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yum_strawberry yum_strawberry
I would like to high recommend VIXX, signed under Jellyfish.
They only debuted last year with Superhero but their recent comeback On and On was amazing!
I've been following them since debut and I have not been disappointed.
They participated in MTV diaries so there's heaps of clips on YouTube of them being themselves and they have their own personal YouTube show called VIXX TV where they do a lot of random behind the scenes things and so on.
I feel they are under-credited. They took part on a show called MyDol prior to debut, that's how the group was formed. The company gave them challenges to do as a group of ten and from that he picked 6 to debut which is the line-up VIXX is now.
I'll post their current released M/Vs; Superhero, Rock Ur Body and On and On.

RealVIXX actually set the original version of On and On to private and are yet to change it back so I had to get the M/V from CJENMMUSIC.

Enjoy. Feel free to PM me is you want to know more groups/more about VIXX. I know quite a few good idol groups.
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I'm seeing a lot of the same songs listed, so I'll try and branch out a bit and give you some other options. Not sure if they're all classified as kpop (I like ballad artists and indie stuff), but they are Korean and...it's music. I'll list an artist and my favorite song of theirs currently, but....I like almost all of their songs.
Note: English titles might not be the real title. I'm just translating from the Korean in most cases

Hahyungon Factory - Because I don't Understand Women
Urban Zakapa - Emptiness
Yoon Gun - Walking to You
Sweet Sorrow - First Date
Seo In Guk w/ Verbal Jint - Can't Live Without You
Verbal Jint w/ Sanchez of Phantom - You Deserve Better
Phanton - Burning
Fat Cat - Is Being Pretty Everything
Black Skirts - Only Son

EDIT: Can't believe I forgot to mention Heogak/Hugak and Roy Kim! On my phone now so I can't give links but just look them up.
G-Dragon is the king of K-Pop (some really good songs by him are Heartbreaker, breathe, butterfly, one of a kind, crayon and That XX)
his band BIGBANG is the best (some good songs by them gara gara go, beautiful hangover, number 1, fantastic baby, bad boy, monster, lalala, dirty cash, BIGBANG)
oldie but goodie

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TVXQ's live performances are amazing... I became a fan after watching them at a concert once. xd I'm more of a ballad-sy (idek if that's a word) person... But even their dance performances are amazing with MR-removed. (They're also extremely well-known in Japan as a dance acapella group... going by the name of Tohoshinki which is basically the Japanese version of their Korean name.) They still hold the record for selling the most albums among post-first generation Korean boy bands with Mirotic album~ But they're currently split into TVXQ as a duo and JYJ.

Big Bang's "Lies" and "Haru Haru" days were also my favorite era for them... But I still love them now.

B.A.P is also good... Among the rookies. (Except a lot of their songs might sound repetitive even for me... But I love their stage presence + charisma even though they're still quite new)

(Sorry for the video spam. whee )
Ailee!! My favorite female soloist, she's sooo talented and she has such a passionate voice. People already mentioned her debut song, Heaven, and I also really like
evening sky
i will show you

and BTOB!
wow makes me wanna dance
irresistable lips

and Baek Ji Young!! queen of ballads, love her emotion~
i hate it ft. yiruma biggrin
that woman (OST from Secret Garden, I LOVE THAT DRAMA BEST DRAMA EVER xp )

Lee Seung Gi biggrin
Return relaxing song

it's war (very dramatic, i love it)
cry i used to be obsessed w/ this

SunnyHill biggrin their music videos usually include lots of social commentary stuff too
goodbye to romance nice song

late autumn heart loove this peaceful song

Kim Sunggyu
60 sec rock ballad mmm

gone not around any longer classy, has a saxophone lol biggrin

ok there's still many more bands/songs i recommend (once i think of em) but i'll stop here for now lol
& i also recommend the classics that other ppl already recommended,
Big Bang Haru Haru, B2ST Fiction, Taeyang Wedding Dress, etc.

i got into kpop half a year ago, loll it basically changed my life biggrin so addicting
(and btw on a side note, u should try watching the korean drama Secret Garden xD great soundtrack, fantastic acting, SO SWEET!!! im rewatching it now loll)

sorry i just realized u were asking for artists/bands not songs.. oops well too late now sweatdrop mah bad
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AOA Get Out
F(x) Beautiful Stranger
LEDApple Let the Wind Blow
Nine Muses Ticket
Exo-K Angel
15& I Dream

Just a few artists that you might want to look into and some of their songs that you might want to listen to. You might want to listen to some of the other SM artists aside from SNSD and SM the Ballad. J-Min, TRAX, TVXQ, etc. smile

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