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Bring it back to life and update it?

Yes 0.83116883116883 83.1% [ 64 ]
No 0.025974025974026 2.6% [ 2 ]
Eh, doesn't matter to me 0.14285714285714 14.3% [ 11 ]
Total Votes:[ 77 ]
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Don't read it~
Nooo it's so tempting
/ keyboard smash
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Take it easy killer XD
Just don't look : P
Easier said than done... D:
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Ugh, I really wish JYJ could catch a break. I'm really excited for another international album though. c:
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I feel your pain.
I really wish that they could just...be able to do what everyone else does.
It's not fair.
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I need a new drama with Jaejoong leading it...

Any one seen Heading to the Ground?

At least Yoochun is in a new drama. http://mydramalist.com/korean-drama/3380/the-rooftop-prince
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I'm sure he'll be in one soon C:
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Jaejoong is off to Turkey for a solo fan meet.
Who would have though turkey?
When will they come back to the states D:
I have to say, other countries are getting much more love from kpop then the United states. It's sad D:
I heard JYJ's next album will be called "The Middle".
I don't really know if this is true.
But yeah.
I wonder if there'll be a "The End".
That would be sad.
Would it be the end, then?
I honestly haven't heard anything but talk about them wanting to do another one.
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Happy birthday Jaejoong and Yunho!
Along with amazing news that everyone is doing great!
Has anyone heard the new single for TVXQ yet?
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Yes still.
Okay so much hasn't happened.
Other then Changmin's birthday.
Junsu is having fun with the musical.
Yoochun seems to be having fun working on the movie (not sure if it's the movie or just another session for the drama XD) for the drama he recently did ^_^ Go Chunnie!

And one last thing.
Has anyone else see Junsu's new twitter picture?
Oh....my oh~

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