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Opinion on I Got a Boy?

Loved it - their best work yet 0.16071428571429 16.1% [ 9 ]
Great effort - enjoyed it 0.33928571428571 33.9% [ 19 ]
Liked it - good song 0.17857142857143 17.9% [ 10 ]
Meh - neutral 0.089285714285714 8.9% [ 5 ]
Disliked a majority of it 0.035714285714286 3.6% [ 2 ]
One of their worst songs 0.125 12.5% [ 7 ]
Hated it - their worst work yet 0.071428571428571 7.1% [ 4 ]
Total Votes:[ 56 ]
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I personally liked the song. And the dance i absolutely LOVEEEEEE!!!!! The girls are well rounded in their elements
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They got dope a** movements
I absolutely loved it! This song really grew on me, and it's pretty addictive too. I also loved their dance moves, which made their whole live performances even more interesting to watch~
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Someone remixed it and I somewhat prefer that over the one by SNSD. Other then that, the song was addicting.
I like a couple of SNSD songs, but this definitely isn't one of them. I thought it was awful, personally, but I'm not going to knock anyone that likes it. I admire them for trying a different genre and experimenting, but I don't think that they should try something like this again. And I didn't like 'Dancing Queen' either - I'm so used to hearing the background music in Duffy's 'Mercy' that it just sounded strange in 'Dancing Queen'. lol
Skye River
The video felt like they were going back to the 90's in their wardrobe. It seems like their trip to the U.S. influenced a lot of their songs. The beat for "Dancing Queen" sounded like a song I've heard before.

The thing I hate is how 2NE1 fans think SNSD is copying them lately.

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IGAB is a disappointment when their latest Japanese CD is fantastic. Flower Power and Paparazzi as the driving singles and the rest of the tracks rounded the CD out nicely.
Either way, I'm still a SONE. Officially in their Japanese FC and going to see them 4 times for their Japanese Tour.

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