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Best song from MONSTERS?

Human-clad monster 0.12658227848101 12.7% [ 10 ]
DEATH POINT 0.10126582278481 10.1% [ 8 ]
13 -Thirteen- 0.050632911392405 5.1% [ 4 ]
Love Is Dead 0.16455696202532 16.5% [ 13 ]
Devils' Parade 0.22784810126582 22.8% [ 18 ]
dope 0.025316455696203 2.5% [ 2 ]
Falling 0.050632911392405 5.1% [ 4 ]
Progress 0.037974683544304 3.8% [ 3 ]
Final Call 0.12658227848101 12.7% [ 10 ]
abyss 0.088607594936709 8.9% [ 7 ]
Total Votes:[ 79 ]
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Hello, and welcome to the new official D'espairsRay thread!

This new thread has been set up in the hopes that not only adding more information to give to those who are new to the band, but bring all of the D'espairsRay "manias" together as well. The other thread, which can be found here, lasted a long six years and kept going strong despite it's lack of information. Six years since the thread was created, however, D'espairsRay has underwent many changes from their visuals to the style of their music. It was time for the old thread to get a major update.

D'espairsRay officially formed on September 9th, 1999. They are an industrial metal band hailing from Japan, whose foundation is built on the premise of despair and hope. They describe their own music as “hard, electronic rock.” It incorporates and is influenced by several genres, however, including but not limited to industrial, metal, electronic, gothic rock, even pop. Currently signed to Sword Records, with well known bands like Vidoll and DuelJewel under its wing, the group has released several singles and EPs, as well as four full-length records; all while keeping a consistent lineup. D'espairsRay was also one of the first bands in the Visual Kei scene to reach out to their foreign fans.

D'espairsRay announced their immediate dissolution as of June 15th, 2011.

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► Please try to be literate. I can understand if your first language is not English, but Po$tZ lYk D1Z tend to be ignored.
► Zero Tolerance For: Trolling, flaming, and drama.
You can say why you dislike them, but please be respectful to all the others who enjoy this band's music!
→ Remember: There is a hate sticky in the main music forum. Use it wisely.
► Keep the quoting trees down to a minimum.

