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"Maybe next time you come back, you'll have a lover to share it with instead of a stranger," Ashton muttered, nodding his head as they wlaked out of the hotel and got into the cab that would take them back to the airport. Ashton wasn't sure if he would come back here again.
Callie smiled wistfully, "I highly doubt that. There aren't many people that I'm atrracted to. I could tell you a secret about this, but I won't because I don't want to ruin your life." She brushed her bangs back from her face, looking out the car window at the building flying by on their way. "Perhaps I will bring my parents here."
Ashton raised his eyebrows a little bit at her. "Well now, that's not fair. You can't say you have a secret and then not tell me," he said, shaking his head. Even though he had kept a save emotional and phyiscal distance from the girl, they still had spent an entire week together. They had talked a lot.
"I've lived more then once, and remember it. This is my second incarnation. The first time was so long ago I don't know how many years it was. All I remember is that the year was 1689. Before the world ended," Callie smiled over at him, "It feels like fifty years ago because that's all I know, is my lives. Not between them." She shrugged, "That's when my husband died, my first life. I died with him not because we were mated but because of a broken heart."
Ashton nodded his head a little bit at her. He wouldn't call her crazy or weird. People knew of their past lives from time to time. "A broken heart?" he questioned as he looked over at her for a moment. "Are you afraid of falling in love again then?"
Callie shook her head, "No," she smiled faintly, "I've never been afraid of love or being loved or in love." She finally glanced at him, "There's something different about me then any other human. Any other I've ever known about. My lusting, basically. Who I lust after."
Ashton still didn't really fully understand her. "Meaning?" he asked curiously, raising his eyebrows as he glanced at her again for a moment. He looked back at the window, thinking about the past week. It had been fun. Would have been better with Darian...but...it was still fun.
"It is just something different about me. I don't want you to feel obligated about anything, so I don't want to tell you right now," Callie turned back to look out the window just as they pulled up to the airport. "Don't worry about it, Ashton. It isn't something you can help with."
Ashton sent Damien a text, telling the man that he was home and just to call him if he needed him. After saying good bye to Callie at the airport, Ashton had gone straight home to organize his dresser, putting the little things he had gotten on the dresser.
Damien appeared in Ashton's home several hours after receiving the text. He looked around the place for a moment. "Ashton," he called out for the man, "I have something very...delicate to discuss with you at the moment." Damien wasn't sure if he ever believed what he knew to be true...
Ashton walked out of his bedroom and only gave Damien a small glance before looking down at the ground between them. "You really couldn't tell me in a text?" he asked softly, crossing his arms over his chest and biting the inside of his cheek. He could even kind of hear Darian in Damien's voice.
"No, Ashton, I couldn't tell you this in a text," Damien replied, trying to be nice about this, but he wasn't sure how to put it. "Darian's soul didn't die," he said, "It didn't move on to the ater life and it's still in this realm." He scratched his cheek, "He's haunting you."
That made Ashton look up at Damien with a frown. "What do you mean he didn't move on?" he demanded, shaking his head. He didn't believe Darian was haunting him. Maybe following him around, but Darian's ghost or soul or whatever it's called nowadays hasn't even made himself there. He hadn't done anything yet.
"I mean what I said. He is still here and with you. It is rare for vampires to be turned into ghosts that don't get taken, but he managed it. He is in pain but won't leave you," Damien said, swallowing. He was very nervous, "no one can see him, or hear him. But the seer said he is here."
"Pain..." Ashton shook his head a little bit, his eyes looking around. He wished he could see the boy. Even hearing him would be enough. "W-what do I have to do?" he whispered softly, licking his lips a little bit as he looked back at Damien.

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