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A shadow clings quietly

"I apologize. I'm not used to you claiming guardianship over someone." The Mermaid murmured quietly. Kimoxe gave a small sigh, waving at the Mermaid so she would back away from the shore. There was a small sigh from her as she shifted to circle in the center of the pond. At least the ruckus wasn't luring other Mer up to the surface.

"You know that wasn't what I had meant by it." Kimoxe shook his head. Mermaids, always misunderstanding things. "She is a servant. You know I won't let you eat members of my household." The Mermaid let out a tinkling laugh.

"If you say so my lord. I'll go inform the others. Do come visit us more often." She gave him a little wave, before diving back into the depths of the pond, disappearing from sight. Kimoxe stood, brushing the dirt from his cloths before he turned back to Rini.

"Well, that is a Mer. Now you know." It was better to educate someone before they fell into trouble after all, right?

...To the soles of your feet
Waiting for you to turn your back.

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The heart made of stone
can be whisked away
with one single stroke
of a brush.

xIsxx itxx reallyxx allxx thatxx bad?
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Oh! My name!·÷±‡± RiNi ±‡±÷! It's quite the pleasure.
Heh, well, I happen to be a ! Yes, human! ...So?

Rini watched as Kimoxe and the mermaid exchanged words. She wondered why these mermaids, and she guessed the rest of the creatures in this forest, respected him so much. She knew these were his lands, but she never understood why he got so much respect. On day she was going to ask him. Of course, now was not the day. She was going to have to get over this feeling and go back to her cheerful, happy self before she could do anything.

She watched as the mermaid disappeared. Half of her wanted to say bye and wave, however, when she heard about the eating deal, she decided against it. It was kind of scary to have someone saying they are willing to eat you right in front of you. Finally, Kimoxe got up and directed his attention to her. She nodded and tried her best to smile normally. "She was really pretty.... She said, hoping that would sound normal. Either way, that was something that she noticed the second she saw the mermaid. ~

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