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Alright, any band that has been suggested in this new sticky, has been 1) Added to the front page, and 2) linked to the page with the post suggesting the band*. If you ctrl+F and search for the band on the page, you'll find the specific post, giving a list of recommended songs by the person who suggested the band (:

*Bands were only linked if the poster gave one or more suggested songs. If you see a band listed on the first page that you would have recommended, but it does NOT have a link, please post the following:

1. Artist/Group Name
2. Music Genre [Visual Kei, Oshare Kei, etc. do not count as GENRES!]: This is a must. Your suggestion will not be added to the list if you do not give a genre with it!
3. Summary of the band: Names of the band members, positions, and any other useful information should go here. Please give us some kind of summary, either your own or from a website!
4. Recommended Songs: The name of the band and the genre will go on the front page, but for those who want a little more, please include the name of a song, or even a link to one on youtube, that you find to be your favorite or the band's best work. With this provided, we will be able to link each band on the first page, to the post with suggested songs!
1. Malice Mizer

2. Rock/Symphonic Rock/Gothic Rock

3. Mana (gu/syn), Kozi (gu/syn/bkup vo), Kami (dr/bkup vo), Yu~ki (ba), Gackt (fmr vo), Tetsu (fmr vo), Klaha (fmr vo). Formed in 1991 and together for ten beautiful (sometimes tragic) years, Malice Mizer has such a wide variety of sounds. From baroque inspired pieces, to full on "chanson rock", to somewhat electronic, to gothic rock, to pop rock, and more and on and on. They went through three singers and had five distinct phases. Phase one is Tetsu era, where they released an album and had a few unrealeased songs that live on in lives. Many say this era is their favorite and many say they detest it. Its never inbetween. Tetsu's voice is a little "unique". Then on to Gackt era, the beginning (part one) is filled with beautifully original baroque pieces written by Mana, with a few oddities by Kozi which are equally captivatingly original. They quickly became known for their over-the-top live shows, more like theater than a live, with small skits and outrageously ornate costumes. They also became known for their outstanding love of their fans, going out of their way to launch gifts into the audience. Part two is where they got signed by major label Columbia Japan and this is where the trouble started. Its not certain of whether Columbia was pressuring them to make Gackt frontman or what, but this era saw many singles and two albums (one with A-sides the other with B-sides). Soon after their landmark concert "Merveilles ~L'espace~", Gackt was kicked out of the band and Malice Mizer lost its major label backing and were left without a vocalist. A year or tragedy followed, where their drummer Kami, much beloved for his kind nature, suddenly died of a brain anyuerism. In their grief, the remaining members of Malice Mizer made a mini album to remember their dear fallen friend, becoming one of the most tear wrenching mini albums ever. Malice Mizer would never have another drummer. Soon afterwards, Malice Mizer relaunched its self with a new vocalist, Klaha. What followed made Malice Mizer go into history books. Earth-shatteringly original gothicesque music was created between them, with operatic vocals, story-telling, and atmospherically dark live shows. The fans became rabid and Malice Mizer was finally in its prime. They became gods. Then suddenly, in 2001, an announcement went up on their website announcing they would go on indefinite hiatus and they all (with the curious exception of Yu~ki, except for a brief co-written song with Kozi) went on to do their own projects. Mana went on to even higher greatness with his own gothic lolita & aristocrat clothing brand, continuation of his music production company, and gothic metal band, and Kozi enjoys a strong following in the indie spotlight with legend status making electronic songs. Klaha enjoys a career in pop/jazz music. Finally, in 2010, the three remaining original members of Malice Mizer made a brief but exciting unofficial reunion, joining on stage to the shock of the fans gathered.

4. Recommended Songs:

Tetsu era: Vault of Heaven, Baroque, Kioku to Sora, Miwaku no ROOMA

Gackt era part 1: Claire, Madrigal, N.p.s N.g.s, Translyvania, Ma Cherie, Color Me Blood Red, Apres Midi, Uruwashiki Kamen

Gackt era part 2: Brise, Illuminati, Au Revoir, Gekka No Yasou Kyoku, Ju te Veux, Le Ciel

Vocaless: Saikai no Chi to bara, Unmei no deai, Mori no Naka no Tenshi

Klaha era: Seinaru Toki Eien no Inori, Kyomu no Naka de no Yuugi, Mayonaka ni Kawashita Yakusoku, Chimamirareta Kajitsu, Hakai no Hate, Shiroi Hada ni Kuruu Ai to Kanashimi no Rondo, Beast of Blood, Gardenia, Garnet
1. Kaya

2. Japanese Darkwave, Japanese Chanson, assorted others?

3. Kaya (vo/genius). Kaya has been the vocalist of a few bands before this solo. Kaya set off from Schwarz Stein and teamed up with various people (including Kalm and Versailles) to create startlingly original darkwave music mixed with other genres that are so numerous they go without naming. His voice is ultra expressive and at times cute, but he can go into shocking opera vocals in an instant. The man has a vocal gift. He decided to venture into chanson and covered famous songs by French artists such as Edith Piaf. He continues on with darkwave as of now, and his upcoming release has him teamed up with other legends, including Hora (making it an unofficial Schwarz Stein reunion).

