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I know we have our ultimate biases and such, but I've met many people whose biases aren't exactly their ideal type blaugh Share what you look for in a real life guy/girl(meaning you have chances of dating :3) How does that help you pick out your ultimate kpop group biases? Or is it completely different? yum_puddi

What I look for in a real life guy:
Hard-working/Passionate in what he does
Respectful (especially to elders, his parents, and my parents!=_=)
Taller than me (LOL no problems there! xD!)
Catholic (a must!) o.o
Good listener
Can clean!!
Father-like vibes (ie good with children, animals, etc. I find this so attractive orz)
Sort of similar to me? (idk how to explain this razz )
Dork/Shy/Only opens up to those he's close with (I don't really like social butterflies since I'm socially awkward..erm..yeah o_o)
I want someone who's not too attractive...I don't want other girls going after him! D:

For my Kpop guy:
I tend to like those that almost fit my ideals listed above~ Like my ultimate bias Myungsoo <3 (except for the attractive part) For me singing is a huge PLUS PLUS!! O__O I'm attracted to guys who can sing, compose their own music, play piano/guitar, and can hit those really REALLY high notes!<3 Dongwoo is close too! He's more outgoing and he's such an angel ;__; I can't even..OTL I find him almost perfect as a boyfriend! OTL
It always changes lol I can't pick one...
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Isn't it kind of hard when the guy is shy and your socially awkward too? I know you said those he's close with but still... And do you mean same interests or similar personality-wise?

Well my ultimate is Yoo Changhyun (Ricky) and his smile is just.... omigosh. And then there's his laugh, his personality, his charisma, and his dancing skills. It' the same thing with Dongwoo (and his lips), who was trying to take the position of ultimate but my heart wouldn't let that happen. Another bias is Sungyeol and Sungyeol is just plain dorky. I love him and his weird dances. Then there's Seungho with his even though he's old he still kids around. He also licks his lips way too much for me too handle. And lastly U-KISS, I love all of them. They're all so weird and dorky. Overall, all of TEEN TOP, Infinite. U-KISS, & MBLAQ are my fav. groups with dorky people whom I love.
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Right now, my ultimate bias is Zelo from B.A.P heart
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My ultimate ideal KPOP idol includes...

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.


User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

P.S. throwing in LEDAPPLE'S HANBYUL'S ACCENT & NU'EST's ARON's DARK EYEBROWS would be lethal perfection! heart
Lee Joon: Sexy & Cute
Yu Barom: Talented and Funny
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I don't know how people can choose an ideal person in kpop celebrities. I feel like there must be a separation between stage and actual identity. Because of this, my biases don't actually match up with the things I would look for in someone in real life.

On pure looks and charisma alone (based on music videos), I'd pick Yunho from TVXQ.
My ideal type is a mix of Infinite's Woohyun, Sungyeol and Dongwoo. Someone who can cook, who is childish and has a funny laugh.
I look for guy who a goffy but and lost but I know will be there when you need them so my would be gikwang and BYG he just plain weird and his personality makes me like him more
Is it strange that I love Koreans with small eyes razz ? Well besides that I like men who work hard, is funny, has an adorable smile, preferably curly hair, taller than me (haha I have height issues - though 172cm is probably not that tall to you peeps?), and he's not afraid to put his real self out there despite possible backlash from people. Thus my ideal guys would be Lee Junho of 2PM and Lee Jinki (Onew) of SHINee smile
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I like men who are...






Funny/sense of humor(if he has no sense of humor he wont belong in my home XD)


Father-like(like you said)

Tall(like 5'10-6 feet? I'm like 5'7 xD)

Good-looking(doesn't need to be like a model, but our children should have good genes. LOL alsjfnseajnd)

Clean(PLEASE I'm like a clean freak)


I like Asians but I don't mind other races too<3

Common interests

Isn't too religious, but respectful to other religions

Sticks up for their friends

Someone who isn't awkward or too shy, but doesn't talk to strangers as if their a therapist(like complain and whine about their lives to complete strangers). *-*

K-POP Bias;

I'd say Kim Heechul from Super Junior, he's just so crazy, just like me.
I really like Choi Minho(his height and his eyes omg kill me now<3) from SHINee too, but my ultimate bias will forever be Heechul. Heechul is a pretty good singer too(srsly), and he can't dance just like me. LOL saslkffajdfn. Heechul is a bit old, but who cares XDD
Chunji = Perfection (imo)
he's too adorable
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Never spent the time to actually think about my ideal type and I usually roll my eyes when idols proclaim other idols are their ideal type. It's like they are crafting their ideal type on the image produced by labels or companies...course idols are so vague in their ideal types to appease their fangirls.
Anyway, I suppose I like them snarky and a little bit mean like Kyuhyun and Changmin.
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I look for guy who a goffy but and lost but I know will be there when you need them so my would be gikwang and BYG he just plain weird and his personality makes me like him more

LOL I LOVE YOUR SIG emotion_bigheart
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I like guys with a sense of fashion (^^; wink And are funny, and straight-forward, but when embarrassed are shy. They must be honest and be kinda fun, but when on stage, there has to be a charisma explosion and lots of hard work and effort. He has to be taller than me, but I'm short xD I'd like it if they can dance, sing well, and maybe play an instrument.

Lee Joon (MBLAQ) or *Key*/Jonghyun/*Taemin* (All from SHINee. But I'd like Key or Taemin the most)

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