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The girl gazed around, making sure that nobody was nearby. Then she did something that she always wanted to do when she wandered alone at night...she let out a long, loud, uninhibited yell of joy.
Carson stoped and hid he felt someone was near his eye the only thing could be seen
The yell trailed of into an exhilarated laugh. "God," she sighed happily. "I've always wanted to do that..."
Carson watched the girl pass by him 'dosent she go to my school' he mumbles to himslef in question the moonlight carfully playing off his eyes as they followed her "yes..yes it is" he deep voice stayed low and quite
Amanda paused, thinking she heard a voice. She turned in search of it source. There was no wicked scent on the air, so if there was anyone there, they meant her no harm.
he sheered back 'damn it' he growled softly calmly waiting for her to turn back around he studied her. His eyes softly gazing across her
"Is there anyone there?" She asked. Dimly, she could sense someone, but she couldn't quite tell where they were...
He shifted his weight "how did u know" he growled out no human could of known he was there.
The girl whirled to face him, a small smile on her lips. "I heard you mumbling."
He cursed himslef lightly "I see" as he stood and exposed himslef stepping out of his hidding spot " hi"
The blonde smiled back. "Hi. I'm Amanda."
"what are you dong out here in the dead of night" he asks steppign otu of the bush
"Walking," she answered with a laugh. "I couldn't sleep. What about you?"
"Bored" he replies smiling walking past her and sitting down in the grass
Amanda laughed. "Great minds think alike then."

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