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The History of D'espairsRay

D’espairsRay (ディスパーズレイ, formerly typeset as DéspairsRay or +DéspairsRay+) was formed on September 9th, 1999 by HIZUMI (vocals, ex-Le’veil), Karyu (guitar, ex-Dieur Mind), ZERO (bass) and TSUKASA (drums, ex-Le’veil) made an immediate impression on the visual kei scene. They held their first live performance on the 24th at Takadanobaba AREA. On December 26th of the same year they distributed a free demo tape, [ao], limited to 60 copies.
2000 began with the release of two more demotapes, and during the rest of the year they gained popularity, eventually leading to the release of their first maxi-single in October, Kumo. With only 1000 copies pressed, the CD sold out in no-time.
In April 2001, they released their second maxi-single, Genwaku, along with a second press of their first maxi-single. Because Genwaku had sold out through web-ordering, a second press was released the same day as the first press release.
This was followed by the release of their first EP, Terrors, in July. Their popularity rose after the release of this album and they started to move out of the local scene.
Following the success of their previous releases, D'espairsRay wanted to give their fans an insider's look into their music, so they released their final demotape, Ura Mania Theatre, which was sold at several stores only. After this they released their second EP, Sexual Beast in June 2002, along with a second press of their first EP. Once again the CD had sold out, so another 2000 copies of their second EP were pressed in July.
At the end of 2002, they released another single, titled Ori no Naka de Miru Yume, which came in two editions: A regular edition and a special edition with a bonus track by their alter-ego band "Animalmania," which was only available through web-ordering.
"Animalmania" started as some sort of joke, but due to its undeveloped conception didn't last for long. The four musicians couldn't agree about who would play which instrument and who would sing. In some encores the four entered the stage dressed up in animal costumes and performed one or two songs. From time to time they changed roles as well, but they mostly stayed with their normal positions. They all kept the same names, however they attached an “animal” to it (for example: HIZUMI-animal).
Around the turn of the year 2003, the group thought seriously about possible disbandment. There was a disagreement about their future musical style and whether the fans would like it or not - tough times, as Karyu described it. But they worked things out with each other and set their new guidelines for the future. And so for +DéspairsRay+, the year 2003 was a very emotional one - full of upheavals and decisions. In January 2003, they gave out a "secret CD" titled Itanji, with an unnamed song, to the people who attended to one of their lives. The song would later be renamed Maverick, which was also their next maxi-single, released in February. The CD was reissued in March because of high sales. At the end of 2003, yet another single was released, called Garnet. From this point, they shifted from Gothic themed music to nu-metal.
In April 2004, the band released their third EP, Born. It featured a DVD with the video for the song Garnet. In July, a second press of the album was released, but without the DVD.
Two months later, they released another maxi-single, called Gemini. A limited edition of the CD came with a DVD with the video for the song Born.
In 2004 they also played outside of Japan for the first time, in Berlin and Paris. All of this made them known throughout Japan and gained them some international fans. Footage for their first live DVD was also shot at the end of 2004.
2005 began with the release of their first live DVD, Murder Day Live. A video for the song Reddish -diva version- was included as a bonus.
Soon after, they released their first full-length album: Coll:set. This was the breakthrough they had been working for all along. It contained two previously released songs, Fuyuu Shita Risou and Garnet, which were not on the initial limited edition of the album. Their maxi-single Garnet was reissued for promotion of their album later that year.
In 2006, they went international with the European release of Coll:set in January. 2006 also marked the start of their international career, as they began touring in Europe and the United States afterwards.
A documentary-DVD was released in March, with the title The World Outside the Cage (as a reference to their song "The World in a Cage" ), with footage from their last tour. Soon after that, they released another single, Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana, which came in an A and B types. Kogoeru Yoru Ni Saita Hana saw a distinct visual and musical change to what once encompassed sinister, frenetic despair (lyrical content scoping vampirism, anthropophagy, sadism and masochism, depression, delusion, frustration and religious connotation). Their costumes were no longer comprised of leather suspenders, black belts or horroresque cosmetics; the band was clad in all white, and the single’s title track surprised fans with its melancholy yet uplifting melody. At the end of 2006, they released their second live DVD: Liquidize, which would also be released in Europe in 2007.
2007 began with the release of their latest maxi-single, Squall, in March. One month later, they released their second full-length album, Mirror, which was also released in Europe in June.
2007 ended with the release of yet another live DVD, Spiral Staircase #15, with footage from their latest tour. The DVD was also released in Europe in January 2008.
Already in the spring of 2008 D'espairsRay were running recordings for a single, but they were interrupted several times for some performances. First they participated at the stylish wave ILLUSION’08 event at the end of January. They also interrupted their recording for their own lives on the15th and 21st of February, which can be seen as a foretaste for the approaching big event in the USA: their participation in the ROCKSTAR taste of CHAOS 2008 tour.
Alongside MUCC and the Underneath they traveled from the 29th of February to the 15th of April. It was their first real tour through the US. In the middle of March their American fans were finally able to buy the latest album and live DVD. After a long search they finally had found a label to release their works within the US: J-SHOCK RECORDS. In spite of their success in the US, the musicians remained down to earth - strenuous weeks laid behind them, even though there was a party somewhere every night and they were able to form friendships with their Japanese and American colleagues performing in the tour. Back in Japan the last recording took place and were followed immediately by preparations for another big event and a new short tour. For their performance on May 4th at the hide Memorial Summit they wore nice, white casual suits and presented to the masses their new song BRILLIANT, which was released as a single two weeks later. Confirmed by two positive feedbacks on two events they set up a new tour, titled ROCKST☆R taste of Chocolate, from May 17th, which ended with a double final on the 31st of May and 1st of June in Akasaka BLITZ, but only consisted of four dates in total. Karyu wanted to have the “Rockstar taste of Ch*” in a tour title and so they came up with “Chocolate” in the end.
A new single titled Kamikaze was released August 6th, followed by their "88-99" anniversary tour in Japan. (The numbers indicate the beginning and ending dates of the tour; and the numbers 8 and 9, representing 2008 and 2009, forge links between both years), which ended on September 9th in SHIBUYA-AX. That day they celebrated their 9th anniversary as well, and the gathered manias were able to see a musical, History Medley (with songs from all periods of the band), and in the second encore something really special: A role change, not unlike those from ANIMAL MANIA times. So vocalist HIZUMI plucked the bass, ZERO could finally play on the guitar, Karyu sat behind the drum set and TSUKASA showed off his vocal talent. Hours of preparations passed, in which old rusty skills had to be refreshed. Only TSUKASA was able to lay back in their two weeks of studies.
The band announced a winter tour and a new release titled " HORIZON", which was released December 3rd. During the same month, D'espairsRay also announced a new album titled REDEEMER, through Delicious Deli Records, a label under Universal Music Japan. The first reported release date was March 4th 2009, however the date was pushed back one week, and was released March 11th. The band embarked on a Japanese nationwide tour in promotion of the album (REDEEMER) named "Psychedelic Parade", and then during July its European brother, "Psychedelic Parade in Europe" began, a tour which included often multiple stops in seven different countries. They were set to release their first Best Of compilation album, Immortal, and a live DVD of their Shibuya C.C. Lemon Hall performance, on the 16th of December, but the release date was pushed back to the 29th of December. Immortal was then released in the United States on April 20, 2010 through Maru Music. During January 2010, the band began recording for a new single. At an instore event during this month, Karyu and ZERO briefly and ambiguously told fans that the single would be "dance style". The new single is titled "Love Is Dead" and was released on 2010.04.14. The band's fourth full-length album entitled "MONSTERS" was released in Japan on July 28, 2010.
D'espairsRay toured Japan, US, and eleven cities across seven European countries as part of their World Tour 2010.
On September 20, 2010 D'espairsRay announced on their Facebook page that they will be deciding to take an indefinite hiatus following the conclusion of the 'D'espairsRay World Tour 2010 "Human-clad Monsters."' This is due to Hizumi having a rare throat condition which he has suffered with for some time. Although he has undergone treatment for his throat in the past he has not been able to find a permanent fix. The band has thanked all of their fans worldwide for their support.

