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damn...a water filled trash can (im at work and we have a leak xp )
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Feral Rogue

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a double stuffed pillow

I really wanted that to say double stuffed oreos

really. XD
that's what i typed the first time.
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Lonely Raider

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Either a lamp or a curtain.....I can work with this!
a lamp, a cup of juice, or my phone eek
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Hello Kitty earphones. I seriously doubt it'll take out the zombies unless...I play Friday ! rofl
A lamp or a vase. gonk
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I have nothing immediately to my left so I fight using a kitchen? XP
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Okay well I looked to my left and I saw..two blankets and my sister's work clothes...)_) hmmmmm....how would THAT work out xDD
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A pair of freeking sissors.
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Questionable Borg

my cell phone, a 'Reject Apathy' magazine, I got at a Bible Study, and my bedroom wall.
Im ********..... My Tablet's protective, soft, case... xp
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Salty Wench

Clothes basket. I shall hide in it.
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Wheezing Lunatic

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a d***o ;.; jk my DS i can throw a poke ball and get a god damn charazard i win cool
damn...a water filled trash can (im at work and we have a leak xp )


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