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"Hiten Mitsurugi, the sonic sword style, trains a person to the point of godlike speed, at the expense of extreme stress on the body with the techniques. lower the gun and nobody has to get hurt Maria" Dart said calmly as he vanished suddenly, appearing several feet above Maria's head. "Ryu tsushien"Crashing his blade down upon the opponent, Dart weakened it severly to avoid harming Maria. "I merely want to prove the point that your gun won't touch me, I don't want to hurt you though"
Maria staggered and dropped the gun onto the ground. Catching her balance, she peered up at him; her trembling had almost subsided, but her fear of him didn't. She wanted to run at that moment, but the sight of him that she had seen caused her not to. She wanted to speak, but no words could pass through her lips. She clenched her hands into tight fists as she felt tears of frustration burn her eyes.
"I'm not going to pretend to know what you saw, but even after seeing my speed, you remain, and you obviously won't let up, so I'm going to go with you, but any tricks and I won't hesitate to harm anyone, alright?"Dart attempted to reach an understanding with Maria. "I'm sorry about all that, I let my anger get the best of me"
"Let's just go," her voice cracked as she turned away and walked back towards the car. It was now of all times that she wished that she couldn't See the future. Climbing into the car, she refused to look at Dart, trying to calm herself down by taking in a deep breath.
climbing into the car, Dart gave a small glance at Maria "are you feeling alright? you've been acting really strange ever since you saw the future. Is there something you're not telling me?"
"I'm fine," She answered him as she started the car and pulled out heading towards where they had came from. It didn't take long until they arrived. Turning off the car, she quickly got out of the car and went in through the front doors. She had to go and tell May what she had just seen. Although it had only been small, it worried her. Stopping, she looked back at Dart, hoping that he didn't decided to leave.
Getting out of the car, Dart stared up at the building, his gaze full of sadness. Alaira, are you feeling any better? Dart wondered as he sighed and started through the doors, ignoring Maria, and heading straight to the hospital wing and to Alaira's room.
As he entered her room, Alaira's eyes slowly opened. She gave him a weak smile. "Hey," She said groggily as she tried to sit up. But with a bandaged hand and wound in the shoulder it proved to be difficult. She had an IV running from her uninjured left hand to a pole that stood beside her bed. She was pale, paler than usual from the amount of blood loss that she had suffered. This was the first time she had been in the hospital and being the one who is in the bed since Meagan was born. She hated hospitals, but felt it was best that she try and get better.
"hi there, how are you feeling?"Dart asked, wandering over next to her bed, and kneeling beside her. It's best not to tell her that we have no clues to Meagan's whereabouts, Dart thought as he gave her a warm smile.
"Hard to tell," Alaira answered. "What with all the painkillers they keep on pumping into me." Shifting over in her bed, she patted the bed with her uninjured hand. "Come up here. You don't have to kneel down beside me."
Thinking it best not to argue right now, Dart just did as he was told, to avoid the question: did he find Meagan yet. "Alaira, you have to promise me that your going to make it out of this alright, okay?can you do that for me?"
"Oh you know I'll be fine," Alaira pointed out. "I always have been." She leaned into him, resting her head on his shoulder. She knew that he must not have found out anything about Meagan, otherwise he would've said so.
"I'm glad to know that...."Dart whispered to her, getting out of the bed slowly."I'll come back to see you as soon as I can, there's just something that I need to talk to May about"Dart said softly. Walking to the door, he looked back at Alaira"I love you so much"he said before shutting the door quielty behind him and starting for the elevator to May's office.
"DART!" A shout carried down the hall after him. A girl with long blond curls and green eyes came running down the hall, dragging another, with long, straight blond hair and green eyes, behind her.

Her name was Elsie and her twin's was Bellatrix. They had come to the 21st centery with Alaira and Zero six years before. They had met randomly one day, but under harsh conditions. While her and her twin hid, Bellatrix attacked Alaira and Zero with a the bow and arrows she had with them. Elsie and Bella had been living in the forest for four years after their father had abandoned them; and where scared of any strangers that they met. When they met Alaira and Zero, they were merely 12 years old. But once Alaira had coaxed them to come out of hiding and stay with them, the twins began to see her as the mother figure that they had never had; their own mother dying giving birth to them. It was sa big change when they had traveled to the 21st centry, but were now getting used to it.

Elsie was a bubbly, happy-go lucky kind of person. She never seems to let anything bring her down. When she had first met Dart, she had began to call him her "Dad" since he and Alaira were together. Alaira found it funny seeing that Elsie called him that everytime she saw him. Now that she was older, she called him by his name. Now Bella on the other hand, is more pessimistic and withdrawn from the world. She took a longer time to get used to all the new people she met. Like most of the people who stay with May, they also had a kind of power. Elsie, much like Maria, could see the future; but is restricted to a time frame in which she can only see what is going to happen, just before it does. Bella is able to see the past with just a simple touch.

Catching up to Dart, Elsie caught her breath. "I-I heard about what happened! Where's Alaira?" She looked up at him, she was distraght. She never believed that anything would, no, could happen to Meagan or Alaira.
The elevator before him opened, and Dart sighed dejectedly before pointing a few rooms down the hall. "you should let her get her rest though, besides, it's getting late, you two should be getting yourselves to bed"Dart said as he entered the elevator and pressed the button to go up to May's office.

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