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When she was done, Skye went to Daniel's room to continue cleaning.
Soon a kitchen servant brought up some breakfast for Skye which he told her to eat.
Skye put a hand on her stomach and shook her head to tell him that she wasn't hungry.
"Eat," Daniel commanded.
Skye frowned and shook her head again.
"Do I have to hurt you again to get you to listen?" Daniel asked.
Skye cowered a bit then quickly obeyed him.
Daniel smiled a bit and looked around the room. "You clean well," he said.
Skye smiled at him and went back to cleaning when she was done.
"You can watch TV when you're done," Daniel said before leaving the room.
When she was done, Skye crawled under his bed and went to sleep.
A few hours later Daniel came back and laid on his bed before calling for Skye.
Skye woke up, hitting her head on the bed once again, and crawled out from under his bed with a groan.
Daniel looked at her weird. "Why were you under my bed?" he asked.
Skye pointed at Daniel then made her best impression of a monster face. She then made a gesture of sleeping and pointed under the bed.

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