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Daniel read it and nodded. "Are you hungry?" he asked.
Skye skipped a line and wrote:


She showed the word to him. Despite her reply, she actually was hungry; she just didn't want to eat.
"Start cleaning then," Daniel said.
Skye nodded a bit and looked around. She looked at the notebook and wrote:

Cleaning stuff?

She showed the small question to the prince.
"Under the bathroom sink. Oh, and work on getting your voice back. I'm not liking reading your little notes," Daniel said with a frown.
"Ah... Alright," Skye managed to get out with great difficulty. Her voice cracked and was at a higher pitch than it used to be. She frowned a bit but ignored it. She got up and set her hippo on the bed before she started cleaning.
Daniel picked up the hippo and looked at it. "What's its name?" he asked.
Once again, Skye had terrible trouble speaking. "Herbert," she managed to say.
Daniel nodded and put it back down and got up. "Don't leave this room. You'll be in a lot of trouble if you do," he said before he left and shut the door.
Skye just continued cleaning his room till it was spotless.
Daniel came back to his room and plopped on his bed. "Are you tired?" he asked.
Skye shook her head in response. She was actually tired but she was still cleaning.
"You can finish tomorrow," Daniel said as he got up and opened a door to a smaller but nice room. "This is your room," he said.
Skye put everything away and grabbed her hippo. She went to the door and looked inside.
"You have you're own bathroom and there should be something in the clothes that will fit. In the morning have a bath ready for me," Daniel said and carefully pushed her in her room and shut the door.

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