4. Recommended Songs: Sink, Awilda, La Vie en Rose, Ju te Veux, Psycho Butterfly (nightmare remix), Chocolat, Glitter Arch, Madome Rosa, Rose Kingdom, Rose Jail
Added, thank you!
Might as well add some of my own suggestions to the thread XD

1. Golden Bomber
2. Alternative, Pop, Rock, Electronic
3. Formed in 2004, with their first live in 2005, Golden Bomber is just now getting big in the visual kei scene. They're a 4 member group that consists of vocalist Kiryuuin Shou, guitarist Kyan Yutaka, bassist Utahiroba Jun, and drummer Doramu [Darvish, as labeled in their Official 2011 Calendar, ol] Kenji. They're best known for their hit 'Memeshikute', and their crazy comment videos/ 'Goldenly Bombered TV', which can be found on Youtube. They're a crazy band, very entertaining, and very talented. If you haven't heard of them, you should check them out!
4. Recommended Songs: Memeshikute, Ultra Phantom, Mata Kimi ni Bango wo Kikenakatta, LET'S GO KY!

1. VanessA
2. Hard Rock, Rock, Metal
3. Formed in late 2007, early 2008, and disbanded in 2010. VanessAwas one of the better indies visual kei bands in the scene, its a shame they disbanded. Most of the members have continued on to other projects, so they can still be found in the indies scene.
Vocals: 元規 -Genki- (るる → DIS as 幻希→VanessA→ MEJIBRAY)
Guitar: ハルキ -Haruki- (Dollis as 亜希→ VanessA)
Guitar: 鴇 -Toki- (Hell-trap → ヴァルキリー→ VanessA)
Bass: 恋一 -Koichi- (ミミック→ VanessA)
Drums: 憂 -You- (Hardeath → 一方通行(仮) → Dollis → Rinda(サポート) →(fo-rest)(サポート) → VanessA → Para:noir as 雪乃)
4. B.M.METAMORPHOSE, Feel U, THE LAST LETTER, World End, 胎動, alive=terror

1. XodiacK
2. Hard rock, Metal, Industrial metal
3. XodiacK is a galaxy metal band from Japan. They formed in mid-2008 and distributed a song, 黒い太陽 (Kuroi Taiyou; Black Sun), in November through the digital download site HearJapan. They performed in masks and cloaks without releasing any information about themselves until January 1st, 2009, when they revealed themselves and released their first single, ~終わりの始まり~ (Owari no Hajimari; The Beginning of the End), also exclusively on HearJapan. They are currently signed to Starwave Records, which is the label owned by KIWAMU, the guitarist of BLOOD/GPKism.
Vocal: -the Absolute- Eros (ex. A級火山)
Guitar: 柾-masa- (ex. sacrifice)
Bass: 闇人 (Yamihito) (ex. SeVIIenS)
Drums: 楓 (Kaede)(ex. sacrifice)

ex. Members
Guitar: -7 strings of blast- 緋月 (Hizuki)
Guitar: -7 strings of flame- アギト (Agito)
Bass: -5 strings of the earth- 八尋 (Yahiro)
Drums: -Fortress of aqua- 千李 (Chiri)
[Taken from Last.FM]
4. 黒い太陽, HELLRAISER, 君に降る絶望の雨, metem psychosis, 君悲ノ鳴声
I have one for now;

Artist/Group Name: Kanako Hoshino

Music Genre: Japanese pop/electronica

Summary of the band: One album of hers is "Eight Elements of the Star". However, Kanako mostly did work for beathmania ID games. The majority of her songs can be found in the series. Think of her in the same position as the band TERRA I suppose. Heard of her when I first got into jpop.

Recommended Songs:Gekkou, inferno

Band Name: Planetarium/プラネタリウム
Music genre: Japanese rock
Summary of the band: Members:
Vocal: MARI [→ @-rch → hysteric → SEED(MAR), プラネタリウム → プラネタリウム, CODE7203-KineSicS]
Guitar: Rin [→ Lumiere → Tiera → hysteric → SEED, プラネタリウム]
Guitar: マシロ (Mashiro) [→ shooting angel → ヒメユリ → ひめゆり(真白) → お遊戯ゎが魔々団×【PaRADEis】(ゎたぁめ真白)(Vo.), プラネタリウム(Gt.)]
Bass: 琥亞-コア- (COA) [→ ダリス(琥亞),プラネタリウム → Jackmann(LonLon=Jack・Joker)]
Drums: ムサシ (Musashi) [→ M, プラネタリウム]
Since: 2009
Status: active
Session band formed by MARI and Rin of SEED, Mashiro of Oyuugi Wagamama Dan x PaRADEiS, a member of Dhalis, and Musashi of M. They have out two singles called Aonsoku Subsonic and Play.
Recommened songs: Seisou Melody, Gekijou Revival, Hakana Sou Chi Uta, Play
Sorry I didn't get around to adding that soon ><; Added now! Thank you~
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Because I like the idea of links to music videos/PV/Youtube to get a feeling of what the bands sound like, I've taken a look at the first page and found a couple artists listed without extra links. Maybe they are from the old sticky or whatnot, but still, I'm gonna put a few links to YouTube up for them.

