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Hello! This little segment at the corner of the world is about Vocaloid and Utau.

Whether you're a long-time fan, just discovering the fandom, or a producer, you are welcome here!

A few rules to follow:
-Follow the Gaia TOS
-Be respectful of other's opinions
-Don't count on these posts to be 100% accurate.
-Keep it clean
-Have fun!

A brief overview of these two products

A vocal synthesizing program from Japan, originally developed by Yamaha. It is essentially a digital singing instrument. As of yet, there are three generations of the software and several developers who have recorded and released new characters/voice banks. It allows producers to add vocals to their song without a live human voice. The majority of Vocaloids on the market today have Japanese voice-banks that include an English user interface. There are also English-native, Spanish, Korean-native, and Chinese Vocaloids available.
Many people are familiar with Hatsune Miku, the first Vocaloid released on the Vocaloid 2 engine. Although she is the recognizable character, she is not the first Vocaloid. Leon and Lola, two English Vocaloids, were the first on the market. Generation one Vocaloids KAITO and MEIKO were the first male and female Japanese Vocaloids respectively.

Links for more information:
Vocaloid product overview From Wikipedia
List of available and upcoming Vocaloid software

A fan-made program that is very similar to Vocaloid. Unlike Vocaloid, Utau is freeware and allows its users to record and use their own voice-banks. As a result, there are some Utau characters who are bilingual or multilingual. Opensource licensed products, such as Macne Nana, are able to be imported into the program. However, licensed products like VOCALOID are not allowed to be imported.
The program was created by a Nico Nico user Ayame/Ameya as an April Fool's joke. He uploaded a video of an Utau and claimed it was a new Vocaloid. He released a link to download the program in March 2008.
The most well recognized character is Kasane Teto.

Link for some more information: UTAU overview from Wikipedia

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Can't believe no one's posted here yet. XD

Anyways, I like Kokoro the most, I think. I also like The World Is Mine, though. o:

*Megami wants to cosplay as Miku some time.*
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Huoli mie en hopeitasi
Kumarra en kalliita kultiasi

The mix of Kokoro and Kokoro x Kiseki is so beautiful.

The first time I heard Hatsune Miku was soon after she came out, on the amateur/indie site muzie (yay muzie!). Kinda freaked me out at first. What's depressing is now I can actually understand what the vocaloids are saying... >_>

Huolta tuovat hopeasi
Valhetta valat valkeat
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I have a favorite for each Vocaloid and Kasane Teto. ;D ~
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I like your avi Kasane Teto. It looks just like her. :3
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My topic isn't very popular...Poor little Gaians don't know about Vocaloids or Utaus. D:
I sound like Miku when I sing or mimick [sorry xD] her voice.
@ lov is wat i dont hav: Thank you. x3
I sound kinda like Rin, or Mikuo when I try to make a guy sound. > w <
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hatsune miku <3
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Yay~. More posts~.
Oh, maybe I should post all the versions of "Koi wa Sensou" (Love is War). Or have you all listened to everyone of them? XD
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No problem Teto~.
So does anyone here actually have either of the programs? My friend has Utau, but it's not working properly I think. D:
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-sigh- Still on the first page...I think...
I like the Kokoro songs by the twins. :0
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I have Vocaloid 2...it's so fun...though recently I haven't had any time to play with it.... I have Miku and Rin & Len....I really want Kaito and Meiko XD

soo...utau allows you to use your own voice? Hot damn, I'm so getting it....and this time I won't have to beg my friends to dish out over $180 to buy it for me as a gift muahahahaha!

(I just learned about UTAU and Kasane Teto a few minutes ago.....)

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