As of June 15th, 2011 D'espairsRay announced their immediate dissolution due to HIZUMI's health having no recovery in sight. The band has assured the fans that it was not musical differences or discord, but something beyond their control.

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User ImagexxxxxHIZUMI

xxxPart: Vocals, Composer, Main Lyricist
xxxBirthdate: March 2nd, 1976
xxxReal name: Yoshida Hiroshi
xxxHometown: Touhoku region
xxxFamily: Parents, older brother
xxxBlood Type: B
xxxPrevious Bands: Le'veil
xxxFavoured Colours: Red, Black, Green
xxxHeight: 169.6cm/5'5ft.
xxxWeight: 50kg/110lbs
xxxSmokes: Doesn't smoke
xxxHobbies: Graphic design, avid gamer
xxxPets: Has several pet piranhas
xxxInfluences: No one but himself
xxxPerfume: Samurai woman
xxxBackround information:
His musical interest was awakened pretty late. He was more interested in technique than art, though he enjoyed music lessons at school and also wanted to travel abroad. He originally started on bass, by the influence of Iron Maiden's bassist. A friend heard him sing karaoke one night and asked him would he like to sing instead of play bass in his band. HIZUMI is also the art director and designer, but these activities became reduced since Garnet, so he could focus on writing lyrics. Now and then he insists on designing; he designed the crest for the [LIQUIDIZE] -Yuugousuru Taion- tour. HIZUMI seemed to be a pretty balanced character, but in inwardly he was more withdrawn and often had doubts about himself. However, he integrated himself quickly into the group and has since then let himself get carried away by silliness; he is the first to laugh at the jokes of his band mates. His time within the group cured him of his insecurities, and today he walks freely through his life. In his free-time, he loves to play video games, do web design and to take care of his exotic animals - he keeps piranhas - but apart from this, he also enjoys driving through the country in his black Suzuki. He is the only nonsmoker in the band.

