Welcome to the International Music Forum

What belongs in this forum?

This forum is the place to make threads discussing music from all over the world that does not yet have US domestic release.

Please use your best judgement when deciding if your topic is appropriate for this forum. To avoid accidentally making a repeated thread or a misplaced thread, first browse the forum to see what sorts of topics are there already and read the annoucements and stickies in the main forum and subforums, as they will contain additional useful information.

Please remember that this is above all a discussion forum. This means that you are here to have give and take and conversation about music.

As such, making a thread with the title of your favorite band in the title and a first post consisting of 'I love them! " is not a topic for discussion. It is a spam thread and should be made in the chatterbox. If such threads are made in this forum, they will be relocated. So please take the time to put some effort into your thread and come up with a topic for discussion.

Also, please use the official threads. Many bands are very very popular, and so people wish to make threads discussing them. The problem with this is that if everyone made their own thread for a band, discussion would be very spread out and the multiple topics on one subject would crowd out other less common topics. As such, please use pre-existing threads to discuss bands in rather than making your own. You can find them by checking the Topic Forum Announcement.

Thank you for reading, and enjoy the forum!