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All throughout the next morning, William was quiet. In English, he ignored James and stared at he drawing Willow left in his locker. The only thing different was the darkness under his eyes. After everyone left the night before, it was nonstop from James and a sleepless night. As the first release bell ran, William looked around realizing Willow wasn't there. He had hoped she only switched classes instead of getting caught outside. He sighed heavily and went to art, which James decided to ditch again for unrather unwordly business.
Willow chose to avoid English that day. Instead, she went into art. Willow chose a window seat. The teacher was as free as a bird. As long as you did something artistic and showed it to her by the end of the period, you passed. Willow was back to drawing. Her fingers were becoming black from the charcol she chose to use that day. Willow was lost in her thoughts and never heard the bell ring.
William's dark red eyes met Willow's figure as she drew by the window. His desk was empty like everyday. He was thinking of last night in his kitchen. Why did he keep protecting her? When the bell rang he jumped; bringing up the memory of James entering the kitchen and him accidently cutting Willow's front. He cursed under his breath. Why am I a so jumpy? He got up and realized Willow was still in her seat. Unhesitantly he stood before her. He smirked as he spoke. "If you're going to ditch class, do nothing in the next and skip the rest, why bother coming?" There was nothing cold found in his tone.
Willow didn't look up. All she did was turn her sketch book to show him the picture. In perfect detail was the landscape outside. A minute later, she turned the book and continued sketching. She didn't speak but, she knew she had to. She socially destroyed everything. Willow never looked up. Instead, as an answer to his question, she shrugged.
William saw what she had shown him. It was a perfect drawing the landscape outside. With that and a shrug being the only reply given, he pulled a chair closer and sat next to her. He was thinking if she was that uncomfortable around him, she'd get up and leave. After a few minutes of no one leaving he grinned. The next thing to come to mind was something he never asked anyone. "Are you alright? Did I hurt you... You know, last night." His face was pale from the sunlight that came through the window. He wondered if she would answer at all or get anywhere with her.
Willow continued to draw. Her icy eyes never lifted off of the paper. He was asking if she was alright. Willow stopped and looked at William. He had pulled a chair to sit beside her. It all surprised her. She knew she shouldn't be around him- he wasn't even human. Yet, something continued to draw her in. She didn't speak at first. "I'm fine." She spoke softly. Her eyes returned to the paper but not for long. A few short minutes ticked away and Willow looked back at him. "However, you did hurt my shirt." Willow made a small joke. Willow slowly smiled. It was a beautiful smile. Her pale cheeks shifted upward, along with her pale red lips. Willow looked genuinely happy. But, Willow knew she couldn't be happy. She was the awkward red head, who had just transfered to a new school because of her parents' death. Willow's charcoal covered fingers took of to dance again on the paper and within a few seconds, the picture was done.
William stared at the finished art. His eyes caught her black fingers from the use of charcoal. He smiled as he heard she was fine. When she stated that he hurt her shirt, he smirked and sounded sarcastic. "Does it need an apology?" He paused for a moment and hesitated. He wanted to ask her something which he knew he shouldn't. The back of his mind pricked as the words came out smoothly. "You told me last night you wanted to socialize again. How about you come over instead of staying here? James and no one else will be there." No blood, screams, helpless victims and demi-demons. He couldn't help but smile weakly, hoping she wouldn't refuse.
Willow placed the artwork down and wiped her hands on her apron. Her fingers were turning colors. Willow froze. William just invited her over. Just the two of them. Willow hesistated. What if he was going to kill her? Willow couldn't answer him. She saw the weak smile on his face. What if he was just trying to help her? Willow's fingers bunched into fists on her apron then relaxed. It was a motion she did when she was uneasy to answer. "You're going to kill me... aren't you?" Her voice was unsteady. She so eagerly wanted to tell him yes over and over again. But the party and the death in the alley- then an invitation to his house alone- just made no sense. At least, in her mind. Willow bit her lip and her feet fidgeted under her. Her blue eyes found his.
William's dark red eyes found Willow's blue eyes. Part of him felt her by her question. His face was drained of color and the words almost slipped out. If I were to kill you I would have the other night in the alley or never saved you at all. "Me kill you? That is ridiculous." He let out a short laugh then smiled reassuringly. "I haven't thought of doing such things to you." He continued to smile as a thought slipped into his mind. Before it became utmost clear he shook it away. There was something about Willow that made him want to do otherwise.
Willow sat there and stopped fidgeting. Her hands relaxed and her feet were flat against the ground. Her pale cheeks felt blood rush to them. Willow touched her cheeks and felt the charcoal rub off. Her eyes widened as soon as she did it. Willow stood up and sprayed the charcoal with hairspray that was sitting on the windowsill. It would keep the charcoal in place. Willow sat back down and knew she looked stupid. But she nodded as her eyes avoided William's face. Then stopped as she looked for a tissue. She had black dots on her blushing cheeks. "I'll come over." She finally murmured.
William couldn't help but stare as Willow moved around, fidgeting almost in a way. He stood up when she walked back over. Black dots spotted on her red cheeks. Without thinking, Will took the tissue from her hand, licked it then smudged away the charcoal remnants on her cheek. "Let's get going then. We don't have all day." He pulled on her hand. Not sure why he did or why he told her they didn't have all day. Once they were at his car, he drove her away to his house.

They sat idle for a short moment in the driveway. James' car wasn't there. Good. William clearly knew how James felt towards humans even though he was part human himself. Figuring it was something to do with his mother freaking out as she realized what she had done. William shook the thought and came back to reality. He stared at her as he held the car door open for her. "Just for reassurance. I didn't ask you over just so I could kill you."
Willow watched William take the tissue from her hand and lick it to remove the charcoal stains. Willow couldn't help but feel more blood rush to her cheeks. Before she had time to react, however, William had taken her hand and she left school. Willow couldn't keep her mind on one subject. She was flustered.

The car ride there was short. Willow felt the car park. She looked over at William but he had already gotten out. Willow watched her car door open and William waited for her to step out. Getting out of the car, Willow felt her hand twich. It wanted the familiar feeling of William's. Willow just nodded. She felt awkward.
William didn't take her hand as he waited for her to exit his car. He lead her inside, showing a different appearance. The rooms were exceptionally lit by the windows. the floors and furniture were clear of blood or any other trace of last night. The lights were taken down and there were half as many candles. William led Willow past the fairly large living room and down the hall. Stopping at the furthest door, he turned to look at Willow. They weren't going to do anything. He wasn't even sure if they were considered friends. He shrugged the thought away and opened the door to his room. It had the same theme as the rest of the house, if not darker and more Victorian. In the center was the bed with a red velvet covering. To the right was a couch and surrounding furnishings.
Willow followed Will silently. She watched the door open and she hesistated. She remembered what she saw last night. Willow rubbed her arms and followed him. Willow glanced around the house after shutting the door behind herself. Her blue eyes roamed the house. It was different from the previous night- it was clear of blood. Willow glanced forward and caught up to William. However, she didn't expect him to open another door. The style of the home was beautiful. She loved the Victorian time. The colors meshed beautifully together. Willow's eyes looked into his room and she fought an urge to jump in. Willow couldn't believe the design. Wow. Willow looked around his room before stepping in.
William walked about in his own room as Willow stood there in awe. He thought of what to ask or say to her. "Willow." He paused for a moment, sounding out her name. "How old are you?" It was a dumb yet reasonable enough question to ask. He stood in front of his bed, staring at her for an answer.

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