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Haii Who Do You Think Is Cuter Or Hotter
-Gikwang OR
Gikwang Is My Husband But G-Dragon Is GORGEOUS
I Honestly Love Them Both To Death I Would Marry Either One Of Them
Who Do You Think Is Cuter

Lee Gikwang_b2stLover
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Sex Symbol

Gikwang is Hotter (<3 B2ST)
But amg GD is so cuteeee~
I love them both.
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well although i love B2ST i don't really have a big thing for Kikwang and i love GD's music so i Pick GD
I love Gikwang but GD is also like one of my role models and insparations so its hard for me to pick hot i give to Gikwang the boy got a nice bod and abs Cuteness GD he does to many cute thing
Although G-Dragon is my ultimate bias, I admit that Gikwang has a hotter body. But G-Dragon is still amazing, he could change his look from goth to prep, sexy to innocent, sweet to badass. He can pull anything off, so I choose G-Dragon! heart emotion_yatta
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I pick GD heart
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I can't believe I'm saying this but...I'd take Gikwang. And want GD as my best friend.

Yeah, I'm friend-zoning a KPop idol. I'm pretty sure that's an illegal move, but ahhhh, Gikwang <3

But GD's so talented and I'd just love to be friends with him.
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Shy Gaian


Gikwang is pretty cute, but I have to say G-Dragon is plain hawt.
This might have to be because I'm secretly in love with GD though.....
I think GD has a better smile, but I do like Gikwangs facial structure a lot.

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I gotta hunt him down....
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GD hands down!
MY Husband Ji Yong Kwon (GD) because he's cute hot sexy an amazing sing/rapper and is just all around great! I LOVE him and he pulls off almost anything. (dazed and confessed look I didn't like though) his one of a kind hair grow on me and I like his pink hair and his hair now (if it's still his hair lol XD)
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GD hands down!
I choose GD oppa. I heart you G- Dragon. xp
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User Image G-D of course, biased for life.

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