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He shook his head in a laugh "Don't i love you beautiful nose" he replied in a soft smooth voice. "So it is just us what would you like to do love?" he asked softly as he held her close.
"Honestly, I'm just happy to be with you," she answered, snuggling up against him and wrapping her arms around him.
He smiled as he held her tight "Likewise, I can actually hold you" he whispered as he relaxed feeling her snuggle up against him "Soon it will be just us, you think you can handle 24/7 me?" he asked playfully.
"I think I can," she smiled. "It's you I'm worried about. How long do you think you can spend with me before running for the hills?"
He chuckled at her comment "Forever and a day" he purred into her ear playfully "I was away from you for a night and the night was so long" he looked down into her eyes "You make time move i doubt I would ever run for the hills. I may hunt everyone in a while, but that in the mountains not the hills" he teased her with a smile.
"I will hold you to that," she smiled, kissing him lightly. "I will track you through those mountains if I have to. I think I can do that now."
He laughed "I will always come home to you love there is never any worry about that or need to track me" he smiled as he returned her kiss. To him kissing what such an odd thing, it made him feel connected to her, such a small gesture made him feel human.
She smiled against his lips, thoroughly enjoying the kiss. Hopefully she wouldn't have to attempt to track him some day, but it was nice to know if she needed to she could.
Carson purred at her holding her close " I am surprised at how well you family is taking everything" he commented as he pulled back happy to just relax with her in his arms for a bit.
"To be honest, so am I," she confessed. "I thought they'd be freaking out right now. Actually they probably are freaking out and doing their best to be supportive, which I appreciate."
He laughed "I think they are scared of me" he playfully buffed up his chest "I always thought you father would put up more of a fight"
"I think he's currently reworking his previous opinion of you," Amanda snickered. "I personally don't find you at all scary." She poked him teasingly to illustrate.
He caught her hand with a soft laugh "I am really waiting for you to hurt yourself one of these days love" he smiled slowly kissing her hands and up her arm placing feather light kisses upon her skin "And we don't want that ever" he muttered as he got to her elbow with a wink.
"I'm not---quite---that delicate---" She managed with a breathless giggle as his lips brushed over her skin, a light shiver going through her when he reached the crook of her arm.
He smirked at her "TO me you are as delicate as glass, as a rose" he whispered as he nuzzled up her arm reaching her neck with a smile.

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