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Houkago Tea Time

(J-pop) Pop

Toyosaki Aki
Hisaka Youko
Satou Satomi
Kotobuki Minako
Taketatsu Ayana

This is the band from the cast of K-ON!, an anime about a school's light music club. The members that do most of the singing are Toyosaki Aki and Kotobuki Minako, or the voices of Hirasawa Yui and Akiyama Mio. Some of the songs not used in the anime, though, have other members singing.

Reccomended songs:
Don't Say 'Lazy'
No, Thank You
Pure Pure Heart
Cagayake! Girls
Fuwa Fuwa Time (also known as Light and Fluffy Time)
GO GO Maniac

Some of the songs (like the first three I stated) have a bit of a rock edge, but are still pop.
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1. Luxuslärm

2. Music Genre : German Pop/Rock

3. Summary of the band:
LUXURY NOISE is on its way to the top, but no trace of soaring. The five Luxuslärm Janine "Jini" Meyer (vocals), Jan rooms (drums), David Rempel (keyboards), Eugen Urlacher (bass) and Henrik Oberbossel (guitar) are proud that this success is grown naturally, and appreciate the valuable support their rapidly growing fan base to appreciate over.

4. Recommended Songs:

Sag es wie es ist - Say it how it is.

Leb deine träume - Live your dream
Pommes Frites

Added! Thank you~
1. Mylene Farmer
2. Pop/Chanson
3. Originally from Quebec, Mylene Farmer made a career for herself in France from the mid to late 80's up until the present and is still going strong! She has been likened to the French Madonna, but she is so very much more than that. She is known for her sexy side but also for her softer, gentler side.
4. Recommended Songs:
Sans Contrefacon
Comme J'ai Mal
Plus Grandir
C'est Une Belle Journee
Pourvu Qu'elles Soient Douces
L'amour N'est Rien
Maman A Tort
1. Edith Piaf
2. French Chanson
3. Edith Piaf was a French singer from the mid-1930's to mid-1960's. She inspired a nation and still does over 45 years after her death. She is known for singing many Chanson classics. Her ultra expressive voice will bring you to tears or cause you to stand up with new determination regardless of language understanding. When she sings you know if she's singing about living anew for love or about a prostitute cheering up a nice English gentleman. You just know.
4. Recommended Songs:
La Vie En Rose
Mon Dieu
Hymne a l'Amour
Non Je Ne Regrette Non
Padam Padam
1. Velvet Eden
2. Japanese Darkwave
3. Founded by vocalist and lyric writer Dada in 1998, many members have come and gone. Went on hiatus in 2005 and reformed in early 2010 with a new generation. They are masters of their art (literally. Hora, Kalm, and Aci, all well-known in the Japanese darkwave scene, have all been in this). Therefore, Velvet Eden are pioneers of darkwave sound. They weave strange but glorious stories together.
4. Recommended Songs:
Ningyou Shoukan
Sad Mask
Hanauri Musume
Igyou Hime
Witch on Flames
Circus Byou

All have been added, thank you!
Band name: An Cafe
Genre: Rock
Artists: Miku (Vo), Bou (Gu), Teruki (Dr), Kanon (Ba)
Summary: They are credited for inspiring many Oshare Kei artists of today. They met on a Japanese BBS and never looked back. Miku's vocals are unique and charming. Bou's guitar work is stunning. Teruki's drums are clear and captivating. Kanon's bass brings it all together. They are known for their cheerful goofiness colorfulness but also their dramatic sweeping songs. Bou left the band in 2007, but if you want to listen to the band's works after 2007 that's up to you.
Suggested songs: Mousou Aikouka, Ese Urunai, Odoru Meruhen Tokei, Magical Duck Adventure, Merry Making, Escapism, Wagamama Koushinkyouku, Snow Scene, Super Rabbit, Bonds ~Kizuna~, Smile Ichiban II Onna.
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        I'd like to suggest a few bands.

