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New to Gaia and relatively new to K-Pop; only since January 2010.

I'm a bit surprised at the negative comments about K-pop. The world is full of serious stuff and for me K-Pop is a harmless escapism - it's light, fluffy, adorable, fun, cheerful, colorful, silly, goofy, sweet and sometimes it's even "omg wow that is such a good song I love it!" biggrin to each their own I suppose. I'm a fan. A happy one. smile

I think it has a little something for everyone no matter age or first language. It inspired me to want to learn Korean. I am learning but it's slow going, lol.

@OP it isn't odd at all that you hadn't heard of it until recently; I'm more amazed when someone knows all about it tbh. I'm the only one among my friends/family/peers who is into it. Well, my son is into it a bit because of me but our tastes differ save for two artists. We both like KARA and Son Dambi. He likes K-Pop songs that I don't care for and I like a lot of K-Pop that he just isn't interested in.

Maybe you'd hate it all, OP or maybe you'd find something that pleased you if you decided to explore it more.

Rookie groups are what have made me listen to more than just my favorites; maybe because they're new and so am I. biggrin
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User Image Depends what group you listen to.
Although I still like Korean - pop.
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It all depends on what you listen to.
You could have a variety of opinions on kpop because it's such a wide genre. There's so many different sounds that you could absolutely love some groups and artists and despise others.
Generally, you could get instantly hooked, it could take you a while to, or you could just dislike it for any reason.
Personally, I like listening to the really cute and bubbly groups, even though they can sometimes be corny beyond all belief. But it just makes me happy.
You can always try and judge it yourself, you know. Don't really take anyone's ideas to heart.
But if you do test it out, try listening to different groups because they all have a different taste.
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Avoid it like the plague. 99% of it is just generic bullshit.

Shut up -.-" still better then hearing all of your BULLSHIT!

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Yes, you would know all about bullshit, wouldn't you?

Everything you say is bullshit -__-
Over here hating on KPOP.
Just because you listened to it and got " Out " of it -.-
You're logic needs some upgrade . Over here acting like kpop is a bad thing to listen to.
Everyone's taste is DIFFERENT. Yet you're over here telling everyone not to listen to it.
If someone wants to try listening to it . LET THEM. it's not your choice.
Pssh, I'm done with this lecture and i wont respond back to you.

Because you seem to be stubborn,

Yo my n***a all she said was 99% was s**t. Which means she feels 1% is tolerable. Its not ALL s**t. Lets relax and listen to my n***a, Primary. If this dosent calm you down. Then there is no hope.

High five* Right! Over here hating and sh* though. They need to get OUTTA HERE, lol
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You have to be into the idols themselves usually to follow kpop groups.
Like watching their reality shows and interviews.
Plus, there are a lot of amazing dancers in kpop.
And singers.

You just have to sift through them.
I'm like that too. I'm usually sitting and listening to them talking about it and i just write in my diary for all I care. When they talk about it to me I politely say i don't know K-pop.
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Don't listen to that cute 'oppa-oppa & noona-noona' s**t .__.
Groups like Big Bang, Infinite, BAP, MIB, CNBLUE, BLOCK B, MBLAQ, 2NE1, After School....you need to listen to them!

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