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1. Artist/Group Name: CASCADE
2. Music Genre: Japanese rock/new wave
3. Summary of the band: Members: Tama (vo), Masashi (gu), Hiroshi (dr). Formed in 1993, they disbanded in 2002 but then reformed in 2009 and continue to make music. With unique sounding vocals and new wave rock style, they continue to pave the way of what's possible in J-rock. They are one of those classic J-rock bands from the 90's who should not be missed.
4. Recommended Songs: Flowers of Romance
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I went over the list again and shall hand out a few more links for people to look up and listen to:

Artist/Group Name: GACKT
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Mainly rock although he has referred to his music style as impressionist. His band is called GacktJOB and he also plays piano, guitar, drums, trombone, flute, and several other instruments. He is considered the David Bowie of Japanese music and is only second to Toshi of X Japan in favorite vocalist polls. He has lent his talents to voicing characters in anime, vocaloid and video games, he did both voice acting and motion capture for the character Genesis in Final Fantasy's Crisis Core, he has jewelry lines, eye contact lines, a snowboard clothing line, and acted in several Japanese dramas and even in a Hollywood picture. It has been announced just recently that he will voice a character and sing the main song for the Dragon Age anime. In other words, what rock have you been living under if you haven't heard of this man?
Recommended Songs:
GHOST (live)
Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto (live - he was also sick at the time he sang this)
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Artist/Group Name: Acid Black Cherry
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Rock/Pop
Acid Black Cherry is the solo project of YASU, the vocalist of the j-rock band Janne Da Arc. Like with Janne Da Arc, there are no set musical boundaries, instead they enjoy running the whole gambit from hard rock to pop.

Recommended Songs:

Artist/Group Name: L'Arc~en~Ciel
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Rock
One of the most popular bands in Japan since 1991, the band is composed of hyde (vocals), tetsuya (bass), ken (guitar) and yukihiro (drummer). Their style ranges from rock to pop and all four contribute to the band's sound. They also have an alternate band name P'UNK~en~Ciel in which the four members switch instruments with tetsuya and hyde switching and yukihiro and ken switching. The sound of the alternate group is more heavy rock and punk.

Recommended Songs:
CHASE (live)
daybreak's bell
Round 'n Round - P'UNK~en~Ciel live
Artist/Group Name: -OZ-
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Rock/Metal
Summary of the band: "OZ is a five piece Japanese Visual Rock band formed at the end of 2004. Their band lineup is comprised of Natsuki on vocals, Aki and Tama on guitar, Nao on bass, and Zukki on drums. With a visually dark focus, their music sounds much like metal core, heavy metal, and alternative rock combined."

Recommended Songs:
Rain Delay

I love this band <3
They need more recognition.
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Posting so this thread no longer gets "Old and decrepit" message.
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This thread's got a little quiet :c

Name: Daichi Miura (三浦大知)
Country: Japan
Genre: R&B
Summary: Born in 1987, Daichi Miura has been in the music business since 1997, when he debuted at age 10 as the lead singer of the now-inactive pop group Folder (later renamed Folder 5). He left the group in 2000, and took a 5-year hiatus before returning as a solo artist in 2005. He's a talented singer and dancer, and has been writing and choreographing his own songs since 2008. Most of his songs are R&B based, with some leaning more towards ballads or hip hop. He has collaborated with artists including BoA, Lecca, Miho Fukuhara, and Kreva, but he is still relatively unpopular and quite underrated.
Recommended Songs: As one of my all-time favorite singers, it's a bit hard for me to pick just a few songs that I think are his best (all of his songs are great), but I will go with:
Stay With Me
Possibility (featuring BoA)
The Answer
First Sight (featuring Lecca)
1. Han Geng
2. Chinese [Canto/Mandarin] Bands/Artists - Pop (Mandopop, specifically)

3. He was born on February 9, 1984. At the age of 12, he was accepted into the dance department of Central University for Nationalities and attended dance school in Beijing. During this time, he mastered all 56 types of Chinese traditional dances from the 56 Chinese ethnic groups. In 2001, he was chosen by SM Entertainment to become a trainee, and debut in the K-POP group Super Junior in 2005. However, in 2009, he filed lawsuit against his contract, saying it was overall unfair to his human rights. Later, he won the case. He is now a solo singer in China, also an actor, and was the first boy band member in history to be the torch bearer for the Olympics (2008 Beijing)
(I'm sorry, I gave you a mini biography, not a summary, lolol. And most of this was from Wikipedia, but I kinda reworded it.)

4. He has two albums out right now, Geng Xin and Hope in the Darkness (the latter being released recently) - I like Fire and My Logo from his first album. I also like Wild Cursive, Clown Mask, and The One from his second album. Being honest, these are the only ones that I've listened to, lol. I don't listen to him too closely, but I do like him + his music~~~
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Name: Jun Shibata / 柴田淳 (she's female, despite the fact her given name, Jun, is a masculine name)
Country: Japan
Genre: Ballad

Recommended Songs:

それでも来た道 / Still, it was the path I took
隣の部屋 / The Next Room
今夜、君の声が聞きたい / Tonight, I want to hear your voice

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