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Who is your favorite GazettE member?

Ruki 0.15935828877005 15.9% [ 149 ]
Reita 0.17219251336898 17.2% [ 161 ]
Uruha 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 85 ]
Aoi 0.089839572192513 9.0% [ 84 ]
Kai 0.068449197860963 6.8% [ 64 ]
I love them all :] 0.4192513368984 41.9% [ 392 ]
Total Votes:[ 935 ]
the GazettE was the first band I heard of J-rock and any asian music in fact. I had stumbled upon the band because of a site I was on, someone was using Reita's face and I thought he looked awesome so I looked up the band he was part of. Filth in the Beauty was the first ever song I heard by them and to this day it remains my ultimate favorite song, I think simply because of the nostalgia that comes with it. I haven't gotten a chance to listen to some of their newer stuff however, but I will always remain a fan of their's. biggrin
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Previews from Amazon are up.

Really looking forward to Gabrielle on the Gallows, and to a lesser extent, Attitude. Although, I can't make a good judgement until I hear the album in full since Amazon tends to pick the worst parts of the song as the preview.

Hah, I read Review instead of preview, so I only listened now.

So for now, I agree, Gabriel On the Gallows seems promising. For some reason Kago No Sanagi reminds me of another song... kinda reminiscent of Taion, but that might just be me. I really wanted to like Required Malfunction, but I'm skeptical.
But, you mentioned Amazon does not give songs justice.

So we keep waiting.
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Gazette tv documentary: "Where are the Gazette now?"

the other parts are uploaded on youtube
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Guren's got me into tears <3

Im getting Division~!
I can't wait for Division! I just love the gazettE so much! I love all the members, but my favorites would have to be a tie between Ruki and Aoi. Their both just too loveable.^^ I love how Ruki is so very artistic and can write the deepest and most meaningful and amazing lyrics ever. I love how he acts all cute but at the same time tries to act all badass too. lol. I love how he loves animals and has a dog. How he seems very sweet and a little shy and how he's addicting to shopping. He has such a beautiful face and He just has this really sweet and innocent thing going on. Then there's Aoi. Aoi is handsome and I love how he knows it, like how he's all confident and like "I'm such a handsome guy" and then the next minute he's like " I'm so lonely. ". and out of the members he seems always the one who wants the most attention. He's just like. "Love meee!" lol. I find him so much fun! Adorable and charming and so so funny. I just about dies reading his tweets from twitter. He is just so funny and blunt. Like out of all the members he is more likely to just blurt out what's on his mind and even sometimes go to far and then be like "opps...I wasn't supposed to say that was I.." so funny. and he seems like he gets a little Jealous when he doesn't get enough attention or something and that makes me just wanna hug him and never let go, because I just find him so damn adorable. XD
I remember when Aoi posted one time on twitter that they were staying at the hotel and how Kai had stolen his meal (bento) and how mad he was. lol. he kept saying about how as soon as he saw him, he was going to beat him up and I laughed so much that my stomach hurt. All I could picture was the happy go lucky, sweet smiling kai running through the hotel with a angry Aoi chasing after him. lol. wahhh I could talk about them all day.=3
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Heh, Its nice to see that they have such a fun sense of humor. I hope to see more smiles in their promotion videos rather than worn out faces, like how it used to be.
I too am pretty excited for Division, while the previews are 'iffy', I'm pretty hopeful that it will be great.
I don't know what to think of DIVISION eek
But I think it's probably because I don't have a strong opinion of the previews...
Some of them sound way too similar to other songs that they've already made. I don't know if that's a bad thing or not, I mean if you like a song they've previously made then would you end up liking a new song that sounds similar too?
What do you guys think?
I'm super excited about the package weight!!!
1.5 kg for a music album?! o-o;;
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woo im listening to them right now when i found this lol
is it a sign o .o
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Heh, Its nice to see that they have such a fun sense of humor. I hope to see more smiles in their promotion videos rather than worn out faces, like how it used to be.
I too am pretty excited for Division, while the previews are 'iffy', I'm pretty hopeful that it will be great.

yeah, I like it better when they smile alot too. Especially Kai, it seems weird when he doesn't smile. I like it when he's his happy go lucky silly self.^-^ Yeah I know I'll love DIVISION. I love everything they do. lol I'm such a fan-girl for them. D: I love reading Ruki and Aoi's tweets on twitter too. Ruki is sweet but doesn't post too much. Aoi is always posting and he is just so much fun!l lol. The things he says just always has me bursting out laughing. He is so freaken cute. XD
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I sense to not have posted here in awhile..
Either way, GazettE is still a sexy band. xd

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Reita wink because it is very strange!!!
OMG! emotion_kirakira
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Can't wait to get my copy emotion_kirakira
Division = awesome. Had no idea what to expect cuz i withheld myself from seeing the previews. Is Ruki (and/or the band members) into clubby, dubby, electronica kinda stuff?... cuz I likie. So much sing-screaming. eek ... or maybe i'm just kinda out of the GazettE loop cuz i playlisted songs of theirs that i personally like. lol. Ruki, why must you keep crazy auto-tuning your beautiful voice? Such a shame sometimes, but it works for the song's atmosphere. But duude~ I listened to it in my car (had to move 2 disc worth of songs into my music player... why GazettE, why 2 discs? gonk ...)... sure as heck kept me awake through traffic. xd

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