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The girl laughed. "Your turn for a conversation topic now."
he stoped in his tracks "ummmm.... tell me about u"he utters out trying to think of topics
She laughed again. "Not much to tell there. Born here, raised here. Jock family. I'm more of the geek-type myself, even though I'm pretty good at sports too. I fence, and I dance. I love history, literature, mythology, music...and anything and everything to do with the seemingly impossible."
"wow" he mumbled 'thts hott' his mind wonders again "thts alot"
Amanda shrugged. "Eighteen years in a nutshell. How about you?"

((next post will be the last for the night. i'm going to go to bed.))

He laughed " wow that is a real nutshell"
She laughed with him "Pretty much. How about you? Where did you used to live before you came here?"
"Vancover" he replied "most anoying town ever" he says jokingly
((maybe a couple more minutes...))

Amanda laughed again. "How so?"
"tomany people" he replies softly " i dont like big towns"
"Ah," she said, nodding her understanding. "Guess it's a good thing that you moved here, then."
"yeah there are some up sides" he chuckled slightly "i can def name a few"
"Such as?" Amanda asked curiously.
"Nicer people....more open space....cuiter girls" he blushed as he got to the last one his voice grew quite again.
The girl blushed lightly. "I guess that would be a good reason to stay...the nice people, I mean..."

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