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The girl sighed again, smiling softly as she felt a soft breeze whisper over them. God, how she loved going out at night...it was so...freeing.
As his mind ran his body became restless, keeping near her was killing his control
She shifted slightly in the grass, sitting up to free her hair and fan it out around her before lying down again. It was so uncomfortable to be trapped in one position by your hair, but it happened sometimes when it was long.
He watched her from the corner of his eyes "So....."
Amanda raised her head slightly. "So...what?"
"I have no clue" he said laughingly as he stood up. He was haveing a hard time controlling himslef
The blonde laughed as well. "Well, that is very helpful."
"eh" he shruged his shoulders and began to walk off not saying anything
Amanda sat up quickly, a quizzical look on her face. "Where are you going?"
"For a walk" his voice boomed over the night
The girl laughed, getting to her feet as well and brushing off her jeans. "Mind if I join you? I don't really feel like lying in a field all night, but I don't want to go home quite yet either."
"I dont mind at all" he smiled as she stoped waiting for her
Amanda sped up a bit until she caught up. "Thanks. It's too nice of a night for walking alone anyways."
He smiled "this is ture" he replies walking down the road
She sighed contentedly, running one hand through her hair. It was a nervous habit of hers whenever things got quiet, or when she was stressed. She searched her mind for a conversation topic. "So...have you always lived here in town?"

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