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I havent been on Gaia in soooo long,
and i wanted to visit the forums and realised there werent any on Kpop!
SOOOOO for all of those fan girls, fan girls, newbies, ahjummas, ahjusshi's etc etc.

This is a New Forum just for Kpop,
Just post up discussion, you're favourite groups, current gossip, so that we can all discuss and relate, bring the kpop fans even closer!

I have so many groups that i love, i just cant type them all up, but i'm sure if you talk about it here, i'll tune in too!

I'll be waiting for some Posts!


heart yuukari, Forever an ELF and Kissme
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These are the only 4 Korean songs I know.

Clazziquai - Dance

Taeyang (Featuring Kush) - Make Love

Clazziquai - She Is

Free Style - 비혼곡 (悲魂曲)
Not available on YouTube.

Well you are in luck my friend, cause there are over 1000 songs i know, i didnt realise there was an international thread, but OH WELL, that shows how long i havent been on Gaia.

Might i suggest, Ukiss, Big Bang, Super Junior, 2NE1 and Sistar. These are currently my favourite, although i have many more, since you know Taeyang, and with the sexy body he has, he has so many other songs like the all time famous, Wedding Dress, Only look at me and I'll be there.

Ukiss, sing a lot of, how can i say, Mainstream songs, Like; Neverland, Stop Girl (newly released), Man Man Ha ni, Round and Round, Not Young, Believe and Forbidden love, they're currently my favourite.

Big Bang, my gawd where to start, Haru Haru, Lies, Last farewell, B I G B A N G, Tonight, Beautiful Hangover, Blue, Still Alive, Bad Boy, ER ME GERD, there's just so many with Big Bang.

Super Junior, It's You, Sorry Sorry, Bonamana, Super Girl, Love disease, and many more, (FOREVER AN ELF, i just love super junior too much xD)

2NE1, in the same agency with Big Bang, YG Entertainment, Super badass women, they're songs, UGLY, I am the Best, and LONELY are my favourites from them.

SISTAR, from Starship ent. My Girl (they're most famous song), Alone, and So cool are topping my ipod ;D

Listen to them and see, i am going to make your head filled with kpop xD
I love kpop! gah I am obsessed who am I kidding?
Jester Wild
I love kpop! gah I am obsessed who am I kidding?

Amen to that xD what groups are u interested in?
Shinwa, B2st, 2NE1, Girls Generation, Big Bang, H.O.T and TVXQ

mainly anyways
Jester Wild
Shinwa, B2st, 2NE1, Girls Generation, Big Bang, H.O.T and TVXQ

mainly anyways

Virtual high five, its amazing how shinhwa have been together for so long, love their song Venus, xD

Love ba-toosts song fiction, *attempts retarded foot dance in chorus*
It's hard to find someone who even knows them these days lol
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Thanks for sharing those songs!
I particularly loved Clazziquai - Dance
I might have just became an instant fan of Clazziquai. emotion_kirakira
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Right now my favourite group is f(x) ^^ My favourite songs by them are


and Chu~♡

I've been listening to a lot of 2NE1 and T-ARA lately, too. I haven't really ventured into the guy groups yet, but I have listened to lots of SHINee XD

well this year my (rookie) favorites are: b.a.p, nu'est, tasty, vixx, c-clown

overall: big bang, shinee, 2NE1, xiah junsu

questing: all of my lost items back. . .

✿천사의 얼굴로 날 날날
쳐다보지 마 거짓말이다✿
These days, groups just keep on debuting, I reckon this year has the most debuts, I can't even catch up sometimes, xD

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