User Image

Part: Guitar, Main Composer, Lyricist, Backup Vocalsxxx
Birthdate: December 7th, 1978xxx
Real name: Yoshitaka Matsumuraxxx
Hometown: Yamaguchixxx
Family: Parents, younger brotherxxx
Blood Type: Oxxx
Previous Bands: Dieur Mind (Under the name of Yoshitaka)xxx
Favoured Colours: Black, Whitexxx
Height: 185 cm/6ft xxx
Weight: 56kg/123lbsxxx
Smokes: Seven Starsxxx
Hobbies: Video games, xxx
Pets: A cat (Named Ryutarou)xxx
Influences: Nine Inch Nails, KoRnxxx
Perfume: Lolita Lempikaxxx

Backround Information:
Karyu was the previous band leader, however he has relinquished his power and gave leadership to TSUKASA.
Middle school was Karyu's first contact with music. He learned to play guitar - not an acoustic one, but a real electric guitar that his father gave to him. His father had played in a band and taught his son how to play. As he got older, he started to spend more time with his friends on the road than at home. After watching the movie "Interview with a Vampire" (1994), Karyu felt attracted in a weird way to vampires. He was promptly appointed as one, and considered himself as "Vampire KARYU." One year after the release of MaVERiCK, the tall guitarist changed his name: from KARYU to Karyu, and he applied it because of a change in his own perception. In spring 2005, he discovered a white electric guitar in a guitar shop: he was undecided whether to buy it or not - the colour was a bit unusual at that time. Accompanying him was Acey (vocalist of TRASH LIGHT VISION) who encouraged the guitarist to purchase it by telling him: "This is a horny lighting effect," and since then Karyu leads his songs with this instrument. In 2008, he added a second guitar with a black tribal tattoo that he designed himself. He is rumored to have a tattoo on his right hand, on his finger.

User ImagexxxxxZERO

xxxPart: Bass, Backup Vocals
xxxBirthdate: July 31st, 1980
xxxReal name: Shimizu Michio
xxxHometown: Saitama
xxxFamily: Parents, younger brother and sister
xxxBlood Type: O
xxxPrevious Bands: Previous band not listed
xxxFavoured Colours: Purple, Black
xxxHeight: 170cm/5'6
xxxWeight: -----
xxxSmokes: Lark Mild
xxxHobbies: Photography
xxxPets: Has none, would like a cat
xxxInfluences: Mana
xxxPerfume: Bvlgari Blv Pour Homme
xxxBackround Information: At the age of two, he was hit by a truck. He overcame all odds (from major internal injuries to broken ribs, and doctors saying he had a slim chance of living,) and recovered. ZERO was a trouble child full of imagination. His parents often found themselves having to apologize for his behavior in the neighborhood. However, he was enthusiastic about music even in these early years, often singing happily. ZERO originally started on guitar, fueled by the music of X and BUCK-TICK, and played guitar for several years with a cover band. After that band dissolved, he sought out a new band. Another band said they had an opening, but they were looking for a bassist. ZERO dropped the guitar and started playing the bass, teaching himself how to play as he went along. Since he taught himself how to play the bass, he picked the name ZERO, because he had to start from the beginning. In the band, he’s the one who provides moral support and is also the official for fan relations. In May of 2003, he got rid of the kanji 零 (Rei) before his nickname and remained only ZERO. Over the years, he switched from a four stringed bass to a five stringed bass. He is quite proud of this achievement, since he underwent a variety of difficult exercises in order to do this. In his free time, he enjoys photography.