        Country/Genre: Japanese Industrial Metal/Rock, Alternative Metal/Rock
        Summary: Formed in 1999 by HIZUMI (vocals), Karyu (guitar), ZERO (bass), and TSUKASA (drums), whose foundation is built on the premise of despair and hope. They describe their own music as “hard, electronic rock.” It incorporates and is influenced by several genres, however, including but not limited to industrial, metal, electronic, gothic rock, even pop.
        Recommended Songs: Garnet, Abel to Cain, Human-clad monster, Angeldust, 'Monokuro' ni natta saigo no hi Demo version/SIXTH TERROR version, PIG

        Subway to Sally
        Country/Genre: German Folk Metal
        Summary: Founded in Potsdam, Germany, in the early 1990s. It is a rock band with clear folk and medieval influences, later also with gothic and metal elements added to the mix. With their continuous inclusion of oriental sounds and elements of classical music (noted for instance by the use of the arrangements of the backup vocals) and the use of instruments less frequently seen in metal bands, such as bagpipes, shawm, violin, hurdy-gurdy and lute, the band has acquired the label of medieval metal.
        Recommended Songs: Sieben, Besser Du Renst, Abendlied, Wenn Engel Hassen

        Boom Boom Satellites
        Country/Genre: Japanese Electronic/Electronic Rock
        Summary: Formed in 1990 but debuted in 1995, the duo of Michiyuki Kawashima (vocal and guitar) and Masayuki Nakano (bass and programming) is famous for the heavy usage of electric guitars in their music, and the final product often has a strong rock or punk flavor.
        Their song "Scatterin' Monkey" was featured in The Dark Knight film, and many of their other songs have been featured as well in many commercials and television shows. They also collaborated with Tahj Mowry and Flo Rida on a new envisioning of their track "Kick It Out". The track predominantly features the lyrics of Tahj Mowry and Flo Rida in the verses, while the chorus remains the same as in the original release. Boom Boom Satellites likewise has an added verse of their own not present in the original release.
        Recommended Songs: Back On My Feet, Undertaker, Easy Action, Ride On, Rise and Fall, Sloughin' Blue

        ... If I think of anymore, I'll post them here. :)

Thank you! All have been added (:
Band: Oyuugi Wagamama Dan x Paradeis
Country/Genre: Japanese/Rock
Artists: Wataame Mashiro (Vo), Ao (Gu), Miharu (Dr), Ryuki (Ba), Sei (Gu)
Summary: Formed in 2008 in Osaka, this Oshare Kei rock band does things that others wouldn't dare. Make sure you read the english lyrics, because they will surprise you. They are not what they appear on the surface. Their ballads are startlingly beautiful, their fun songs joyously brilliant, but their darker songs might send chills up your spine. Don't be turned away by their vocalist's unique voice. It will grow on you.
Recommended songs: Ame no Nioi, Fairy Tears, Onigokko, Yume Kujira, Liberty, Funwari X-mas, Loli Lollipop, Ohimesama no Akai Bara, Soredemo, Dekiai Tsuukou Monogatari, Deai wa Noshi Kara

Band: Himeyuri
Country/Genre: Japanese/Rock
Artists: Vo. Masiro, Gu. Kazari, Gu. Yukito, Ba. Ryuki, Dr. Hiruku
Summary: Formed in 2006, this band only made nine songs and one PV. However, these songs are quite original and entertaining. Banana San to Ringo Kun is the most hardcore song you will ever hear about fruit. If you like the band Paradeis, this band is a can't-miss: two of the members were in it.
Recommended songs: Haniiteisuto, Love is Lost, Panpunkin Suppu o Meshiagaree!, Momoiro Feeling, side effect, HAPPY SKY, Banana San To Ringo Kun, Mirakuru~Ju, Sennen no Koi ~Still Waiting~
Added, thanks!
1. Artist/Group Name Megamasso
2. Music Genre: Japanese rock
3. Summary of the band: Inzargi (vo), Ryouhei (gu), Gou (ba). Formed by Ryouhei in 2006, this band exploded onto the J-rock scene, happily being picked up by major label Avex in 2009. They weren't picked up for no reason. This band is full of original ideas and powerhouse talent, Ryouhei having been the genius behind the band Ayabie and Gou having been from the band Dali. They have their cuteness moments, but many of their non-PV songs are not what you would expect. Listen for Ryouhei's guitar especially.
4. Recommended Songs: Kiss Me Chu Chu, White White, Throne Angel, Sumire September Love, Lips, Wosare Cat Show Biz, Hoshi Furi Machi Nite.

Since a lot of people are always asking for specific songs to listen to, I had an idea. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to link each band name on the first page, to the post of the person who suggested it? That way you could just scroll down and see the post for the suggested band, and what songs were recommended.

If anyone thinks that would be a good idea, I'd be more than happy to go through the thread and start linking tomorrow~

Since a lot of people are always asking for specific songs to listen to, I had an idea. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to link each band name on the first page, to the post of the person who suggested it? That way you could just scroll down and see the post for the suggested band, and what songs were recommended.

If anyone thinks that would be a good idea, I'd be more than happy to go through the thread and start linking tomorrow~
It is a good idea 3nodding

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