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"I...Don't...Know..." Maria answered him, as she tried to concentrate back on the images that had flashed before her eyes. "I saw Meagan, she looked fine, but I couldn't tell where she was... I'm sorry." Maria said looking up at him. "I also saw a man. His very image sends shivers down my spine."
Slightly distraught by her response, Dart stepped past her and into the house, stepping to where he had found Alaira, and then following the path to where the fight must have first begun. "something around here must give a better clue as to where she is..."Dart muttered to himself.
Walking into the house, Maria looked around. Stepping into the kitchen, she saw that the sink were still full of water and the dishes only half done. Her eyes trailed down until the fell on the broken dish. "I think Alaira was in here when the fight started." Maria called over to Dart. Looking backing the living room. "And Meagan was in the living room." Tears welled in her eyes as she saw pictures of Meagan in the living room. She had baby sat her quite a few times over the last few years, and she loved Meagan. Who could've done a thing like this?
"Meagan, where did they take you..."Dart asked himself, his left arm began to feel numb, and as he looked down at it, he realized his sword was on the ground, and he had lost the ability to move his arm. "extreme cases of mental anguish causing loss of body parts, not unheard of, but still quite rare"Dart muttered, continueing to try and move his arm.
"Massage it," Maria said as she looked back at him. "Try to wake up the muscles. We don't need you in the hospital as well." She walked past him and looked down at the hall and at the sight of where Alaira had been found. She walked down the hallway, running her hand along the wall as she went. Stopping at the end, she stared at her hand. Nothing.
Frustration taking over the remainder of his mind, Dart shut his mouth, picked up his sword, and stepped out the front door,walking past his car and down the road, he only found one option, look everywhere until he found her, no matter how long it would take, no matter how hard it would be, he didn't care.
Maria ran after him. Catching up to him, she tried to pull him back. "Don't go on a wild goose chase. What if Alaira wakes up and you aren't there? She's going to need you to be there. I promise you. We will find Meagan. But what we need right now is for Alaira to get better." She caught her breath after her little speech, breathing hard from running all the way down after him.
Shooting an angry glance at Maria, Dart opened his mouth to speak, but just closed his eyes and faced the sky. "I can't go back without her, you go, go back, tell Alaira, tell May, tell anyone that needs to know, I will find her, and I'll bring her back..."Dart replied before wandering off again down the road.
"Dart! Don't be ridiculous! If you disappear on her now, you're going to make Alaira try to leave the hospital before she's ready! You know that better than any one else!" Maria yelled at his back. "You know that she won't just sit back and wait!"
"of course she won't, but my being there won't stop her, it didn't before, and it won't now, you should know that, she's too strong to let people stop her from doing what she has her mind set on. Why are you so desperate to bring me back with you anyway?"
"Because I don't want you to get hurt!" Maria said, trying to not let her anger show. She thought back to when she had Seen him and Alaira, Dart hadn't looked to good. She couldn't really see him, but he was on his knees, hands bound behind his back. "Please. Let's just go back."
"you don't know what it like to have your wife and child taken from you at once, this feeling tearing away at me, it's overwhelming, and I don't really care what you saw, it didn't tell me where Meagan is, so it does me no good, I have to do things my way now, if you want to try and stop me, then go ahead!"Dart said, removing the cloth from his blade and preparing to defend himself.
"Dart. Please. Listen to me." Maria said quickly, her heart beating faster as she watched him draw his sword. "Come back with me. Go see Alaira and tell her what you are doing. At least go and see her once more before you go and try to find Meagan."
"why? so that while I'm talking to Alaira, you can find a way to keep me from leaving? is that your plan"Dart said preparing his stance for his most powerful sword technique. "Amakakeru ryu no hirameki, in less then a blink of an eye, I can split you in half with this technique"
"Dart.... You...You wouldn't kill me," Maria said, as if more to convince herself more than him. Her body trembled as she watched him from where she stood. Reaching back, she quickly pulled out and held a gun at him with trembing hands. She always carried one, but never used it. "Please just put the sword down," she stumbled with her words as she tried to hold the gun still, pointing at him. She was terrified of his anger. She always had been after all the stories she had heard about what he and Alaira had done. Now she stood across from him on the sidewalk, staring death in the eyes.

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