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Jake walked down the corridor to the grand hall. They were to have a celebration in a couple of days and he wanted to see how everything was coming along. As he walked in, he smiled. "This looks perfect. Good Work." He was in a relatively good mood today. Normally he would have went around and pointed out everything that he didn't like. And there would have been a lot. But as he walked around he was actually impressed with the work his servants had done. Maybe they had finally figured out how he wanted things done.

Jake walked through the rest of his castle to his father's room and walked in. "Father? You wanted to see me?" The king turned around to face him with a smile. "Yes. I have some news. Grabbed a cup of wine and walk with me." Jake did as he was told and followed his father to the Grand Balcony. Jake could see almost the whole kingdom and some of the villages. "We are getting new slaves as a peace offering from Aerion." Jake looked over the railing and could see the carriage being unloaded with the new slaves. "That's good. I hope they are fast learners.The one's we have now just figured out how to get what i want done, right." Him and his father bother laughed and continued to watch the Kingdom.
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Kana was in the carriage. It was a nice breezy day. She hasn't been to Aerion since she was a child. She remembered playing with a boy while she was here but she doesn't remember his name. If she sees him, she'll be sure to find out who he is. I wonder if he is here still... Hopefully he is the same. She remembered that they had a lot of fun. The carriage stopped before the palace gates where they were all inspected. After the guards nodded, they continued to go into the courtyard. They were let out one by one. The head butler stood in front of them and told them to stand up straight. He was going to see what they can do and assign them a job.

He assigned some people to the kitchen, to the stables, the garden, and then he stood in front of Kana. He grabbed her chin and turned it a little. She had a pretty face so she should be okay for people to see her. "You will be one of the servants within the palace." After he was done, they soon parted. She followed the other people that were in her group. Another servant handed her a dress with an apron. She went into her new room and changed out of her clothes. Kana put on the dress, it was navy. Then she tied the white apron around her waist. She looked in the mirror and put her hair up in a ponytail. She also tied it with a purple ribbon. The girl shadowed one of the maids to see what her duties were. They were in the Prince's room, fixing his bed and cleaning up after him.
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After Jake was done drinking the cup of wine he parted with his father and started toward his room. As he walked down the hall, the servants moved out of his way and quickly getting back to work as he passed. Jake was thinking about why he was in such a good mood. It wasn't that often that he was. Not being able to figure it out he shook the thought from his mind and looked at where he was going. He had finally gotten to his room and walked in. He seen two servants, one old and one new, cleaning his room. They were both facing away from him as he walked to his balcony. He placed his hands on the railing and looked out over the valley. "One of you. Get me a glass of wine, please." He said not looking back. Today was a great day.
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Kana was dusting his bookcase when the Prince walked in the door. She didn't face him because she was told not to. He went out to the balcony and asked for a glass of wine. The older maid poured some wine into the glass. "Kana, give this to the Prince." She walked up to the woman and nodded. She grabbed the glass. Now...only not to drop it. She walked carefully to the Prince. Here you go, she said in her head. Her hand reached out to him and tugged on his sleeve. The older woman came over and moved the girl back. "I am so sorry about that. She is new and she doesn't know that she is not suppose to touch you." The woman looked at Kana. "What do you say to him?" Her purple eyes looked into his, she didn't know and she was surprised that she can't touch him. I'm sorry... She simply bowed and stood back up while staring only at the ground.
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Jake started to look angrily at the girl who tugged on his sleeve but the moment his eyes met hers, his face softened and he took the glass from her. "No that's quite already." Jake looked back to the girl once more but this time he had a curious look on his face. She looked really familiar but he couldn't figure from where. "As your were." He said as he took a drink from the golden glass. He was now thinking about where he had seen the girl before. He though of every party, every auction, and every other castle he had went to but none had brought any thing back to him.

