mischief in her eyes. She was actually speaking honestly; she would rather stay in the prison cell than bunk with any of the vile men. She offered a smirk as she waited for his response.

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Nicholas sighed at the answer he was given, he might have dropped the argument and gotten to work on other matters, but the woman irked him. The way she acted with him when he could so easily break that small form of hers, and the disrespect she showed by speaking so informal--even to a pirate it had seemed so. Although Nicholas could admit that the captain he'd been raised by had taken care that he was more educated than others..though it had been so that he could think quick when the situation was dire.

"The brigg was not an option, now choose what ye will do wisely, thus far ye have been under my protection. I will not stop my men from getting near ye should my temper be ignited." He warned her with a dark glare, he'd not actually done much, though that she had been able to walk around, even if for a short while, without being surrounded should have been proof enough that he was not lying. However, either way, as they set sail deeper in to the open sea, his claim on the woman would only do so much, where even an attack on her could not be seen as disobeying orders. The order would start to seem unreasonable.

Nicholas had been, for the most part, satisfied with his answer, even if she continued to be headstrong about her choice it would have gotten a rise from her. He'd normally liked to see people's reactions to his words...but there had been a certain sort of satisfaction in making her angry, of giving her dead end choices, and just acting the part of the dreadful pirate he was known to be.
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Chastity subtly rolled her eyes at the threat. If any of the men dared to touch her, well, they would have an accident and fall overboard. Unless they retrieved the body, the crushed windpipe would go unnoticed. She detested men; they were foul and vulgar. She almost urged the captain on with a simple bring it, but decided to use his words against him.

“I suppose it wasn’t an option. So you or one of your crew,” she repeated her options over slowly as if she were truly thinking about them and hadn’t already had something up her sleeve. “Well if that is that case, I choose to bunk with one of the crew- Aaron.” Her words held a tone on finality. She had gotten him with his own words. He could back out and be a liar or give in to her wish. Chastity couldn’t help the small twitch of her lips upward.

Mitch held a small chuckle in the back of his throat. He was very much interested in seeing how his captain was going to handle the firey broad. He shifted his eyes to watch the male. He had been surprised by the blatant disrespect and how easily Nicholas had brushed it off. The Captain’s next actions would decide a whole lot for the burly male: was the woman a curse in herself or truly the gift the man claimed her to be?

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Nicholas smirked at how she used his own order against him, he chuckled as if knowing something she didn't, then revealed his thoughts. "The lad isn't yet a member, he boards with the chef, since that is whom he works under." He shrugged, but that she knew even the child's name surprised him. He had to suppress the urge to ask, Aaron was more likely to cower before a woman than speak with her, let alone introduce himself.

He glanced back at Mitch, Chastity was making it hard for him to save face in front of the man, but he couldn't let her on to that. The other pirate was strong and witty enough to be thought of as a good ally...or a formidable foe-especially if he could turn his crew against. He wondered briefly if the woman had done it intentionally, or it truly were a woman's curse that he suddenly had even more problems than usual. "I'll leave ye to think of yer decision a while....for now, come with me." It was an order, but he tried to keep his tone under control. He had several things he wanted to ask, particularly which direction they should sail for the treasure....but he couldn't risk asking in front of Mitch and her playing ignorant.
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Mitch gave a small audible laugh as the Captain played his checkmate move. He had to give it to the man, he knew how to play a good game. Casting one last look at the man in charge, he made his way to the other side of the deck.

Chastity gave out a long sigh and wanted to exclaim that the other male had cheated, but decided against it. With a swift roll of her eyes, she followed the male. Her job was to judge and punish: that didn’t mean she couldn’t have fun along the way. She wanted to put doubt into the crew and shake them up a little. She would call forth a beautiful storm a little bit later. Depending on how angered the male in front of her made her would be mirrored in the violence on the storm.

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