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The raven haired female waited before the elders with her head bowed. They were deciding whether they were going to send her or her sister, Mercy, on the mission. Their father had a sick sense of humor when the triplets had been born the man had laughed and exclaimed, “Chastity, Grace, and Mercy, things these girls shall never show yet what they shall be named for.”

Emerald green eyes snapped to attention at the mention of her name. She had been chosen. A pirate had been called to judgment: the pirate who dared claim title “King of the Pirates”. Word of his treachery had spread far and wide. Her mission was to see if the claims were true and judge how vile the human was. If his crimes truly were what was claimed; then, it was her duty to give the man his watery grave.

The elders informed her that she would be sent as his guide, or at least, that was what he would believe. Chastity nodded her head in understanding. She had never failed a quest as she had no qualms pulling sailors into black depths and watching until the last bubbles floated through the water.

Receiving all of the details and the character she was meant to play while casting judgment, she bowed her head again. She gave a third nod towards her father before swimming for shore.

She would be waiting for the pirates when they set anchor noonday tomorrow. She would appear as an ordinary girl, for when mermaids reach shore, they receive legs of humans and simply look as though they were tangled in kelp as they push off the shell of their fin.

When morning rose the next day, she was waiting there with her eyes cast towards the sea. Dainty hands moved to push imaginary dirt off of her green pattie coat dress that almost matched her eyes. Her shocking eyes sparkled as they caught sight of a large ship.

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Nicholas awoke irritated, finding it suffocating to be away in his cabin, and left quietly to the deserted deck, he was up before the sun. He sighed as he leaned against the wall of his ship, allowing himself to recall his bizarre dream.

Such an odd song...almost a lullaby resound in his mind as he closed he stared down at the dark unforgiving waters. He had dreamt of a woman, beautiful, perfect in form--if he did say so his self, but it wasn't her that caught his attention in his dream it was what she lead him to....treasure. It seemed his one true love, had he believed in such a thing, he loved it, the look, the feel, and what power was held behind it. He loved that power almost as much as the object that gave it, but most of all....he loved to steal it. From the looks the pirate captain got when he boarded an unsuspecting ship, to the pleas for mercy as he took all they had, then later enjoying the bounty he'd obtained, he enjoyed everything about his gold and how he got it....and the more trouble it took to be his, the more exciting it became..which was only one reason why he was the 'Pirate King', a title that seemed to have grown on him.

He chuckled at himself, and the way his mind wondered so easily at the early hour, and stared deeper in to the water as he tried to recall his dream. The woman was to lead him to treasure, but it wasn't just any regular treasure, but one that would surely allow him to keep his title even after the sea had taken him--a determination of his, having been born out at sea, he intended to die there too. Pirate captain Charles Vane had been said to find a bounty so high...it took him the last ten years of his life to find a place to hide it, and after he did, legend had it that he sunk his own ship to trap his crew so they couldn't speak of where it was...all, but one of the crew died in this hiding place....or at least that was what was said.

He'd often dreamed of such treasure though, it wasn't uncommon, but the feeling of this current one was so....alluring, he couldn't help thinking it had an actual meaning...but as he thought about it longer, and the sun slowly rose, he'd given up on the idea. Today, they were to 'collect' more supplies for yet another voyage.

He waited impatiently for them to reach land as he stood at the helm of his ship, staring off towards the nearing shore, occasionally he barked out a new order, but he kept his attention on the land, not sure about how he felt about going on land--he hated how still it felt when standing or walking, but still, in the back of his mind, he had that feeling in that his dream had some special meaning, as much as he tried to brush it off.
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Chastity twirled her hair around a slender finger as she watched the ship draw closer and closer to shore. She could feel him now, the man she was meant to evaluate. He was drawing near. Letting out a soft breath, she smiled. Her thoughts couldn’t help but think that she would have fun with this.

“Once he hears to his heart's content, sails on, a wiser man. We know all the pains that the Greeks and Trojans once endured on the spreading plain of Troy when the gods willed it so—all that comes to pass on the fertile earth, we know it all!” Her voice was soft as she sang the lyrics slowly. The song was a false promise to lull sailors into coming near. It promised fame, fortune, and victory. It was one of her favorites, as it was a classic with quite the history behind it.

Flicking her hair out from her line of sight, a small smirk distorted her lips. Her victim had arrived. And like all the others that came before, he would be completely oblivious to the deadly trapped. Leaning against the tree she rested under, she waited for the man’s inevitable arrival.

