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You're welcome. And thank you for adding it.
Japanese Rock
Japanese Rock

Added! Thank you~
Japanese Rock

Added! Thank you~

You're welcome...Surprisingly not many people know about this band...But they're pretty awesome. mrgreen
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Artist/Group Name: The Candy Spooky Theater
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Gothic Horror Hard Rock
Summary of the band: Formed in 2003 by Jack Spooky and Peggy Giggles, the band is known for outlandish Halloween-inspired costumes and a horror theme to their songs.
[Vo.] Jack Spooky
[Ba.] Peggy Giggles
[Gu.] kal Bone Jr.

[Gu.]Kiddy Skeleton
[Gu.] Schtein
[Dr.]Cheney Jr.
Recommended Songs: Bordeaux After Midnight

Artist/Group Name: Kenichi Ito
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Guitar Rock (independent artist)
Summary of the band: Kenichi is a guitarist and a singer and produces other independent artists. He has worked with several other musicians, from the bands Iceman and Scarecrow with Michihiro Kuroda to having recently worked with Kotani Kinya on his latest album. His songs are both playful and shows a lot of love for his favorite guitar-heavy bands like the Rolling Stones and AC/DC.
Recommended Songs: Remember 666
Super Emotion Band

Artist/Group Name: 9GOATS BLACK OUT
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Alternate rock
Summary of the band: Known for a uniquly dark and gloomy sound, they have been active since 2007 with a short hiatus in the middle of 2010. They are considered to be part of the nagoya kei scene.
ryo (vocals) - formerly from the bands GULLET, Galruda and D’elsquel.
utA (guitar)
hati (bass)
Recommended Songs: In The Rain
Sleeping Beauty

Artist/Group Name: Matenrou Opera ( 摩天楼オペラ)
Country: Japan
Music Genre: Symphonic metal
Summary of the band: Formed in 2006 by Sono and Yuu from the band Jeniva, they started working on Matenrou Opera before Jeniva was officially disbanded. They have recently gone major as of May 6th but have confirmed that they are not changing their sound with getting picked up by a major label.
Vocal: 苑 (Sono) GRIDE → Jeniva → 摩天楼オペラ
Guitar: Anzi Sylphid → Masterpiece → 摩天楼オペラ
Bass: 燿 (Yo) Endless Vanity → S.D.I → シリウス (support) → GRAVE SEED → 摩天楼オペラ
Keyboard: 彩雨 (Ayame) outburn → Ry:dia (Soh) → 摩天楼オペラ
Drums:悠 (Yu) GRIDE → Marge Litch → Masterpiece, GRAVE SEED → Jeniva → 摩天楼オペラ

Past Members:
Guitar: 未伽 (Mika) Ancient Myth → 摩天楼オペラ→
Keyboard: 華蓮 (Karen) Masterpiece → 摩天楼オペラ→ Qualia

Recommended Songs: Murder Scope

Thank you for your contributions! They've all been added ^^
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Thank you for your contributions! They've all been added ^^

You're welcome!
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Artist/Group Name: Coralie Clément

Music Genre: French Pop

Summary: Coralie Clément (born in 1982 in Villefranche-sur-Saône, France) is a French singer. She was born into a family of musicians (her father was a clarinettist) and studied the violin from age six but later quit. Her brother, Benjamin Biolay, also a singer, has written for Henri Salvador and wrote and produced her own debut, as well as its follow-up. Among her claimed inspirations are Françoise Hardy, Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsbourg.

Recommended Songs: Beau Fixe, La mer opale, Salle Des Pas Perdus.

Added! Thank you~
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LAST ALLIANCE all the way fricken amazing check them out!!!!
After School
Genre: Pop; K-Pop
Summary: After School is a currently 8 member girl group from South Korea. They have a concept where Members Join and 'Graduate.' Currently, they only had one member graduate. They currently have one sub-group called 'Orange Caramel' and are preparing for their Leader's Solo debut. They have chosen their ninth member.
Park Ga Hee/Kahi (Real Name Park Ji Young) - Leader, Lead Vocals, Lead Rapper, Lead Dancer, Lyricist
Kim Jung-Ah - Main Vocal
Lee Jooyeon - Vocal
Kim Youjin/UEE - Vocal, Joined With "Diva"
Rebecca Kim/Bekah - Main Rapper
Oh Hye Rin/Raina - Main Vocal, Orange Caramel Member, Joined With "Because Of You"
Im Jin Ah/Nana - Vocal, Orange Caramel Member, Joined With "Because Of You"
Park Sooyoung/Lizzy - Vocal, Orange Caramel Leader, Current Maknae (Youngest), Joined With "Bang!"
Yoo So Young - Former Member, Vocal

Their Title Tracks Are:
Because Of You
Magic Girl (Orange Caramel)
A~ing!<3 (Orange Caramel)
Love Love Love (This Was Written By Raina) (Bekah Did Not Participate In This As She Is On Vacation In Hawaii Visiting Her Family)

Added! Thank you!
I'd like to suggest another one xD

Co-Ed School
Genre: Pop; K-Pop
Summary: Co-Ed is a 10 member Co-ed group under Core Contents Media. They debuted in September and are supposedly making a comeback in February 2011. They are rumored to be looking for a new female member.
Lee SooMi - Leader, Main Vocal, Former Member Of Seeya
Lee ChanMi - Lead Vocal, Former SM Entertainment Trainee
Ryu HyoYoung - Vocal, Twin Of T-ara's Ryu HwaYoung
Jin HyeWon - Lead Dancer, Vocal
Lee KwangHaeng - Vocal
Woo TaeWoon - Rapper
YooSung - Vocal
Kangho - Vocal
Noori - Vocal
Choi Sungmin - Maknae, Vocal, Rapper, Lead Dancer

Too Late
Bbiribbom Bbaeribbom

EDIT: Dec 27, 2010
NEW MEMBER: Eunkyo - Position Currently Unknown

Added~ Thank you again! ^^

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