User Image

Part: Drums, Composerxxx
Birthdate: March 6th, 1978xxx
Real name: Kenji Ohda (or Ohta)xxx
Hometown: Yamagataxxx
Family: Parents, older brotherxxx
Blood Type: Bxxx
Previous Bands: Le'veilxxx
Favoured Colours: Black, Reddish-Brownxxx
Height: 171cm/5'7xxx
Weight: 49kg/108lbsxxx
Hobbies: Drawing, making movies xxx
Pets: Two catsxxx
Influences: Pantera, Metallicaxxx
Perfume: Annasui eau de toliettexxx

Backround Information:
TSUKASA is currently the band leader of D'espairsRay.
Early on, little TSUKASA started to dream of a career as musician. He was pretty taken with enka - his father was a huge fan too, and so he wanted to become a singer of folk songs. However, in middle school he was introduced to drums through the TV. He dreamed of joining the school Brass Band, wanting to play percussion. However, he was handed a tenor saxophone. In his first year of senior high, he sat behind the drums for the first time. While he was learning the drums, his friend, who was metal obsessed, taught him about bands like METALLICA. When band often argued and thought about breaking up, but during a really hard time when the band was struggling, TSUKASA took up the role of entertainer and mood-maker - and with his special sense of humor, he delighted his band colleagues over and over again. In 2009, TSUKASA was selected by Gackt to play the drums in his PV for Setsugekka-The end of silence-, along side of several well known members of the music scene: Ni~ya of Nightmare and Shun of DuelJewel. He enjoys making videos in his spare time. He loves to draw as well, as long as he finds the necessary time for it. He gets inspired by his surrounding and the tours, and his experiences are helping him as well in describing his emotions and thoughts in music. Additionally, he is driven by a strong curiosity about extreme sports.

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To avoid any confusion about dates, the order is Day, Month, and then Year

Demotapes, Omnibuses, Singles, EPs, Albums, And Best Ofs

antique (Best of, 13.4.11)
01.モノクロになった最期の日 02.「タトエバ」キミ...ガ...シンダ...ラ 03.不埒な吐息と甘い嘘 04.Marry of the blood 05.朧ノ月 06.Subliminal 07.quarter void 08.MAZE 09.PIG 10.DESERT 11.SCREEN 12.Bullet 13.闇に降る奇跡-Classical White Ver.- 14.GOING ON!15.ARK IN THE STORM 16.WEDICIИE 17.CROSSED ARROWS
*LTD includes a DVD of all of D'espairsRay's PVs up until this date.

Monsters (Album, 27.7.2010)
1. Human-clad monster 2. DEATH POINT 3. 13-Thirteen- 4. Love Is Dead 5. DEVILS' PARADE 6. dope 7. Falling 8. Progress 9. Final Call 10. abyss
*LTD edition came with the PV and making of DEATH POINT.

Love Is Dead (Single, 14.4.10)
*LTD edition came with the PV for Love Is Dead, but did not come with the third track.

Immortal (Best of, 29.12.09)
1. 檻の中で見る夢 (Ori no naka de miru yume) 2. MaVERiCK 3. Garnet 4. BORN 5. 闇に降る奇跡 (Yami ni furu kiseki) 6. 「浮遊した理想」 (「Fuyuu shita risou」) 7. "Forbidden" 8. アベルとカイン (Abel to cain) 9. 凍える夜に咲いた花 (Kogoeru yoru ni saita hana) 10. Closer to ideal 11. Squall 12. MIЯROR 13. Cocoon 14. Scissors 15. HORIZON

Final Call (Single, 9.9.09)
Tenth Anniversary Single!
1. Final Call 2. Going On! 3. Ark in the storm
*LTD edition came with the PV for Final Call, but did not come with the third track.

