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Dominic swallowed as he returned with a bottle that had purple in it. He held it out, smiling at the eagerness Simi showed when she saw it. "Don't let it touch your skin," he said to Angel once more, "It will burn you if you get it on you. Badly, all the way down to the bone."
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Angel nodded her head slowly at Dominic as she carefully took the bottle away from him and situated her baby on her lap for bottle feeding. She looked down at her and carefully started to feed Simi the venom. It was still a weird concept to her, but whatever it took to keep her fed.
Going to sit in his chair, Dominic watched the two, sipping on a glass of water. "Where have you been staying, Angel?" he asked her in a soft tone, "Kiyo told me that Damien made you leave the house but she wouldn't tell me where you had gone."
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"Because they don't know. Or never cared to ask," Angel muttered, shaking her head as she looked over at him for a moment. "They haven't so much as contacted me all week...but I've been staying with Valerius. Not for very much longer. He hasn't really said anything, but I can tell I'm not wanted there.."
Dominic swallowed, looking away for a moment, "I have a guest apartment in the back," he told her. "It's not much, one bedroom, one bath and a kitchnette. Living room," he shrugged, "It would need to be cleaned but if you want...You can stay there until you get on your feet."
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Angel was so surprised that she couldn't even hide the shock on her face. She frowned at him a little bit. "You are asking me to move into the house in the back..." she repeated as she watched him carefully, wondering if he was feeling okay.
"No, I'm offering the mother of my daughter a place to stay until she gets back on her feet," Dominic said, a little defensive. "You can stay for three weeks before you start paying rent or something. Three hundred dollars a month is reasonable, right?" he frowned, not even sure, "So this month is free and next month you have to start paying unless you move out."
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Better than being at Valerius' place with a cranky Sasha. Angel licked her lips a little bit and nodded her head. Damien had at least given her all her money in her bank account. She could do three hundred easily. "OKay," she whispered softly, nodding her head as she looked down at Simi.
Dominic nodded, already trying to remember what was out in the apartment in the back. He knew there were boxes out there, but wasn't sure what were inside of them. "Careful now," he said when the bottle was empty, getting up quickly to take the bottle away. "Make sure you face her away from you when you burp her. She spits up sometimes and if that gets on you...same basic concept, it'll burn you."
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"Maybe you should do that, just in case," Angel said, handing Simi from him when he came to get the bottle. "I'll go see what's out in the in the house," she told him as she got up and went outside quickly. Itw as too weird in there and it made her feel awkward.
Watching after her, Dominic took Simi back to his chair, holding her against him as he burped her. He wouldn't get burned by the venom if she spit, but it was still gross to him. Closing his eyes, he leaned back with Simi still on his chest. It didn't take long before they were both out cold in his chair.
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Angel returned a little bit later after getting a good look in the little house. It did have a couple boxes in there that she didn't really want to mess with. She walked back into the main house and blinked a few times at the two of them. She sighed softly. and moved to lay out on the other couch to nap as well.
Dominic jumped slightly as his dream yanked him back to being awake. He held on to Simi, blinking his eyes opened and yawned, looking around. It surprised him to see Angel on his couch, but he didn't wake her. Instead, he slowly stood, taking Simi to her bouncy chair and set the child down in it, strapping her in and set the chair close to the couch so Angel would wake if Simi did. He left the two of them to go out to the back apartment and clean it up.
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Angel slept strangely well on Dominic's couch. She jumped though, when Simi started to move a bit in her chair. Sheblinked a few times and then looked over at the baby and then around. She yawned a little bit and sat up, reaching over to lightly stroke her cheek.
Dominic had all the boxes out of the little apartment and the windows opened up to let fresh air in when he returned inside to check on Simi. He paused as he saw Angel awake. "I got all the boxes out," he told her, "You'll have to furish it and get food though since I don't really eat. I assume that you have money right now..."

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