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Who is your favorite GazettE member?

Ruki 0.15935828877005 15.9% [ 149 ]
Reita 0.17219251336898 17.2% [ 161 ]
Uruha 0.090909090909091 9.1% [ 85 ]
Aoi 0.089839572192513 9.0% [ 84 ]
Kai 0.068449197860963 6.8% [ 64 ]
I love them all :] 0.4192513368984 41.9% [ 392 ]
Total Votes:[ 935 ]
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Look into Ruki's eyes. He's suspicous. Watch out Reita! xD
XDD Reita has that '....OH SHI-' kinda face going on, haha.

What an amazing picture.
I like it some much better in color than black and white.
The array of colors go beautifully together.

Aoi has beautifully caramel highlights in his hair.
And Kai's hair color is still interesting.
(I think its because I still like him with his usual black hair).

- - - - - -

Does anyone think Ruki's hair is damaged because of all the dyeing he does to it?
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xD Yeah I found that picture a lot better then the other color one.
Maybe O_O
RemmySan - I'm sure it is. While Asian hair is very soft and absorbs basic color [browns, blacks, and darker reds] easily without the use of harsher chemicals, the way they treat hair for those in visual bands... it's ridiculous. A lot of the time they have to use 2x the bleach to even get the hair to START absorbing the colors the way they want. So with all the times the boys have dyed their hair... It has to be destroyed at this point, haha.
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Yeah plus the fact that bleach is a lot worse for your hair then just dying it. So since it takes 2x the bleach its even more damaging >_< Which sucks.
it is ridiculous O_O

If you look at Kyo's(DeG) hair how fuffy it looks, its cause its so damaged.
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That picture... IS LOVE!

Uruha looks so dramatic. 8D

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Yet I find it so interesting they can dye their hair so many times and yet it won't look as fried and damaged as someone else who has dyed their hair only two times. rolleyes I guess that's magic hair for you
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I agree. I think my friend has magic hair. He's bleached it a few times and dyed it a lot O_O But it doesn't look fried
I don't know if their is a much better option that 'magic' hair.

It simply must be.

Ruki's hair has been every color under the sun.
It has to be magical.
Does anyone notice besides me that all of them (except reita and aoi) have red/brownish hair?? They're like the red head squad or something?XD

No no. You're not the only one who noticed.
I saw it too.
I question why their hair still looks normal even after all that dye.
But then again, if you probably saw it in person, it would probably look dead.
Either that, or they use natural hair dye that doesn't kill their hair as much, and then use like special shampoo/conditioner that helps heal it.

But it also could be that since it's a picture it doesn't look dead.
Like before, my hair was just DEAD from straightening etc., but when you look at pictures, it looks healthy.

idk either that or they wear wigs.
LMFAO jkjk.
but I'm sure they use extensions A LOT.
Of course they use extensions all the time XD If they didn't, their company wouldn't know what to do with them next, lol.

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