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GDRAGON - One Of A Kind
IT'S EARGASMIC dramallama
I'm putting it on reply all day. yeknow
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Pyonghwaa say's


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GDRAGON - One Of A Kind
IT'S EARGASMIC dramallama
I'm putting it on reply all day. yeknow

Nobody's perf--
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I love this video I love how lydia from quest grew is with yg now I hope they make her and artist I love taeyang at the end and when he gets slapped by a barbie doll
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GD is definitely one of the best rappers alive, I'm loving his album. <33
Right, right?? He needs to come to America...and have rap battles! cat_rofl
I was kinda really hoping that One of a Kind would be his title song because that song is FIRE.

Crayon is good to, but dayum, One of a Kind is the type of song I've been waiting for from him.
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I love GD<3 I've been listening to that and crayon all day today.
I love G Dragon completely!!! no matter if he is with big bang or with his solo activities i still love him just as much. smile I also love crayon it is so funny, i love the fact he can mess around and laugh at himself.

I love this song! O:
GD is a ******** genius. *-*
I love him. And Bigbang.
For every video they release, I'll be raping the replay button like there's no tomorrow.
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Seeing him perform live along with Bigbang was an ultimate blessing TT______TT heart heart heart
Got the album last month heart Love it so much!
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I love this album. GD can seriously do any type of music. I'm begging my parent for this album for my birthday, but if they don't get it for me... I'm willing to skip a couple of meals to afford it. 3nodding Jiyong is so ******** worth it!!! heart

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