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Who is your favorite GazettE member?

Ruki 0.15935828877005 15.9% [ 149 ]
Reita 0.17219251336898 17.2% [ 161 ]
Uruha 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 85 ]
Aoi 0.089839572192513 9.0% [ 84 ]
Kai 0.068449197860963 6.8% [ 64 ]
I love them all :] 0.4192513368984 41.9% [ 392 ]
Total Votes:[ 935 ]
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Witty Fatcat

Full Version! I love it. * O * <3
Asking me to pick one member I like the most is like asking me to pick what child I love the most (even though I don't have any kids)
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Cute Elder

Official Uploads of both new PVs.
I love Ibitsu's.

DIVISION is amazing, I've been treating my copy like a new born baby~.

But on a completely different note, does anyone know if there like better scans of the pictures of REITA that were in Rock and Read 036?
I'm looking everywhere and I can't find anything. D:
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Dedicated Lunatic

Well, after having a few days listening to the album, I think it's growing on me, I think I like it slightly more than TOXIC...
So, here is my small, quickly done review, and the songs are probably not in order.

Gabriel On the Gallows ; Its good, the chorus is catchy, it's not the most memorable though. 3/5
Derangement ; While the voice effect slightly irked me, I still think its a energetic song and remained memorable and something I'd want to hear live. 3.5/5
Dripping Insanity ; It reminded me of another Gazette song...but I still enjoyed it. 3/5
余韻 (Yoin) ; It did not really stand out to me, but its still decent, 2/5
歪 (Ibitsu) ; Another one that did not astound me, I might be my least favorite track. 1/5
影踏み (Kagefumi) ; An okay ballad, not really one of my favorites, but its still nice. 2.5/5
ヘドロ (Hedoro) ; I was not initially blown away by this one but it's nice and energetic, it might grow on me. 2.5/5
Attitude ; It reminded me of Headache Man, and even though I heard a lot did not like it because of voice effects, I actually really enjoyed it . 3/5
Required Malfunction ; This was another it seems a lot did not like, but I'm different, and I enjoyed it lots. I'd want to hear this live too. I like the energy and chorus had me hooked. 4/5
Overall ; 3.5/5

So, that's my thoughts, what did everyone else think?
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Dedicated Lunatic

Mh... I don't know, but the truth is: I don't like the new album...
I'm pretty sad about that... but I have the CD here but don't listen to it because I just don't want to...

I allready had my problems with Toxic...
but maybe I need a little longer to get used to the new songs...
At least I like 2 songs (GABRIEL ON THE GALLOWS & DRIPPING INSANITY) And I like the intros :'3

Don't worry, I know how you feel, I was a underwhelmed by it myself, but, I forced myself to keep listening, and I'm actually starting to like a few more songs.
Who knows, maybe you'll like more, or maybe not...
Funnily I had that feeling with TOXIC. When I first listened to it I thought "Oh no" and didn't touch that album again for a long time. Then, suddenly after 3 or 4 months I felt like listening to it again and came to love so many songs from that album :C

With DIVISION, I found a lot of songs that I like when I listened to it for the first time. I think it has a great variety of songs which I imagine to be awesome live and I'm already looking forward to hear/see live versions when they make a DVD 3nodding
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Popular Man-Lover

Hey guys, I've been wondering... Is there any particular reason that Gazette hasn't gone on a world tour? I mean, I can understand if they're worrying that the turn out won't be too great. I'm sure that if they played at like... Akon or another major anime convention there would be a large crowd.
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Pikachu Sex God

I can only say:
They have been in Europe years ago... but I think the service has been so bad and they also told that the food was the worst and and and...
Actually they always say they want to go on a world tour but I think the profit of a world tour is so low that it is not worth... U__U;

Yeaahh... It makes me more than sad!! I guess I'll just somehow have to go to Japan and see them. :')
However, it seems like they've become more popular since I first started listening to them long ago. Plus, I heard they're releasing DIVISION in more countries than their other CDs... Mayhaps there is hope. C:
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Popular Man-Lover

Pikachu Sex God

Yeah... I'd love to see them again and again live QQ It's breathtaking ><♡
Ah and I hope so too... And somehow I hope that Screw has been the "test-band" of PSCompany... They have been on Europe-Tour and I only heard positiv things... So I hope the other bands will go on tour too wink

Ooh I didn't know they were touring! I hope you're right about the Screw tour thingy.
Since I live in the US I'd really love it if they came here... but I get this feeling that the band has been really put off by the US. Wasn't there a time that Aoi had shut down his twitter due to rude/overwhelming posts about his poor English skills? I mean, dir en grey and, I think, 12012 have been in my city (by no means is my city big) and they had a really good turn out. However, they were playing with American bands. ;P Gazette has such diverse music I think they'd do well overseas. I just need to write a sassy letter to PScompany about all the good reasons they should tour overseas. (:
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See, I just can't see why people would actually be upset about that. It's like fans actually think they have a real chance with them, when they honestly don't [because the majority, not ALL, but the majority of fans I know of that think they have a chance, are rabid, evil little fangirls. Dear god, they are freaking scary] XD Them being married is a great thing, they've finally found that one person that makes them happy c: So many people are heartbroken about it, when they should be happy~

If they do what Miyavi did, s**t will go down. There will be some uber pissed rabid fangirls that will send them hate mail, threats, etc. I'm sure, with them being as big as they are, some will attempt to harm their wives. People are just that batshit crazy now -w-;

Hello everyone! I'm newbie; both to this forum and the GazettE,so be nice to me? whee

I accidently 'stumbled' upon them while researching for my school assignment. Funny how the topic 'Crime Against Women' can bring me to Junko Furuta, Taion and them~~ xd Because of that song, Filth in the Beauty and Burial Applicant, I started loving their great music.

You know what, this forum has made my day! I know this post is kinda old; I myself didn't know how exactly I end up here. But that's my fault because when I used Internet; I always lost into random pages. xp However, if this is true; which is some of the GazettE indeed are married, I'm soo happy! Yes, they're twice my age (Even Ruki is only 8 years YOUNGER than my mom. I can call him 'Uncle' without awkward feelings if only his fans won't kill me) but I always got this maternal(?) feelings over them...Something like "Why are my sons haven't got a girl and lead a happy life??!" kind of feelings. It's extremely stupid an foolish, I admit it but I can't help myself. The lyrics of their songs helped me in my writing A LOT and because of them I re-started drawing portraits again after 6 years of hiatus (and dared I say it, I'm progressing gradually!). So, I want them to be happy and have a family of their own. And also keep giving me great music. wink

I think my weird rants may have bored you out. I just want to thank you for making my day with this post. xd I'm sorry for my bad English and if any of this is offending to anyone. I don't mean any harm. heart

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