((Sorry, I was having trouble thinking of what to do with him still at sea. sweatdrop ))

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A dark smirk was adorned on the young pirate captain's lips as his ship finally arrived at his destination, his men prepared themselves for when they'd lay siege to the town, each intending to enjoy every moment of what was to come. After all, they did not steal because they could not afford.

It was only mid-day, but the town was small enough, and his crew large enough, that there would be no problems with attacking with the sun up, so with one final word he gave order for the attack, some stayed behind on the ship while he and the majority headed out to ravage the town.

It hadn't been long though, before Nicholas grew bored, attacking such an easy target never held his interest for long, he was ready to call his men back and tell them to get what was needed when he spotted something--a someone, that almost caused him to drop his cutlass.

He wasn't sure at first, but it looked to be the woman from his dream, he squinted his good eye for a moment while adjusted the patch that hid what was left of his other, before he approached her; if he were wrong the woman could fulfill other needs after all.

"Be ye a tempest of sorts...?" He mumbled after he'd gotten closer and gotten a better look, he was now sure of it. It was that same woman, the perfect specimen of female that lead him to the ultimate treasure in his dream. It couldn't be a coincidence. "A gift from the sea herself." He continued to himself before drawing nearer, his pulse seemed to grow faster with each step.

"Woman," He started to get her attention, a devilish smile on his face, he would use his charms as well as force to get her, or at least attempt to do so. The less harm he caused her, the more she'd cooperate--though there was always force. "ye best be coming with me, if ye know what's good." He announced, his tone was cocky as he spoke. One way or another he always got his way, and it reflected in his personality.
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Green eyes flashed open as she felt the men’s approach. They were planning to destroy the town. A small fishing village that never really bothered with anyone. It seemed a little unfair that the town would be left in ruins simply because it could be. That was a trait that always annoyed her; when the strong preyed on the weak simply because they were in fact weak: it was disgusting.

She could hear the cries of the innocent and had to keep her fury down. It was not time yet. This alone was not enough to be punishable by a watery tomb. She had to be patient, wait and watch and tally the crimes.

Chastity titled her head to the side as she sensed her marks approach. She could feel his eyes roaming her form. She looked every bit a lady as the ones hiding their children within the village. Slowly lifting her head up, she caught the man’s gaze as he called out to her.

Bringing her hand up to her mouth, she let out a very soft chuckle. “And what business pray tell do you wish of me?” her voice was questioning but laced with mockery. Emerald orbs looked the man over top to bottom before slightly pouty lips huffed out a sigh.

“I would rather bite off my own tongue and bleed to death than allow you partake carnal pleasures with me. So, if that is your desires you might as well slice my throat.” The insult slid smoothly from her mouth as arms crossed over her chest. She was the portrait of unmoving. After all, she was immortal; he on the other hand, was not.

Chastity was eager to see how the so called “King of Pirates” would react to his first test.

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Hazel eyes narrowed at the mockery that was given to him by the woman, had he not such a feeling about the woman, he may have done just as she said, but he managed to keep his temper and instead reached up a hand to her cheek, ignoring the soft sensation against his rough hand as he jerked her up towards him and, pressing his lips against hers rather roughly, he kissed her, pulling back faster than he might have normally. "I might just, ye be wise to not tempt me with such things...how I do love the sight of blood." He smirked as he licked his lips, glancing down at her body once more; it hadn't been what he was after, he'd get her on his ship and those wishes could wait for another time.

The woman had an edge to her, using her to get his gold could prove more interesting than he thought at first....before, she was only a siren in his dreams, most likely brought on from the absence of a woman's touch, but from what he'd seen she was more self-rightious than just that. "Do not flatter yerself, I approach not for yer body, if I had, then it'd be mine already." He said, straightening up a bit. "Woman, you are a gift from the gods, and will lead me to what is rightfully mine. Ye may come of yer own will, or I will use force. Neither choice will be a bother to me, though one may prove more amusing."

(Sooo, the kiss is kinda "god-mode-y," yes? o-o I'm sorry...I hope it was alright with ye? She could hit 'im or what ever ye want xD)
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In a slow deliberate move, she wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. She rose and eyebrow at the man’s statement as she allowed her hand to drop back by her side. Well that was a partially failed test. The man definitely had a twisted sense of humor- was it a sign of a twisted mind?

