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A e r i a l xx L a n d c a s t e r
C o r r u p t e d

A grim smile tugged at thin lips as she sat there, pale arms wrapped tightly around her legs showing just how scared she really was. Somewhere deep down she’d known, known that this day would come- the day she outlived her usefulness and was cast casually to the side. What she hadn’t been prepared for was death, she hadn’t expected that they would simply dispose of her and go about acting as if she’d simply never existed. The girl was trying to not let her emotions overtake the expressions on her face, but with her heart fluttering so wildly, the loud thumping echoing up into her ears; it was difficult to pull a cover.

A glass wall.

A glass wall was all that encaged her here; it was the only thing standing between her and the freedom that had once called her name so many times before. Aerial had been wild once; she supposed that beast still loomed in the shadows, but fear had ceased all rebellious behavior. Each time she’d tried to escape the glass barrier, she’d been beaten, humiliated. There wasn’t one thing about her that was tame, and any fool who thought otherwise, should they ever meet in a one on one, the child would prove that they were sorely mistaken. That would not happen though, for these moments here, were her final ones.

The lash of a tail, and she’d uncurl herself from the pathetic position, and stand. Outstretching her hand, she placed it on the wall, no doubt smudging the glass up. “Release me.” It was not a pitiful cry for compassion, she did not want these people’s sympathy; no, it was an order. Let me go. Let me out of here. No matter how brave Aerial was, she too still had feelings, and she too could feel frightened.

I said release me,” she then repeated, a curled fist and she’d slam it against the wall. No one came to her side as they used to when she misbehaved, no one yelled at her to quiet herself, no one so much as laid a finger on her. Heart thudded harshly against her ribcage, and she could feel that dreaded lump begin to develop in her throat. She wouldn’t cry, she would not cry. “Let me go!

She was growing anxious now. Were they really going to follow through with it? Before… before they had threatened to take her life away should she not follow orders and submit quietly like a ‘good girl.’ What had she done wrong? A feel of dread washed over her body, and Aerial found herself frozen on the spot. She didn’t understand, she didn’t want to understand. She wanted this to be some sort of twisted joke; she wanted to wake up from a dream gone wrong.

Help me.

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Taro had started working as a college intern over at Globex Inc, a job that didn't require much skill or thought process most of the time he was running errands back and fourth between the two buildings...it wasn't exactly where Taro pictured his life to be, but the pay was good-very damned good for someone of his job level. As he dropped off the package from the weapons develoupment division, Taro was about to leave when a scientist stopped him for a moment "Can I uh...help you?" He asked. The man smiled "As a matter of fact you can Taro...I radioed your boss and he already agreed to you helping us" He says

Taking Taro by the shoulder, the man lead Taro the cages. He tried not to look at what was inside-grotesque beasts that were used for who knows what. Eventually, they came to a cell with a rather ordinary looking woman...and ordinary woman who looked towards everything with a look of pure hatred and disgust. Taro gasped, seeing the damage that was done to her cell: claw marks all over the place, puddles of blood that stained the wall...some old, some fresh...the left side of her wall even had a nice crack in it.

"That is our problem...Experiment number 2435...she isn't responding well to our tests...we were hoping perhaps you could try talking with her..." The doctor says. Taro blinks and looks into the cage then back at the doctor "Are you mad!? She'll rip me limb from limb!" Taro says. the scientist gives him a reassuring pat on the back "We'll have guards go inside with you, armed ones...we'll have you covered okay?" He asks. Taro looked at the armed men that stood outside 2435's cell and gulped "You do this...and we'll double...no...triple you're pay." He says. Taro lets out a whistle thinking of the cash.

After a few minutes of thinking, the closes his eyes and turns back to the doctor. "...what do you want me to do?" He asks. The doctor smiles "Just talk to her...try to gain her trust." He takes in a deep breath and enters the cell "Um...uh...h-hi...hi there...I'm uh...Taro and I'm the college intern...what's your name?" He asks
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A e r i a l xx L a n d c a s t e r
C o r r u p t e d

Eyes flickered daringly towards the male that now approached her. She'd never seen this one before, but it didn't matter- he was just like all of the rest of them. Another mask, another lie, another story. Though the girl would have to admit that the sight of someone made her heart relax a little, her fears smashing themselves into her subconscious for the time being.

Um.. uh.. h-hi there, I'm uh.. Taro and I'm the college intern. What's your name?

He was stammering? This fool before her- was stuttering like some idiot. Did he not know English? If it hadn't been for the guards that had accompanied him, she would've lunged her entire mass at the boy, grabbing him up by the neck and watching in twisted satisfaction as he choked to death. But there were guards, so she didn't move. "Why does it matter to you?" she spat, hatred laced between every word. "I'm just another one of your test subjects, haven't you already given me a name?"

She slipped over to where he stood in short strides, only to stop a few inches away from him, ignoring the tensing of the armed men standing beside him. "So what is that you really want from me? I'm sure you didn't come all the way out here just to chitchat." If you did, you are truly a moron. She would turn, a gray tail pointedly attempting to swish underneath his chin, should he not move. "Or did you want to come and save this damsel in distress?" she questioned, voice stained with a fierce sarcasm.

Answer wisely, boy.

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