Theresa "Tess" Montarero ;; Miss Loner Of The Year

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                                                                Theresa watched him walk back inside and frowned when his door closed. That was awkward. Was she really that bad at being nice. Guess making friends wasn’t really her thing. She took a deep sigh and turned away from Richard’s lovely home and head back to the lesser-valued part of town, to her home. Not really a home, just a house that occupied at this point in time. So she walked away, with her hands in her pockets, taking slow steps as she was in no rush to get back to her house or the people in it including her own mother. As she walked Richard didn’t leave her mind.


                                                                And it was tomorrow.
                                                                She woke up the usual way.
                                                                She rushed out the door in a quiet manner, the usual way
                                                                She dressed the usual way.
                                                                She walked to school the usual way.
                                                                But something was different.
                                                                She was worried.
                                                                She didn’t feel worried anymore. She had the aspect that she had faced far worse than most and if she was going to worry about things then she really wouldn’t get far. But today she was worrying. And all over a boy. A stupid boy that was one of the most popular in the school. But why now? She knew of him long ago. She watched him walked past in the halls with the rest of his group. Sometimes wondered what it would be like to be so carefree and happy looking as he did. Not realizing that he had deeper seeded issues back home himself.

                                                                Theresa leaned against her locker. The day had gone fast which was unusual. She sighed out…The period before lunch…And it had to be with Richard as her ‘teacher’ so to speak. Swimming. Not her favourite class at the moment. Never will be… She thought to herself with a smirk. She dragged out her bag with her towel and swimming costume and took a deep breath, slamming her locker door shut and heading to the girls locker rooms to get changed , not in any rush to do so.

                                                                A frown donned her face as she reached the girls’ locker rooms. All the girls in her class were sitting there giggling and laughing while prancing around half naked, getting ready for their next class.
                                                                ”Ohhh I cannot wait to see Richard’s body again…Seriously wish he kept his shirt off all the time.” One of the girls squealed in delight, no one noticing the intruder, Theresa, at the time.
                                                                ”I know right? Isn’t he just gorg! I would die to be his girlfriend…” Another girl laughed.
                                                                “Ladies, we all know that Richard and I would make the perfect couple. He’s hot, I’m hot. It would just work…I plan on making this happen very soon, so you should all just back off my man.” And that was Annabelle, the school’s queen bee, most popular girl, most beautiful girl (many thought) and the richest. And she had her sights set on Mr Swim Team.

                                                                Theresa stepped into the change rooms and the three girls looked over her. Annabelle rolled her eyes. “Ugh come on girls, these lockers suddenly smell bad. “ She sneered across at Theresa, clearly jealous of the attention that Tess received from Richard last class.

                                                                The little possy left and many other girls followed out, not wanting to be associated with Theresa fearing that they wouldn’t be able to climb the social ladder if they stayed in the change rooms with her.
                                                                Now it was dead quiet.
                                                                Theresa smiled.
                                                                Just how she liked it.


                                                                Theresa took a deep breath. Just stepped through the gates and headed across to the group that she had been placed into. Richard’s group. The teacher was already occupied with teaching the basics of swimming to her group that was with her. She bit her lip and slipped to the back of Richard’s group. Watching him for a moment. Her stomach doing a small flip. Why was she reacting like this to him?

                                                                The class slowly moved into the water. Theresa the second last in and holding tightly onto the side of the pool, not excited at all about being in the water. She looked up at Richard, watching him for a moment..Then seeing in the corner of her eye Annabelle inching her self closer to Richard. A perfect irresistible pout on her face.

                                                                “I’m really uncomfortable, Richard, with getting into the water…It makes me nervous. I’m not a confident swimmer at all…And I’m worried about drowning. Can you please help me?” Annabelle fluttered her eyes across at him, trying to look as vulnerable and as helpless as possible in her turquoise coloured bikini that only just covered her bits and pieces.

                                                                Theresa’s stomach lurched as she watched Annabelle’s flirtatious behavior. So this was how the queen bee went in for the kill. She held back the urge to roll her eyes. She ignored everyone else around her for a moment and just waited for Richard’s instructions, not letting go of the wall for one second with either hands. Yes she was holding on for dear life. This water thing was not cool.