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Well, Hi guys! It's been awhile since I've visited this forum. (btw, what are those sacred keys for? I have like 8 and idk what to do with them)

On topic:

DBSK - the first KPOP group that I've stanned. Well, I still do. *.*
Not a clue what the keys are for sadly.

What was the first song you heard?
I always love finding out C:
Ahh, Yunho-Hyung. Lol, Yunnie is my bias. <3

First song I've heard is Love in the Ice, then Bolero. At the time, I thought they're a solely ballad group. Just imagine my shock (and glee) when I saw them perform Rising Sun.

Fourth song is Balloons. I won't lie - I laughed so hard when I saw that.
Ahhhhh love in the ice is a beautiful song!
Rising sun was the first song I heard <3
Love it!

Awwwww, don't hate on balloons that song always picks up my spirits.
Lol, I don't hate Balloons, I actually liked it and I agree, that song does lifts spirits. ^.^

They just surprised me, that's all. Imagine my shock when I hop from one video to another and see something entirely different.

Rising Sun is fierce and then the next video is an aegyo filled one. Total ********.
Ah, are you talking about the first DBSK song you ever heard? [/randomly decided to jump into the thread xD]

Mine was Tri-Angle. At first I hated it, so I thought they made a bunch of weird songs like it and didn't listen to them. Then it grew on me and I looked up others, like Rising Sun, O Jung Ban Hap, etc... I slowly started to like them. ^^
It was a bit of an odd song huh?
But once you start listening to it you get into it.
I like Tri-angle. I've always liked it. Tri-angle & Miduhyo are what made me fall for Jaejoong. Oh those high notes <3 so amazing. The lips are rather captivating too o.o <3333
And there's a Jaejoong too! lol.

Miduhyo is one of my favorite DBSK Korean songs... along with a bunch of their ballads from Mirotic and Rising Sun album.
Anyone else excited for still?
I hope it's going to be good.

Short version.
My top favorite song will always be Love in the ice, followed by a couple of others like Taxi, 9095/9096, Survivor, Kiss the baby sky, Zion, Mirotic.. And I could go on for hours but I just love all of them. They're captivating in each of their unique ways. emotion_yatta
Anyone else excited for still?
I hope it's going to be good.

Excited for that! HoMin looks good in the previews!

@Yuchun - interesting choices. My favorite would always be Bolero. <3 The song is just beautiful. Close second is Love in the Ice. ^.^
I haven't watched the short version yet.
From pure laziness mind you.
I'll have to watch it and get it up on the thread.

And Yunchunnie I agree with all those songs <3

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