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" no moved here 2 years ago" he replies looking down at the road "you?"
"My whole life," the girl answered. "In the same house, too...guess it's pretty safe to say that I'm stuck in a rut, eh..."
He chuckled softly "this town cant be to bad" he smiled at ther comment
"It's not, really," Amanda replied. "It's just...you know, nothing really changes. You get up and do the same thing day after day with the people that you've known for forever...and you just wish that there was something more..." She paused contemplatively. "Or maybe it's just me. I dunno..."
He stoped "something more" he repeated "yeah i know what ya mean"
She smiled warmly. "I'm glad it's not just me that needs a little excitement in their life."
He smiled at her "Yeah........going day to day bites"
"You can say that again," the blonde laughed. "I would kill for an adventure right about now."
He laughed "becareful what u ask for" his voice tunred deep
A soft shiver went down her spine at his tone. She brushed it off, covering it with a soft chuckle. "I do realize that I'm daring the gods on that one, but still...I really do wish that something cool would happen." After all, what was the use of clairalliance if you never encountered anything other than the spirits in your house?
He raised an eye brow at her comment. Her scent was drving him nuts "Why do you say that?"
Amanda shrugged, flipping her hair back behind her shoulder again as she gazed up at the starry sky. "I dunno...my life could use an excitement. The farther from normal the situation is, the better."
"who knows what is in store" he chuckls lightly as he speaks it was nice to see someone else for a chagne to him
"Yep!" She quipped. "Who knows. I might just get my wish some day."
He smiled " yeah.......so" the llight foot steps could be heard at the walked down the dark road

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