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Willow sighed. "What a smart a**." She tucked an arm under James and slowly pulled him to his feet. "Now I'll ask again- what the hell were you doing?"
James looked up at Willow. For some reason, he knew she wouldn't let the problem go. "It's called yin fen. Demons use it to intoxicate nephilim. Some, like yours truly, use it recreationally because it doesn't yield the same effects, but it's highly addictive." His voice broke. He still felt nauseated and weak from the overdose.
Willow helped James to a seat in the living room. She wasn't sure on what to say to that. "Lie down, alright? You don't look your best after that." James looked awful. Willow stood up and sighed. "You need to stop it. I know it's addictive, but it will destroy your life and I don't want to see that happen." Her voice softened. She didn't want to see James become a hardcore addict.
James started to laugh. Since when did Willow care about him? He wiped the blood from his chin. "And you care...why?" He coughed once and his hands started to shake again. "Besides. What makes you think that I want to consider stopping?" He knew yin fen was addictive, but he wanted it. He craved it. It was the reason why he doubled a dose.
Willow hardened her eyes. "What makes me care? You know, I'm not sure. I saved your a** a lot today when it came to Will but I didn't expect a thank you." She snapped. "You should stop since it's illegal. That should be the last of our problems instead of being one of the biggest." Willow sat across the room and stared at him.
James couldn't help but laugh. He was stubborn, but not as stubborn as Will. "Because it's illegal? Really? I thought you would have given the reason that it's probably killing me. Or some crazy s**t like that." He didn't have any plans to stop. Yet the idea grabbed at him. He stopped laughing when he thought about Will. What would Will think if he found out James was overdoing it?
Willow looked at him for a long moment. "If it kills you, it's your own fault." She folded her arms and yawned. "But regardless of your take on the situation or the reason why, you need to stop." Her voice was stern.
James was quiet for a long moment. His eyes drifted to somewhere else in the room. "I wouldn't know where to begin." James muttered. "What are you two talking about?" William walked into the middle of the conversation. It was obvious they were talking about something, and it was odd enough that Willow and James would talk to each other. James glanced at William. "Nothing. I was just telling her that I was going to go outside."
Willow looked at James. She opened her mouth to say something but then she saw William. Willow sighed. James was willing, at least she thought. Willow yawned and didn't look into Will's eyes. She curled up on the seat and her heavy lids fell closed.
William watched James leave. Something was wrong. There was no doubt about it. Once James shut the front door, Will looked at Willow. He smiled gently. Willow fell asleep. William forgot about how stubborn he had been earlier. Will quietly scooped Willow up and carried her off to his bed.
Willow never stirred. She was so exhuasted from earlier that once she was out, she was out for good. Willow's face buried in the cool sheets and her body became aquinted with the matress. She felt home.
William sat on the bed with her, his back up against the headboard. Hours had passed. Jace came back to the Institute early, just before dawn. He was dirty and a wreck, but he felt accomplished with a smirk on his face. He rushed off to the bathroom closest to his room.
Willow opened her eyes longer enough to see the line of Will's body. "Come here." Was slurred. She was still half asleep.

Hannah was up in the kitchen, looking for food to eat when she heard the doors open. Jace? What was he doing that late at night?
William lowered his gaze to Willow. He listened to her and a smirk cracked on his lips. He moved close enough to where his skin touched hers.

Jace cleaned up and took a quick shower. A plain white towel hung over his neck. The moment he was back in his room he changed into a simple pair of clothes. Finding himself unable to sleep, he wandered off to Abigail's old room where the piano was stationed. Automatically he sat down and let the music play naturally at the tips of his fingers. He didn't care how early in the morning it was to be playing an instrument.
Willow grabbed his hand and fell asleep. She wanted to say I love you, to tell him everything, but she was just too exhausted.

Hannah made herself a sandwich and made her way down the hall. Beautiful music played in the hallways. She stopped at a random door. It was a piano. She opened the door and saw Jace. Her eyes silently watched him from the doorway. She could listen to it for hours.

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