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Auspiciously does visit her SHINee thread. you can see that she posted numerous times around the beginning of the thread. maybe she is busy with something else that takes her time from the gaia forums.

i shall subscribe and post in this thread to make it grow~

must see fancam:
so much onewxtaemin love <3

            Meep. >________<;

            I was about to say that Vicky. xDD

            But yeah, possibly she's busy? Or computer problems? O:

            Gah. I should go on soompi to see if there's SHINee updates. >w<

            EDIT ;;
            User Image
            credits :: tagged+NAVER & lhmboy@soompi for posting it.
            Jonghyun and Keybum pre-debut picture. xDD
            Cute. :D

            And I read on soompi that SHINee will be performing Reply(Boom Track.) some time around this week. >3<
            They say new choreography for it. xDD

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Guess I should join this topic now. xD

I want to here more from SHINee, and I want their hair to be cut pronto! XD
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Rofl, JongHyun anf KeyBum look the same but different. xD

Thanks for sharing Ayame! ;D
Tears of Isolated Drkness
@Downfall- I know she claimed Key even though I
claimed him from the other thread. Tapioca
claimed Onew from the other thread but since this
is the official thread now, I guess you can claim
him now. JenJen is claiming Key but I'm still
gonna be the other woman xD

I'm subscribing to this thread too. Auspiciously
doesn't even come to her own SHINee thread
that she made. disappointing.


I still claim Onew no matter what you know D8 <333

It's not fair that I only found this thread today ; 3;
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Oooh~ an OFFICIAL thread for SHINee??? I'll subscribe to this one too I guess. XD

Gah~ I'm always too late for claiming... XD S'okay. Sharing is caring~
>w< I want to watch their performance of Replay boom track. I can't wait~!
KEY IS SO..... HOT. D=
I want an Onew pre-debut picture too. D:
Tears of Isolated Drkness
Does anyone remember when SHINee's star
king is gonna air?
i think it airs on the 19th

sooo do we post here now...? confused haha

also, dunno if this has been posted yet, but subbed version of the last episode of shinee hosting channel v without the music videos!

{SHINee Subs} 080627 Channel V (1/2)
{SHINee Subs} 080627 Channel V (2/2)
credits: shinee subs (love them so much!)

i love how in part two, minho says he's not interested in girls yet! haha poor noonas! and taemin prefers dongsaengs more than noonas? he's breaking noonas' hearts haha!!

additionally... vote for your favorite song to be performed at the sm fanmeeting! or is it the concert.. anyway it's between love shoudl go on and real! doesn't work on firefox though, so try internet explorer. i personally picked love should go on because i love the rap. HOHOHO...
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Wait, wait, wait, TaeMinnie's more interested in dongsaengs? *is celebrating*

*w* <3333 I LOVE YOU TOO.

Aww, Key's such a good person. Helps my TaeMinnie. :]

Thanks for sharing Panda! :]
Since South Korea is a day ahead of us......
Happy Birthday Taemin!!
I'm no longer a noona of him,
I'm 16 days older xD
Someone should do a pic spam for his bday.
I would but I don't collect pics.

080717 Mnet M Countdown - noona [BOOM REMIX] - Shinee
I hate the camera man, he kept zooming out =[[
to see the other parts of the performances
you'll have to watch the fancams.
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Happy Birthday MY LEE TAEMIN! <3

You are sooo gorgeous, you wonderful dancer you. ;D

I'll edit this for the card later. AKA I'm lazy.

Nice pic of Key and Jonghyun ^0^

Happy B-Day Taeminnie~!! (( I'm two years older than he is.. T.T ))
I haven't posted in this thread yet! O.o
Hello, everybody! Please call me Zusu.

Well, I always seem to pay attention to Jonghyun and Minho.
But since Jonghyun is happily taken, can I play with Minho?
He resembles my neighbor. =] I find that comforting. XD
Ah yehh.

Happy 15th B'daii To Maknae TaeMin :3


Now I don't feel so old :3

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