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that's wat i think to epspicially 2ne1...i would love there auotgraph.... ♥♥♥
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I personally think K-Pop should stay within Korea. Im Korean but I hate K-Pop. But then again, I never liked Pop in general...but I guess if you wanted to do this I would support it... stare

K-pop artists literally work for pennies over in korea. They only make money when they go out of korea, that's why you see japanese debuts and in a very few bands case, american debuts.

Yes I know, every artist or band works for pennies...except maybe a few exceptions...

No, not every artist or band in general, I'm talking in korea, they literally work for pennies due to laws where their labels can easily take advantage and exploit them.
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I think your idea is good. But maybe you should try a store like FYE or Best Buy.
Places that already have large libraries of international music for sale and would be open to selling K-pop music. I know Best Buy has a little bit of K-pop CDs but I have yet to see any in FYE.

As far as "Kpop should stay in Korea".....not if I am actively buying your titles, it shouldn't. :l
I appreciate that iTunes has it available for purchase from some artists, but I like having my CDs as well. That's like saying American music should stay in American even with the millions of international fans some artists have.
That would be really great ! (x
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It appears that Korean pop-rock band FT Island might be making a lot of North American Primadonna’s dreams come true. On labor day weekend, September 3-4, the band has been scheduled to play at a benefit concert in Toronto, Canada!

That’s right, folks, you read that correctly. Our boys are on the lineup for Concert for Japan, a benefit festival where all net proceeds will be donated to help aid the reconstructing of Japan after the devastating disasters struck this past March.

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Super Junior

i love that ideal very much <3
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I would totally agree.Not alot of Americans are fans of kpop, but there is still some. They sell other kinds of CD, so they should be able to sell kpop CDs to kpop fans. I root 4u
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me love to support. smile

well, if this will be a succes, some Kpop will come to America / or just their songs will be more popular there. If it is popular there, chances are it will be popular here too.
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i want 2ne1 to come to american (california) and perform
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2NE1 is going to dominate in america
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I kind of do, but at the same time i dont.. I mean... I am american and I feel special because Im really the only one in my group of friends who listens to it(one other does).. I feel as if KPOP was more known in the states I would lose that, ya know?

Im not very good with words ^^; but all I know is that every now and then I could use some kpop love down here in lonely Florida..
kokoro string
please help bring kpop to america!
(selling merchandise @ walmart)

i'm trying to get walmart to sell
korean pop cd's. i need you guys to help me!
please leave replies & like the idea! <3

ur epic for trying to get kpop i america! maybe you could ask the presient (no not of the US, the president of wallmart~ duh!) !

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