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Here are a list of recent disbandings in the Japanese rock music scene:

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Spiv States looses three members, down to one.

"Message from spiv states: As of the release of the 2nd mini album on 7/13, spiv states will mark a new start as we return to our origin of a ‘guest-player-participation’ band. With this decision, the live on 7/9(Sat) at Higashi Koenji 20000V will be the last stage that spiv states would perform with all of the current members. We deeply apologize that this may be unfortunate news for all the fans and affiliates who have been supporting us.

Since the very beginning, spiv states have been through various changes. We would sincerely like to ask of your kind understanding that each member of spiv states has contemplated full-heartedly and reached this decision after thorough deliberation.

JUN, RYO, ZECHS and SEIYA will each walk a different path soon, but please continue to show your undivided support for all of them in the future.

Message from JUN:

I’ve come through production and performances in hopes to expand the horizons and depth of spiv states’ music. The evolution of spiv states’ music in mind is happening now and the new mini album is a significant part of this evolution. I can proudly say that this new album is filled with the new, best of spiv states that you’ve ever experienced.

There have been changes in the style of our band so far, but it has been decided that spiv states will start anew to express the ‘JUNK, but earnest and friendly ROCK’ that spiv states has pursued extensively and in depth.

The live at Higashi Koenji 20000V on 7/9 will be the last live with RYO, ZECHS and SEIYA as members of spiv states. Please show us your support for this team until the end.

I want you to rest assured that you will continue to experience the same spiv states you’ve always known and also the new sides of spiv states that deserve to be recognized as the best. I want to keep marching forward hand in hand with everyone who loves spiv states’ music.

Please keep supporting spiv states. Thank you for everything."


Vocals: Rayka (ex-brodiaea, ex-Synside)
Guitar: 律(ritsu) (ex-D.O.S, ex-Layla, ex-Ridiot)
Guitar: N∀O (ex-Ridiot(then known as SYOHEI))
Bass: 明イ(akino) (ex-ネス(neth), ex-Synside)
Drums: 一砂(kazna)

I feel the need to post this here, as well, so no one else makes the typical 'fan' mistake. This is a serious issue, and has only grown worse over the last three years.


If it's on MSN, there is a HUGEscandal going around with people faking profiles. If they speak 'engrish' for a day or two, and switch to perfect spelling in grammar? Fake. If you don't speak Japanese and you can't test them yourself [google translate does NOT count], you're SOL here. Please be wise, and don't send any photos of yourself, give them any information, or let them know anything about YOU until you're 100% positive that they're real.

Most Japanese artists will not speak to anyone if it's not in their native language. I know a lot of people that have been heart broken because they've talked to people on MSN that they think are their favorite members, but aren't. The group I know of [I don't know them personally, but I've had encounters on msn with these 'band members'] that does this little game, often talk about their favorite American tv shows, mention the game Kongregate often [I think this is where the original scandal started], and they impersonate MANY members of MANY bands. I'll post a list of the fakes that I know of. If you've talked to someone you believe is a member of your favorite band, please feel free to PM me and ask me if I have run across the emails before. I'd be happy to tell you if an email is fake or not, seeing as I have met many of these people. I know for a fact they are indeed fake, and it has been confirmed by several JRock companies here in the US, as well as labels overseas.

List of known fake MSN accounts THAT HAVE BEEN CONFIRMED AS FAKES:

All members of GOLDEN BOMBER {Jun, Kenji, Shou, Yutaka}
All members of the GazettE {Ruki, Aoi, Uruha, Kai, Reita}
Kazi and Hiro of SINCREA
All members of ClearVeil {Ryuuto, Nozomi, Naruka, Hisayoshi, Saki}
Shuuta, Yuuri, Natsuki of Irokui.
Natsuki of -OZ-
Tara of the Riots
Rose/No Min Woo {Ex TRAX, 24/7}
Maya and Denki Man of LM.C
Bou of An Cafe
Juri and Aggy of DELUHI
HITSUGI of Nightmare
Nao and Hiroto of alice nine.
Genki of V a n e s s A
Isshi of Kagrra,
Shiina Mio of Canzel
Tatsuha of Bergerac
All members of Ayabie {Aoi included}
Yuuki of Jinkaku Radio

This has been going on for ages, guys. Please, be careful about who you talk to. Look for obvious signs such as
-Perfect or near perfect English
-The times that they are on, and how long they are on for.
-If multiple people are on, system crashes and multiple sign-offs.
-Delayed responses when one or more people are on.
-'new' photos from their blogs they claim to show you. A lot of blog photos are RECYCLED. If it's not in their current blog and you can't find it, it's most likely from a year or so back in time.
-The use of the game Kongregate.
A former member of SG Wannabe, Chae Dong Ha(채동하) was found dead in his apartment today.
Jpop Asia article
TBDM AND JFAC has there new 2011 album coming out xd
oh yeah yall should listen to them
D'espairsRay has disbanded as of 6.15.11

The Official D'espairsRay Thread has links to the official announcement, translations of the member's comments, and updates on HIZUMI's condition.
Another name to add to the list of unfortunate deaths this month. First Taiji, previous member of X Japan passed, and then Isshi of Shiki Project/ex-Kagrra, also passed away.

Kaito of the visual kei band Xenon has unfortunately passed away this week, on the 29th. He was only 23 years old. As far as I know, no details have been released regarding the cause of death. Rest in peace, Kaito! You'll be greatly missed!

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As of August 1st jrock band PIECElang has ceased activities.
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SO since this is and international music post i would like to say that i have been very sad for the past few months because what has been happening with the Kpop band BIGBANG they are not having a very good year but i still have faith in them and i will support them
oh yeah and JYJ is awesom!!!!
Sadly Aicle. will be disbanding next month, on February 22nd.

Some good news, for once! LM.C has recently held their first Nippon Budokan live! At that live, they not only announced a new single AND a new album, BUT A WORLD TOUR AS WELL! At the moment only European dates/venues have been announced, but more wil come soon!

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