Redeemer (Album, 11.3.09)
1. Lizard 2. Brilliant 3. Redeemer 4. 琥珀 (Kohaku) 5. Kamikaze 6. Lost in Re:birth 7. R.E.M -冬の幻聴- (R.E.M -Fuyu no Genchou-) 8. Horizon 9. Masquerade 10. 夜空 (Yozora) 11. Paradox 5 12. Heaven's Color
*LDT came with the PV and making of for the song Redeemer.

Horizon (Single, 3.12.08 )
1. Horizon 2. Bullet 3. 闇に降る奇跡 -Classical White Ver.- (Yami ni furu kiseki -Classical White Ver.-)
*LTD came with the PV and making of the song Horizon, but did not come with the third track.

Kamikaze (Single, 6.8.08 )
1. KAMIKAZE 2. Scissors 3. BRILLIANT-Live 30 Dec.07-
*LTD came with the PV and making of Kamikaze, but did not come with the third track.

Brilliant (Single, 14.5.08 )
1. BRILLIANT 2. Cocoon
*LTD came with a postcard along with a poster.

Mirror (Album, 11.4.07)
1. DAMNED 2. Trickstər 3. MIRROR 4. SIXty∞NINe 5. 凍える夜に咲いた花 (Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana) 6. Screen 7. Lost Scene 8. Hollow 9. Closer to Ideal 10. Angeldust 11. Squall 12. Kaleidoscope
*LTD first press came with a member picture card and the PV for Trickstər.
The European edition came with a 13th track, Desert, a B-side from the Squall single, and the PVs for both Trickstər and Squall.

Squall (Single, 14.3.07)
1. Squall 2. Desert 3. Screen
*LTD version of Squall came with the PV for the song Squall, but did not include the third track.

凍える夜に咲いた花 (Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana) (Single, 5.4.07)
1. 凍える夜に咲いた花 (Kogoeru Yoru ni Saita Hana) 2. MAZE 3. PIG
*Single came out in two types: An A-side and a B-side.

Coll:set (Album, 29.6.05)
1. Infection 2. Dears 3. in vain 4. Grudge 5. 月の記憶 -fallen- (Tsuki no Kioku -Fallen-) 6. Garnet 7. アベルとカイン (Abel to Cain) 8. 「浮遊した理想」 (「Fuyuu shita risou」) 9. "Forbidden" 10. 灰と雨 (Hai to ame) 11. Tainted World 12. [The World In a Cage] 13. Marry Of The Blood~bloody Minded Mix~ 14. Born~white Stream Mix~

Gemini (Single, 1.10.04)
1. 「浮遊した理想」 (「Fuyuu shita risou」) 2. Reddish -Diva Version-
*LTD edition came with the PV for BORN.

BORN (EP, 25.4.04)
1. BORN 2. Marry of the Blood 3. Murder Freaks 4. 闇に降る奇跡 (Yami ni Furu Kiseki) 5. Quarter Void 83. @シークレット・トラック@ (Secret Track)
*LTD came with the PV for Garnet. Track 83 is a hidden track. It features an acoustic version of the chorus to 闇に降る奇跡 (Yami ni Furu Kiseki).

Gärnet (Single, 11.12.03)
1. Gärnet 2. 朧ノ月 (Oboro no Tsuki) 3. Subliminal
*Was re-released when Coll:set was released for promotional purposes.

MaVERiCK (Single, 12.2.03)
1. MaVERiCK 2. 葬~bloodymarry~ (Sou~bloodymarry~) 3. Marry of the Blood 4. 闇に降る奇跡 (Yami ni Furu Kiseki)
This is the last release by D'espairsRay on which their name is stylized as +DéspairsRay+.

Itanji (Live only single, 20.1.03)
1. Unknown track
*This song would be later renamed as "MaVERiCK."