She couldn’t help but scoff at his next statement. He sure was cocky. It seemed as though her thought he had already won the biggest game of all and no one could ever beat him. The smallest part of her wanted to say screw the mission, drag this man down a few pegs, and then see if he still felt he could so easily claim her as she pulled him further and further under water. But she wouldn’t, she couldn’t: she was too good to mess up a mission of this importance. She had to be a proper judge first.

Chastity titled her head at the man’s ultimatium. She’d have to remember to use the same words when it came time for his execution. Well, she supposed she still had to acquire the proper evidence before planning his demise.

“But this is my home. I do not wish to leave it. I am the only care taker of my late sister’s children. Without me they would be orphans. I am sorry, but I must refuse your request.” She gave a slight curtsey before making a move to walk back towards the town. Now, the second test was in place. How would the “king” move?

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Nicholas kept his eyes on her, she hadn't had as fun a reaction as he hoped, but the way she seemed to so easily wipe off the trace of him on her felt a bit like a mockery to him, the feeling only seemed to double as she dismissed his offer, give a little curtsy, and start to walk off.

Unknown to her, her own words would easily make her his...begging to be taken rather than what'd happen if he had to force her. In quick, long strides, it was easy enough for him to catch up with her. He grasped at her arm and pulled to whirl her around to face him. "I've been most gracious, but my patience is comin' to an end." He warned in a low growl. "I'd not burn this village, an' each inhabitant with a second thought...it'd be no home to ye, and lil' ones would not be needed care for." He stared right in to her eyes as he made his threat, he didn't even understand himself why he was that intent on this woman to make it. He'd witnessed, done, and ordered worse fates, but his targets in such cases were more carefully chosen. Had she truly had an attachment to the village and the people, this would be the easiest way, to bluff until she gave herself willingly...at lest then he could throw it back at her any time she gave him trouble.

"Even if ye deny me, I'll still take what I want, the cost to ye will be greater though." He sighed lightly, why was he trying to give her so many chances? It would be easier to strike her and take her aboard, but something stopped him..he wondered if it was the air about her? She was just an ordinary woman, albeit beautiful, it would not normally make such a difference.
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It took every ounce of self control to keep from slapping the male when she was whirled around. Her eyes moved into a glare upon hearing the man’s threat. He dared to destroy an entire village and kill all of the inhabitants. Her look was dark. “You are despicable.” The words left her mouth before she realized she had spoken them. She was marking this a definite failed second test.

Jerking her arm out of his hold, Chastity straightened herself up. “You are a vermin, and a filthy one at that. I will go with you if it means you leave this village and its inhabitants in peace.” The raven haired woman held a soft spot in her heart for fishing villages such as this, they helped to keep the eco-system in order and they way they carried them-selves was interesting to watch.

With her head high in the air and arms crossed in front of her, she waited a moment before clucking her tongue and shaking her head. She wanted to say more, but decided against it. She had already said more than enough that her feelings were known. But, she had submitted to his threat; or so he thought. The plan had always been to get on the ship, but she couldn’t make it to easy for him or he might have questioned it. While men tend to be dim creatures; if they set their mind to something long enough they just might come to the right conclusion.

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He had to stop himself from mockingly thanking her when called despicable, but couldn't keep from smiling as she insulted him. He'd so easily gotten his way.

"Very well then." He said softly, "We'll leave now." He shrugged slightly before placing a hand on her shoulder and roughly leading her towards the beach where'd they had taken to shore. At the sight of their captain, his crew froze and awaited his order. He called them back to him, and they obeyed. "Ye be coming willingly then?" He asked, feeling he'd shown proof of what she'd requested, or at least that he intended to leave without causing more harm.

As he waited for her reply though, his men had already begun filling the boats they'd taken to shore, snickering and whispering at her and the way their captain was acting. Nicholas, of course, could see the intentions in the glances of his men, it could prove troublesome, he couldn't have his key to his treasure harmed in such a way--unless it was down by him. He tightened his grip on her, rather possessively, it technically being an act of kindness, though no one would see it that way, and only see him claiming the beautiful woman.
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Chastity was not fond of being man-handled, but allowed herself to be pushed towards the shore. As gravel gave way to sand, she nearly stumbled, but quickly caught herself and continued walking. Her eyes danced around as the Captain’s men seemingly retreated from the village.