((sorry. i have writers block at the moment))
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Kana saw the look in his eyes and it made her shiver. Then when she stared at him, she also felt that he looked familiar. She felt like she knew him very well. He told them that they can go. They both bowed and left the bedroom. Kana sighed. She thought she was going to get punished. For the rest of the day, she was shown what to do. She had to dust and clean the rooms and then the furniture. Everything had to be in order. After that was all done, she was able to have a little break. She remembered seeing a library. She opened one of the doors and there it was. She walked inside and sat by the window. The library was so quiet. It was cozy and nice. She couldn't help but fall asleep on the window sill.
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Jake was laying in his bed, thinking about the girl he had seen today. He still didn't know who she was or why she looked familiar but he was determined to find out. He got out of bed and walked out in the hallway looking for the girl. He walked everywhere and still was unable to find her. He had finally found the other servant that was in the room with her and asked where she had went. When the old woman said she had headed towards the library, Jake thanked her and almost ran to the library. He opened the door and walked in, seeing her on the window sill asleep. He didn't want to disturb her but he couldn't help it. He walked over to her and stopped looking down at her. The way she slept was kind of cute and he smiled. He kneeled down in front of her and went to touch her hand when he suddenly remembered. How could he not. The purple ribbon was a dead give away as well as her purple eyes. It was the young girl he use to play with when he younger. "Kana?" He asked, hoping she would wake up and that it was her.
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Kana was sleeping peacefully on the window sill. The sun was warming her fair skin. She was even dreaming about running around in an open field. "Kana?" She could hear someone calling her name. She woke up to see the Prince kneeling in front of her. She quickly sat up and her purple eyes were opened wide. She was shocked to see him. Oh no! I must be in trouble for sleeping here. He's going to be so mad. She had a worried look on her face. But she felt something on her hand. She looked to see what it was, and it was his hand. Her facial expression went from worried to confused. Especially since she he knew her name.
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Jake smiled and lowered his other knee to the ground. "Kana. You don't remember me?" He asked in excitement. He had always remembered her. But since he had only seen her when she was a little girl, he didn't recognize her as a woman. "Kana. We use to play together as little kids. Please tell me you remember." He now had her hand wrapped in both of his. His hazel eyes were big with anticipation as he waited for her to answer
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She watched the Prince kneel on his other knee. His face was filled with excitement and his hands were wrapped around hers. The more she looked at him, the more he looked familiar. He told her that they used to play together as kids. When she thought about it, could it be him? Jake? Her other hand rubbed his cheek and a smile appeared on her face. It was him. It was Jake, her childhood friend. She tried to speak to him but nothing would come out. A frown appeared on her face and her hand against her throat since it hurt a little.
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Jake looked at her neck when she placed her hand over it. "What's wrong? Can you not speak?" He remembered when they were kids she could talk but no she couldn't? What happened to her? He looked into her eyes and smiled. "I'm so happy we're back together. I missed you ever since we were separated." He said rubbing his finger over her cheek. He couldn't help it. He wrapped his arms around her in a hug. It was not prince like to hug a servant but he didn't care. He let her go and looked back into her eyes. "Can you tell me what happened to you?' He said hoping there was some way she could communicate.
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She wanted to tell him everything but it would be hard. He only continued to smile at her, his hand on her cheek. He was different from the boy she used to know and it's because he is a man now. He was much more mature and regal. He told her that he had missed her when they were not together. She felt the same way. His arms were soon wrapped around her small body. Her arms went around him. I missed you, Jake.

He let go of her and they were staring into each other eyes. He asked her what had happened to her. The frown appeared on her face again. She looked so sad, she didn't like remembering anything from that night. Kana looked for some paper and a pen. She began to write on the paper.

Jake, I missed you too. I can't talk anymore because of my family's death. My family was at home, getting dinner ready and I was coming home from school. I heard some screaming from my house and there were belongings that didn't belong to us. I hid outside and peaked through the window to see these men killing my family. I don't know why they were doing that...but the thought of these men getting a kick out of cutting up my parents and my little brother, scares me...I cried for days and I just couldn't find the willpower to speak again.
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As Jake read the letter Kana had wrote, his eyes began to turn a reddish gold color. He looked up at her and put the paper down. "I will find who did this and i will see to it that they get the punishment they deserve." He said in a calm voice. His eyes gave away his anger but he was taught to keep a calm voice. No matter what situation. He stood up and gave her his hand to take. "Come on. We have to go get ready for the party tomorrow." He said with a gentle smile, though his eyes were still reddish gold.
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Kana saw Jake's eyes change colors. She could tell that he was angry despite how calm he was trying to act. She believed in his words but doesn't have to do that. She didn't know who they were. His hand was in front of her and he told her that there will be a party tomorrow. She looked at the paper and wrote, What party?

A smile appeared on her face and she took his hand. She would soon let go if someone were to enter the library. What would everyone think if they were to see the Prince getting friendly with a servant.

((OOC: To add more drama he should be betrothed to someone and she will be at the party.))

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