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Willow glanced up. Will said her name. Willow stepped in and took a few more steps in. She didn't want to be beside him- she was still anxious. "Eighteen." Willow muttered softly. Willow shoved her hands into her jacket's pockets. It was awkward.
William smiled. Eighteen. She was a year younger than him. William moved away from the red velvet of his bed and stood beside Willow. But only to pull her back and sit on the bed. He needed to start a conversation. "The other day you asked me some ridiculous question about December. What was that all about?" He looked puzzled. His eyes were innocent. Playing as if he didn't know a thing about what happened.
Willow felt Will bring her over to his bed. Willow didn't feel comfortable with all of this. Willow sat on the bed and fidgeted with her hands. "It's nothing, really. Sorry I brought it up." Her voice even sounded awkward. Willow avoided his gaze. She knew he was only trying to help her but why couldn't she accept it?
William sighed quietly to himself. Was she still uncomfortable? His smile faded. He wanted her to be comfortable with him. He wanted to touch her. Wrap his arms around her. Those red lips... He smiled again. He leaned back and his arms propped him up. "I would love to know what I was being accused of." He didnt sound as sarcastic as he should have been. William took one of Willow's hands away from her lap. He turned it palm up and began tracing the lines of her skin.
Willow watched William lean back and she slowly stopped fidgeting. She scouted back onto the bed farther and pulled her knees to her chest. However, she lost one of her hands to Will. A quiet gasp escaped her lips. He wanted to know what she accused him of. She bit her lip. She was silent for many minutes. Her icy eyes fell to the bed. "My parents were killed in a car crash. I should have died with them but somehow... I was on the sidwalk when the cars collided." Willow chewed her lip.
William continued to trace the palm of her hand. He never everything that happened. He just didn't want to tell her. Why not? He held back a sigh. "That's awful. Maybe it was an angel." He said it reluctantly. He held something against the very beings. He did not like them. She would probably guess how he felt about them. He pulled his face down to her hand. His hair covered his face as he brushed his lips on the soft skin.
Willow nodded. Maybe it was just an angel. Will would have nothing to do with it. But, what if he just wouldn't tell her? Willow swallowed a sigh. However, her heart skipped a beat when she felt warm lips on her skin. Her eyes immediately connected with William's masked face. Blood rushed to her ale cheeks. Willow bit her lip harder.
William lifted his head away from Willow's hand. Her face was flushed. It made him grin. "Why did you come here?" Lacing his fingers with hers, he pressed her hand to his cheek. He wondered why she came to his house alone with him. Especially from what happened so far. The alley, the bus, and last night.
Willow glanced down at the bed. She couldn't calm her heart beat. Willow glanced up as she felt her fingers lace with his. Willow felt more blood rush to her cheeks. She couldn't answer so she shrugged. Willow felt a goofy smile dance to her face. She shouldn't be happy right now- he could kill her. This was all wrong.
William leaned in closer towards Willow after not hearing her voice. She was maybe a little too quiet. "You don't know?" Will sounded slightly disappointed. There had to be a reason; she just didn't want to tell him.
Willow continued to stare at the bed until the shadow moved. Willow looked up to catch William moving closer- as if to hear her voice. Willow knew that her face was scarlet. "I don't know why. Maybe it's because something draws me to you. The mere curisoity-" Willow's eyes widened and dropped back to the bed. She ran over the sentences she just spoke. She wanted to slap herself. Willow wanted to let go of William's hand but she loved the warmth it gave her. It filled a void in her- it made her happy.
William chuckled for a short second. A curious grin crept on his face as he leaned closer. His fingers were laced with her still. His free hand tangling in her hair, he spoke again. "Does this draw you to me?" For a moment he pressed his mouth to hers. His arms went around her and pulled her hard against him.
Willow lifted her eyes to see him continue to lean forward. She wanted out of there. What was William planning on doing? However, all train of thought stopped. William was kissing her. Willow felt the strong arms slither around her body and pull her tightly to him. Willow knew she had to say no, she had to run away. But, like she said, something drew her to him. Willow wrapped her arms around his neck, her hands locked on the back of his neck. Willow lost all connectivity with the real world.
Their lips pressed hotly together. It felt good not to be rejected. Or of she could even reject with his arms around her. They continued to kiss. Unaware of what could happen next. The door flew open and it was a familiar figure with blonde hair and half-inch gauges. "There you are. I was wondering where... You would be. What is this?" James stood at the door with his arms crossed. His eyes glared at Willow for a short moment until William broke their lips. Will's hands pushed on Willow's shoulders. He flared at his friend James. "What do you think?" His voice was icy. James laughed softly. He wasn't sure what to say that was "appropriate".
Willow continued to kiss him. She felt complete. Willow couldn't stop her sober heart. It was racing. The kiss was thrilling until Will stopped. Willow was pushed back and her eyes caught James. The person who invited her to the part the other night. Willow felt awkward now. Standing up, her face turned pale. "I-I need to be going." Willow couldn't keep her voice smooth.

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