She gave a nod before letting out a breath. “Yes, I will come willingly,” her voice came out aggravated, but a little softer than the harsh tones used before.

Catching the looks she was receiving from the rest of the crew, she had to keep from curling her lip in disgust. Men were filthy nasty creatures with too little brains and too big of egos. She winced slightly as the hold on her shoulder tightened. It wasn’t quite painful yet, but it was borderline.

Chastity viewed the ship’s crew again and didn’t hide her appalling disgust. When it came time for judgment, she would ask permission to sink the boat with everyone in it. After all, they were all accomplishes. All will participants to the crimes. Just because they weren’t orchestrating the events didn’t mean they held no responsibility.

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"Atta girl." Nicholas said mockingly patting her head like one would a dog as a reward. After the last of his crew either settled in the boats or was ready to push off and he was free to loosen his grip on her, though it didn't leave it's place until after he'd directed her towards the boat he'd take. "Get on." He said moving ahead of her to have a seat, in the same sort of mocking and degrading fashion he pat the spot next to him. And though he snickered with his men, it was the second step of showing his crew she was his possession.

Despite having been so intent on bringing the woman with him, Nicholas was already wondering what sort of bad luck bringing her on his ship would mean. He tried to keep confident that she truly was a gift from the sea, and would not bring upon them the curses that the presence of a woman aboard would give. Convincing the majority of his men on her being the key would be easy, however pirates weren't as dim as thought to be, while the promise of an unimaginable amount of treasure would win the approval of most, the paranoia of the consequences would make her a target for others.

He had to try, as he had little needed to be concentrated at that moment, to not think of the trouble having the woman would bring, he could already see that the lust his men felt could become troublesome, he'd just have to keep firm and cold, degrade her until she was nothing, but a pet in the eyes of even the lowest of his crew.
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Bile rose up her throat as the man pat her head as if she were some animal. Taking in a deep breath, she convinced herself that biting off that man’s arm was not the answer to her current situation. Chastity boarded the boat with as much grace as possible and sat in the seat that had been designated.

She made a show of straightening out her dress over her legs and brushing off the sand from her boots. Bringing her finger up to her mouth she struck what appeared to be a thinking pose before turning to stare at the man who had called her onto the boat.

“Isn’t there a legend that it is terrible bad luck to bring a woman aboard a ship?” she asked while casting a glance at the large pirate ship they were making their way towards. A very faint smirk tilted the corner of her mouth when she knew that she had at least half of the men’s attention. “Are you brave, or just stupid to be willing to invoke such a curse?”

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Nicholas waited just long enough for the woman to sit before ordering them to take off. He took a quick assessment of what they'd obtained, the main goal had been actual supplies, making a show of it was just for fun, it looked as though they had gotten what was needed at least, and some extra prizes along with it.

He found himself glaring at her question, but quickly composed himself, she'd asked it as if she could read his mind...though he'd be surprised if the thought hadn't weighed heavy already in the minds of the others. He tried not to give too long a pause before answering, but he needing to say something that would satisfy him, and keep his crew from questioning him.

"A pirate is not afraid to die. If ye bring my fate faster by being on my ship, then let it be a watery grave for me." He said shrugging slightly as if it were a simple answer, one that took no thought and did not worry him. "A woman cannot be any worse luck on board than on land, either way she is a nuisance when it comes to all, but a few tasks." He smirked, chuckling at a comment one of the men rowing made about women failing even those tasks at times.

His ship hadn't been too far off, and with the strength of those with the oars, they had made it to his ship not long after he had given her his reply--or at least once he was done talking among his men with the 'duties' of a woman. He participated, and made an effort to comment particularly to get a rise out of her.

As they drew close enough to the ship, shouts could be heard of the men returning, along with a quieter murmur inquiring the reason for the extra. A rope ladder was dropped down so that the captain could board before the boats were hoisted up and tied down--something that had become regular on his ship after an attempt of mutiny while his more trusted crew members were on the smaller boat with him. Nicholas stood up carefully, he could feel the currently calm rock of the ocean beneath his feet, he offered his hand to the woman--he didn't know how she'd be able to balance and didn't wish to dive in after her if she fell...or what seemed more likely took a dive to get away. "Climb up, but don't ye go too far." He warned her almost in a whisper, he didn't want to leave her in the boats, but he also didn't trust her alone on deck.

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