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Jake read the note and his heart sank. He had completely forgot about why he was having the party. It was for his engagement. Him and his fiance had been engaged for the past few years, They were just waiting for her to turn old enough. Her birthday was just a couple of days away and their wedding would follow the week after. He looked down at Kana, his eyes now a soft grey, a softly said. "It's my engagement party." He lead her by the hand out of the library and to the hall. He didn't know what else to say after that but he couldn't keep it from her. She was a servant i his castle now and she would have found out eventually.
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She saw the look he had in his eyes. He then told her that it was his engagement party. She felt sad. She couldn't believe that he was engaged already. But what did she expect? He is a Prince after all. This was probably predetermined when he was born. She walked with him out of the library. She didn't want to leave him just yet. She wanted to keep talking to him. She wrote, "I want to keep talking to you...Can we talk tonight?"

She gave him the paper with a gentle smile on her face. She wanted to ask about what he has done all this time.

((Hey I have a question. What era or time is this? Is this medieval or more modern? Is he a vampire?))
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Jake looked at her with a smile. "Of course we can. But for now we must part." He stayed with her until they got to her room. "Goodnight." He said before closing the door. He walked to his room and walked in. He fell back on his bed with a smile. He had finally seen her again. The only girl he ever wanted o be around was here, in his castle. His smile quickly disappeared when his fiance came to mind. He didn't know how he was going to explain this to anyone. But he would find a way.

((i was going to say medieval but with a few modern twists. and im going to say kinda except he can go in sunlight and he ages like everyone else. but the fangs and strict blood diet are all there))
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When she saw the smile that Jake had on his face, her heart started to beat faster. She didn't understand why though. They held hands until he dropped her off at her room. He told her good night and left. Kana waved goodbye and opened the door to her room. She laid on her bed, thinking about what happened. She was surprised that she was able to meet the boy she knew as a child. But the thing that kept circling around her head was the fact that he had a fiance. Was he happy with her? What does she look like? She must be someone worthy of the Prince. She wanted to speak to him again but she felt too tired. The girl fell asleep.

((Ok. I just wanted to make sure. Wouldn't be more dramatic if he were to continue the engagement knowing that he would rather be with Kana? And we can add in his fiance as another character that we both can play.))
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Jake continued to his room after leaving Kana. His excitement from seeing her again after all those year, kept a smile on his face. He couldn't stop thinking about her. Her eyes were glued to his mind just like they were back when they were children. When he got to his room, he fell back on his bed with a smile. He had never been this happy. He didn't know what it was about her that made him so happy but he didn't have to. He loved the way he felt around her. After a few moments, Jake began taking off his clothes until he was only in his boxers. He laid back down and waited for everyone to fall asleep so he could sneak off the see Kana.

((sorry i didnt post yesterday. i was having a party and i needed to get ready for it. and i had something like that planned))
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Kana was still sleeping underneath her covers. The moonlight was shining through her window and it made it look like her hair and skin was glowing. After awhile, she woke up. She couldn't fall asleep. She was happy to see Jake again and she couldn't wait to see him again. She wondered if he really was going to come to her room to talk.

((It's okay. I figured you were really busy. How was the party?))
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Jake got out of bed after a while and grabbed some pajama pants. He stumbled out the door trying to put his pants on before walking down the hall to Kana's room. Once he was there he knocked softly and waited for her to open the door to let him in. His anticipation was getting the best of him and the smile on his face was ear to ear. He knocked again, fearing she didn't hear it the first time, and put his hands in his pockets.

((pretty good. We had like 30 people here))
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Kana stared at the ceiling, waiting for him to come. She heard a knock at the door. Could it be him? A knocking could be heard again. She got out of bed and fixed herself really quick. She patted her nightdress and opened the door. She had a big smile on her face. Hi Jake!
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Jake smiled when she opened the door and hugged her. "He Kana." He put her back down and walked in. He sat down on her bed hoping that she wouldn't mind and looked at her with a smile. "So do you know what you are wearing for tomorrow? If not i can have something beautiful made and brought to you." He rubbed his bare chest and then waited for her answer.
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Kana smiled and hugged him back. She closed the door once he got in. She grabbed the notebook off of her desk. Then she went to go sit next to him. He asked her what she was going to wear tomorrow. She didn't have anything nice or fancy. She wrote, "You don't have to bring me anything. I'm a servant. I'm going to be working at the party anyway." She thought it was nice. But what would people think if they were to see a servant dressing very nicely. Then she remembered why there was a party tomorrow. "What have you been doing since the last time I saw you?"
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Jake read the note. "Training to be king basically. My father took me hunting and and showed me how things worked. When i turned 18, my parents made me choose a bride. I've been engaged to Charlotte ever since. But i don't care if your a servant. If it matters to you than i'll get something beautiful but not too flashy. I want you to be a little happy until i figure out how to get you out of this situation." He didn't like that she was a servant to him.
She listened to him. It sounded like he had done a lot. Of course he did. The King would groom his heir as the next King. He was like the Prince from the story books. She was so modest. "You don't need to buy me a dress. I have my uniform." She looked at him confused. "But I am happy. I was finally able to meet you again." A smile showed on her face.
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"I'm sorry i guess i'm just worried that your not going to be happy." Jake said smiling at her. "So how do you become a servant?" He said leaning back on his elbows. His eyes had changed to a light green color as he looked at Kana. She had turned into a beautiful young woman. Her eyes were just as pretty as they were when they were kids. Jake remembered getting lost in them for hours.
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She was still smiling gently. She knew what he was thinking. Emme was a simple girl. She didn't need jewels or fine silks to be happy. She then continued to write. "Well I needed a job because my uncle was always complaining that I never do anything. When you are a servant, you are fed, you get clothes, and have a place to stay. It's not so bad. I've always had nice people around me. I'm very fortunate for being a servant here." She saw that he was leaning on the bed. Her eyes stared into his. She was always fascinated by his eyes and how they always changed colors. She laid on the bed. Her white hair glowed underneath the moonlight.
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"I guess that isn't so bad, either. Plus being here means that you will be treated very well. We treat our servants almost as equal as us. When it comes to being nice to them. Some do take it the wrong way and think that they can do whatever they want, though. And they normally end up in chains or worse." He looked down on her when she laid down and his smile faded just a bit. He was starting to like her and that wouldn't go over well with the family and Charlotte. He stood up and looked at her. "I'm sorry. I just got really tired. I'm going to go to bed. I'll see you tomorrow. Ok? Goodnight Kana." And with that he left. He walked down to his room and crawled in bed, thinking about Kana and her eyes as he slowly fell asleep.

((sorry i want to skip to the party))

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