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oh good ol' skyrim
it never lets u dowm emotion_awesome
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I used to make arrow in the knee jokes but...

Oh wait, I still do, cause everytime I watch the video, it gets funnier. AND FUNNIER.
This joke used to be funny, but then it took an arrow to the knee. emotion_donotwant
I used to take an arrow to the knee, then I took a mace to the face.
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I made a "arrow to the knee" joke, only to fall and hurt my knee. I learnt my lesson.
I used to be an arrow, then I took an adventurer to the knee.
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*looks at video*
another skyrim nord animation vid yeah its a funny vid but why is eveyone a nord im a wood elf
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I... I don't understand emotion_donotwant
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People're out there posting witty stuff and what do I get? An arrow to the knee.
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