Shock Edge 2002 (Omnibus, 21.10.02)
Disk One: 7. Murder Freaks

SHOCK JAM CD Edition 01 (Omnibus, 21.9.02)
1. ファシズム (Fascism)(Shock Jam Edition) 2. 「タトエバ」 キミ…ガ…シンダ…ラ (「Tatoeba」 Kimi…ga…Shinda…Ra )(Shock Jam Edition)

檻の中で見る夢 (Ori no naka de miru yume) (Single, 8.9.02)
1.檻の中で見る夢 (Ori no naka de miru yume) 2. ANIMAL MANIA
*ANIMAL MANIA is a song done by their alter ego band, only distributed through web order.

Sexual Beast (EP, 5.5.02)
1. Gothic 2. 「タトエバ」 キミ…ガ…シンダ…ラ (「Tatoeba」 Kimi…ga…Shinda…Ra ) 3. 眩覚 (Genkaku) 4. ヴァレンタイン/0214 (Valentine)

裏マニアシアター (ura MANIA THEATER) (Demo, 21.1.02)
1. 0214 2. モノクロになった最後の日('MONOKURO' ni natta saigo no hi)

Sixth TERRORS (Demo, 29.8.01)
1. モノクロになった最後の日('MONOKURO' ni natta saigo no hi)

TERRORS (EP, 21.7.01)
1. ファシズム (Fascism) 2. Carnival 3. ero:de 4. 絶望ロマンス (Zetsubou Romance) 5. murder freaks

眩惑 (Genwaku) (Single, 1.4.01)
1. 眩惑 (Genwaku) 2. 眩蝶 (Genchou) 3. 眩覚 (Genkaku)

蜘蛛 (Kumo) (Single, 21.10.00)
1. 寄生 -パラサイト- (Kisei -Parasite-) 2. 妄想癖ナEgoist (Mousou Heki na Egoist) 3. 密室ノ中...「イカレタキミ」ノ旋律 (Misshitsu no Naka...「Ikarete Kimi」 no Senritsu)

Hysteric Media Zone (Omnibus, 21.12.00)
1. 「S」yste「M」 2. Loop ~Divide Neo Abomination~

RAZOR (Demo, 26.9.00)

さくら (Sakura) (Demo, 29.1.00)
1. さくら (Sakura)

「S」yste「M」 (6.1.00)
1. 「S」yste「M」

[蒼] [ao] (Demo, 26.12.99)
1. [蒼] ([ao])

Live DVDs
“Human-clad Monsters” FINAL (13.4.2011)
10th Anniversary Live Closer to ideal -Brandnew scene- (29.12.2009)
Spiral Staircase #15 (18.3.08 )
The World Outside the Cage (2006)
Murder Day Live (2005)
Ura Video (2002)

If I am missing any CDs, DVDs, or if you spot any mistakes I may have made while compiling this list, please alert me right away! I know I am missing some dates, if you could PM them to me, I'd be very grateful.

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Current PV:

Older PVs:
Love is Dead
Final Call
Reddish -DIVA Version-

Setsugekka-The End Of Silence-
*Posted because of TSUKASA's guest appearance in this PV.

If a video link goes down, please bring it to my attention immediately!

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What's New?






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So, Where are They Now?

HIZUMI → Currently in his own solo project called umbrella. Focuses on his work as an artist/designer and will later feature some of his solo music. http://www.umbrella-h.com/

Karyu → Is currently in the band Angelo.
Angelo released a new album entitled "BABEL" on October 25th.

ZERO & TSUKASA → Have formed a new band called the THE MICRO HEAD 4N'S along with Ricky (DASEIN) and Kayuza and Shun (ex. Lastlip, ex. Fanatic◇Crisis). They will make their debut on December 1st.

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Official Website
Official Facebook Page
Official Myspace Page
Official Twitter
ZERO's Twitter
*new!* HIZUMI's Twitter

D'espairsRay (insert member's name)
c/o Sword Records
Hashimoto Building 2F
Minami Aoyama 1-10-3, Minato-ku
Tokyo-to 107-0062

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Sources: JaME, OHP, and some personal knowledge

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√Welcome √History √Members √Discography √Videolog √What's New? √Tour Dates → Links Out
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