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Please read through this guide. It contains the basic guidelines for posting in the International Music Forum on Gaia.

1] I love [country]'s music. In fact, I love it so much that I want to make a thread that dedicated to that entire country. Can I do it?

Yes and No. Since the International music forum is populated mostly by threads from Japan, Korea and China, threads dedicated to those countries will be removed from the forum. However, if you wish to create a thread for one of the less recognized regions in the world, please make sure to include information about the region so that your thread is informative for the users in the forum. If you contain a decent amount of information about the country's music, prominent genres of music and what they sound like and links to resources, the thread will sustain itself.

Threads dedicated to countries that contain no more information than "Does anyone like music from [country]?" will be put into the Chatterbox, regardless of region.

2] I love J-pop/J-rock. I want to make a thread dedicated to only J-pop/J-rock. Can I do it?

This forum is dedicated to mostly Japanese artists. Making a thread titled "J-pop" or "J-rock" would be redundant on the majority of threads in the forum. Please make sure to use the artist specific official threads listed in the topic directory sticky.

3] Boy, I sure love [genre]. I'd love to make a thread dedicated to this genre. Can I?

Generally, no. Genre specific threads generally have a lot of overlap with music that is released domestically in the USA. It's best for the forum to have threads geared to specific artists instead of genres. However, there are genres of music that are difficult to access in the US and genre threads for those types will be considered. These genre threads need to be very informative otherwise they will generate little discussion about the music style. If you would please include an outline of what the genre sounds like, prominent artists and a list of resource links in the thread, that would be wonderful.

Threads dedicated to genres that contain nothing more than "Does anyone like [genre]" will be placed in the chatterbox.

4] BUMPBUMPBUMP domokun domokun domokun

Bumping is not allowed for the music forums because it doesn't do anything to further the discussion of music. Please do not bump in this forum. If you see individuals who are excessively bumping a topic please PM a moderator for this forum to assist with the problem.

5] Who is your favorite J-rock/J-pop/K-pop/C-pop artist? I NEED TO KNOW!

Please use the Favorites sticky in the main music forum to post the names of your favorite artists.

"Who's your favorite?" and Versus threads garner only name-dropping and the occasional emoticon in responses. They generate spam and this is the main reason why such threads are not allowed in the international music forum. The sticky in the main music forum is filled with wonderful artists that people adore.

If you are creating this sort of thread to find out what music you should try out next, please look through the Suggestions sticky at the top of the page. It is positively filled with artists and detailed reviews of their careers so that you can easily find out if you would like them or not.

6] [Artist] is so sexy. I want to dedicate a thread to discussing how beautiful they are.

Threads like this are not for this forum. Even if the person being idolized is a musician, these threads are appropriate for the Celebrities Forum. The Celebrities forum would be more than happy to welcome your appreciation of these artists aesthetic qualities. wink

Please remember that the main focus for the music forums is on music, not appearances.

7] I want my own thread for [Artist]. Can I?

The answer to this is yes and no.

Please do not post your own threads for artists if there is an official listed in the topic directory. The official threads are designed to keep all discussion about an artist in one location. If an official thread has been designated, all discussion should take place there. This includes both positive and negative views on the artist. If multiple threads for artists were allowed, the discussion taking place about them would be fragmented. It's nice to know that when you visit the official threads all the fans will be there, ready to talk about their favorite artist's career.

However, if there is no official thread listed in the topic directory for the artist you wish to discuss, we ask that you look through the first few pages of the international music forum to see if there is a thread already established for the artist (but not yet listed in the directory).

If there isn't a thread for the artist you would like to discuss in those first few pages, please feel free to make a new thread. We ask that you include more information in these threads than just asking if people like them. What better way to spread out the love for the bands you enjoy than to make an informative thread including the artist/band's name, a basic history of their career, country of origin and a short discography. If you'd like, even include a list of your recommended songs and albums! That way, the first few pages of your thread will be a handy reference to newcomers.

8] AUGH, the world needs to know that I hate [Artist] with the fires of a thousand suns!

Please take all hate to the I JUST HATE THEM! Sticky in the Main Music forum. If you can articulate your hatred in a calm manner, please post your thoughts civilly in the artist's official thread.

This does not allow for flaming of threads. Anyone who flames a thread under the pretense of posting their negative opinion should be reported, folks.

9] These MORONS/n00bs keep making repeat threads. N00Bs, GTFO OF MY FORUM... scream

This sort of behavior is uncalled for. With a forum the size of Gaia, repeat threads are bound to happen, but flaming the people for making them is unnecessary.

What should you do if you find a repeat thread? Press the report button or PM it to an online moderator or helper for this forum. DO NOT post anything in the thread. It bumps the thread up on the page and keep the topic alive. I repeat, DO NOT post anything in a repeat thread even if it's a link to the official topic. Leave this to the moderators and helpers, please.

As an additional note: the moderators and helpers for international music are listed under the link called view forum moderators at the top of the forum.


In the Topic Directory sticky, there is a thread listed that is dedicated to helping you find out just what that song, band, genre is. The official please help me figure this out thread. If you would please post your request there, forum users will either PM or post the answer to your question in the thread. You won't even have to bump up your individual topic for exposure because that thread is listed in the directory sticky.

11] Suggest to me some good music, baby. wink

In the Topic Directory sticky, there are general help threads which the forum regulars frequent. One of these threads is the Suggestions sticky found at the top of the international music forum. This thread serves two purposes: 1) to hold all requests from individuals who are seeking new music; and 2) to hold all the posts of artists that are recommended by users.

12] This forum is only about Asian music. scream I'm mad about it and I'm going to let the world know...

Please focus your energy away from making threads like this into making threads that are informative about different regions of the world outside of Asia. That way, a new resource will be available for individuals who are just as weary as you are with the extreme focus on East Asian music. The people who do listen to music outside of Japan, Korea and China are more populous than you think, and they will be quite happy to talk to you about different regions if you were to make a thread about it.

Please refer to #1 of the FAQ for the guidelines for creating threads about regions of the world.
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The FAQ must be invisible, just like the topic directory.
Is this an unlocked sticky with 3 posts?

makes mark here



thanks for making the sticky
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Its a chore
1st page on a sticky. Amazing.
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sorry if this upsets you but i really want this shirt and its expensive so i'm putting up randon post to get gold sorry

I love the kind of attention this sticky is getting.
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Thanks for making the sticky i know nothing.~ ^^;

Now if only people would follow the rules. -__-"

Edit: First page after all this time! eek

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