1. Artist/Group Name Michihiro Kuroda
2. Music Genre Pop/rock
3. Summary of the band:
Formerly the singer of the electro-pop band Iceman, he has been performing solo since 2000 on an independent label. His music is energetic and shows various influences from guitar to jazz to electronic.
4. Recommended Songs:
Orange Versification
Ready Go

1. Artist/Group Name access (originally AXS)
2. Music Genre Electro-pop duo
3. Summary of the band:
Producer/Composer Daisuke Asakura and Vocalist Hiroyuki Takami (real name Hiroyuki Fukuda) formed access in 1992. They released three orginal albums (Fast Access, Access II, and Delicate Planet) under the record label “BMG FUNHOUSE” before disbanding in 1995. access reunited under a new label in 2002 (Sony Antinos Records) with the single “Only The Love Survive.” They have made several more albums since then and had recently struck out on an 'independent tour' in which Dai-chan and Hiro-kun are working outside of a label.
4. Recommended Songs:

1. Artist/Group Name Daisuke Asakura
2. Music Genre Electro-pop
3. Summary of the band:
Producer/composer Daisuke has released several albums under his own name, sometimes with various singers but often only to show case his rather European techno-pop sound and skills with keyboard sets.
4. Recommended Songs:
Sequence Meditation Opus Ⅱ~confusion~

1. Artist/Group Name E nomine
2. Music Genre (German) Techno-Dark Rock
3. Summary of the band:
An experiment in several sounds, this band has listed Gregorian chant and operatic as part of the influences of their style.
4. Recommended Songs:
Der Ring der Nibelungen
Wolfen (Das Tier in Mir)
Mitternacht (AMV)

1. Artist/Group Name BUCK-TICK
2. Music Genre Rock
3. Summary of the band:
Formed by a group of friend from secondary school in the mid-eighties, BUCK-TICK is credited (along with X Japan and LUNA SEA) as being one of the founding bands of the visual kei scene. Their style has grown and evolved over the years from the harsh Sex Pisols sound they started with to future punk to rock to even electronic styles. Their latest album is RAZZLE DAZZLE having been released last year, followed by a tour.
4. Recommended Songs:
coyote (live)
Mona Lisa (live)
DRESS (original mix)

1. Artist/Group Name SCARECROW
2. Music Genre Rock
3. Summary of the band:
Formed by former Iceman members Michihiro Kuroda and Kenichi Ito, their style is mostly rock with a few elements of various sounds they have had in their solo work and the interests of all four members of the band.
4. Recommended Songs:
Complexion(live) (vol. by Ito)
Play a Trick? (live)
Surrender like a Merry-go-round(live)
I apologize for taking so long to add these .__.; Everything has been linked, thank you!
More musicians/bands to add:

Sugawara Sayuri
--> Japanese [Pop]
2008 Debut. She both won the '7DAYS Audition' and '30DAYS Audition' because of her clear voice. She was signed to For Life Music Entertainment. 2 albums up to this date. Her first full album 'First Story' released in 2010 reached #14 on the Oricon Charts.
She received worldwide recognition after singing the theme to Final Fantasy XIII.
.[Song Suggestions-;
素直になれなくて {this is not the full song. just a 46 second teaser.}
君がいるから {music video}

Yuya Matsushita
--> Japanese [R&B // Hip Hop]
2008 Debut. 1 album and 8 singles up to this date.
He has also participated in a few Japanese movies and musicals. He can sing in a variety of genres. Bird is a soft ballad while 声にならなくて shows himself as a rapper.
.[Song Suggestions-;
Trust Me {music video}
Bird {with english translation and romaji lyrics}

I'll be back with more =3
Thank you! They've been added~
Alright, I just found this band recently, and I'm not one for French Metal.... But omg, her voice.

If anyone has any other song recommendations by them, please let me know!
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Alright, I just found this band recently, and I'm not one for French Metal.... But omg, her voice.

If anyone has any other song recommendations by them, please let me know!

Holy crap, what a voice! My throat would have been bleeding if I tried stuff like that - the switching from harsh guttural sounds to soft. According to the Lastfm page, they have released a few albums since 2002 and are starting to become rather popular outside of France. There'ss a lot of live videos on their page too: Try Entends tu les pas very quiet and sensual for the most part or A La Droite De Dieu though this seems more like screaming rap.

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