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Dir en grey, alice nine, the gazette, deluhi, phantasmagoria, malice mizer, exist trace, an cafe, hm... that's about all the ones I hold near and dear lol, but I want to get back into it and listen to some older bands I didn't give a chance to years ago. I like a few songs by SuG, especially love scream party OMFG.
Mm, I'm not sure if it really fits but!

I like Asian Kung Fu Generation, The Pillows, Jinn, High and Mighty Color [who've disbanded cry ], um... Abingdon Boys... Chatmonchy, if SCANDAL counts that too.
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I'm head over heels in love with A(Ace) right now, especially Rookie Fiddler heart

But my other faves are: Versailles, SuG, LM.C, Lolita23q, v[NEU], Moi dix Mois, Lilt, X Japan, The GazettE, Nightmare(and Sendai Kamotsu), and Kiryu
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Picking is hard but I really like Dir En Grey. Great talent and aesthetic that band gots! :3 <3
Alice nine!
I am in love with Shou and Saga is sooo dreamy. They make me space out a lot during the day >.<
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Yay so glad to find jrock fans on here ^^
My favorite bands are GazettE, Sadie, Nega, Screw, And-eccentric agent, Matenrou Opera, Royz...So many favorites lol ^^
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Yay so glad to find jrock fans on here ^^
My favorite bands are GazettE, Sadie, Nega, Screw, And-eccentric agent, Matenrou Opera, Royz...So many favorites lol ^^

I know right! It's hard to list them all!
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ONE OK ROCK, the Gazette, X JAPAN, and SCREW.

Jpop FTW.
Hhmmm, let me see...

Administrator (too bad they aren't around anymore)
Aicle (also gone)
Charlotte (old band, still great)
Irokui (I did like them, but things get went sour for them later)
Luzmelt (also gone)
Matenrou Opera
The Kiddie
Vidoll (also gone)
Vistlip (ok, never found anyone else who has liked them, also fav. band)
ViViD (LOVE old stuff, but since that label change it went terribly bad)

ALSO! Literally just started listening to GOTCHAROCKA. Love what I'm hearing.
Hhmmmm, that's all I can think of right now... Oh! EAT YOU ALIVE and LOST ASH too.
Sure there are more but there are just so many bands out there to remember.
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SID, GUILD, EVE, Acid Black Cherry, and vistlip will probably be my top five, although I do enjoy Matenrou Opera, and the disbanded vidoll
Oh man, I have quite a bit haha. Off the top of my head, these are the ones that pop up.

Visual Kei
- Dir En Grey
- SuG (I honestly don't know how to categorize these guys lol)
- The Gazette
- Girugamesh
- Gackt
- Maximum the Hormone

Jrock ( mostly indie punk rock stuff)
- Nico Touches the Walls
- Sambomaster
- ™ Revolution/ Abington Boys School
- Asian Kung Fu Generation
- Radwimps
-School Food for Punishment
- flumpool
- Ellegarden
- a flood of circle
- Unison Square Garden

Jrap (rappish?)

- Home Made Kazoku
- Nobody knows+
- MFlo
- Diggy Mo'
- Flow
- Tablo

ALSO. I need help. I'm trying to remember the name of a song and group from a long time ago but no names are coming up for me. I found the song when I first got into ONE OK ROCK and was looking up their music on youtube...and found this other group in the related playlist. The group's lead sang in english and I can only remember pieces of the lyrics:

First part:

It's well know, "You gotta' give to get"
But giving's all I'm doing
I need time to go by



You need to stop
And pay attention
you need to figure your self out and,


Don't be so blind, to see me as I see you
Reflected in another's view
you have to know, you're not alone out there

If you could help me find the name of this song, I would be forever in your debt! It's been nagging me for awhile now.

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