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Arik tilted his head to the side a little bit. That was interesting. But if that was the case... "Then I am pretty sure if you go talk to my grandfather, he'll arrange something. You can't just not take the tests. You will fail everything. Might as well just not go to school."
"I'm not allowed to ask for special treatment with my weaknesses. I can remember almost everything that is sad in my classes, but no one can teach me the most simple of things," he. Let out a breath, wrapping his arms around his middle. "sometimes I wish I was just normal."
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"Why aren't you allowed?" Arik asked, not really understanding what was wrong. Or why his powers restricted him from actually learning to read and write. "Talk to me. I promise you I won't make fun of you or tell the whole school that you have that weakness."
Mikhail stood for a moment, just looking at Arik with his violet eyes snapping. "You're gay," he finally said in a simple tone, "And your friend Tina thinks that she's going to set us up somehow. You know she's feeling left out because you and Rebecca each have someone." He was deflecting, not wanting to speak of his powers.
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"I don't have anyone," Arik interjected quickly and let outa small breath, reaching up to run his fingers through his hair slowly. "As I am sure you know, my sister had a vision about me and someone together. She said I looked older and whatever, so I am not going to force you or anything..."
"And if I'm not even gay?" Mikhail asked, raising a brow and cocking his head slightly to one side. He let his arms fall to his sides just as the bell rang for the next classes to start. Since it was his free period he didn't have to worry about skipping right now.
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"Then clearly you are not the one. All I got from the vision was long hair and striking eyes. That could be pretty much anyone..." Arik said, shrugging his shoulders as he glanced up at the clock. He sighed as he picked up his bag. "I have to go to class," he said, kind of glad for it. This converstaion was just awkward.
Mikhail stepped towards Arik before he could walk away, "And if I am?" he whispered, one hand reached out slightly. Arik was the first one to be nice to him, to pay enough attention to him that he had noticed Mikhail's dilemma. Since Mikhail had never had a real friend though he wasn't sure how to act.
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Arik couldn't help but blush a little bit as the other reached out slightly. "I-I don't know..." he muttered as he watched him carefully. "We don't really know each other...well...I don't really know you very well...How about we just start off being friends?"
Returning his hand to his side, Mikhail shoved them deep in his pockets. "I've never had a friend before," he admitted, looking down with a slight scowl, "I think I'd--"

"What are you two doing in here?" their biology teacher snapped as he came striding in with a lunch tray. "You're supposed to be in class. Out!" he snapped.

Mikhail went scampering out the door, pausing a little ways down the hallway, his heart beating frantically in his chest. He was sure everyone would be able to hear it.
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Arik sighed as he watched Mikhail run from the room. He eyed his teacher carefully for a moment before walking out of the classroom. He galnced over at Mikhail in the hallway. He really didn't know what to say, so he turned the opposite way and hurried to his next class.
"Something happened, didn't it?" Tina demanded once the final bell rang and the three of them were gathered in their spot outside the school under a tree to wait for their rides. "You were late for class and looked all weird. Something happened with Mikhail, didn't it? What happened?"
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"Since Mikhail knows pretty much everything about anyone, he knows I am gay and knows that you want to try to hook us up, even though you feel left out that youdon't have anyone," Arik said, watching her carefully for a moment. "And he hinted that he might have been gay but I don't know."
Tina's eyes widened and she stiffened a little bit. "Why would I feel left out? I have you guys!" she gave them a smile that didn't quite reach her blue eyes and twirled her hair on a finger. "Look, there he goes!" she suddenly said, pointing towards the main door that had just opened to show Mikhail walking out.
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Arik just rolled his eyes a little it at her. "It's not the same and you know it," he said, as he glanced over his shoulder at Mikhail for a moment. "Hey!" he called out, loud enough for the boy to hear him. He lifted his arm in the air and waved so that Mikhail knew where they were.

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