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                W e l c o m e

                Kouki (幸樹 - 21/10/1980) Vocal
                Ibuki (威吹 - 16/01/1984) Guitar
                Hikaru (ひヵる - 27/11/1985) Guitar
                Reika (玲夏 - 05/08/1982) Bass
                Minase (ミナセ - 02/03/1981) Drums

                Welcome to the Official ダウト thread, a place where you could learn various things about the band D=out or pronouncing it as "doubt". It doesn't matter whether you're new at this because it's always a great thing to find about something new and learning more and more, like a biography basically. Making this thread September 7th_2'11, it's been a great honor making this thread, hoping for the best and future and keeping the thread as awake. Everyone is welcome to post here but I do have some rules. I know, everybody hates rules, but we need them to keep this thread nice.

                ★ Genre: Visual Kei | J-Rock_____

                ダウト is a rock band in the visual kei movement, formed on December 24th, 2006 in Japan. They were formerly known in Japan as D=OUT. However, D=OUT is their current name for European market.

                ダウト has five members, 幸樹 (Kouki) on vocals, ひヵる (Hikaru) and 威吹 (Ibuki) on guitars, 玲夏 (Reika) on bass and ミナセ (Minase) on drums.

                Their first song “Flashback” was released as a free single on April 3, 2007. They later released a single, Heisei Bubble, in five types.
                In October, ダウト was signed to the Indies label SPEED-DISK and released their 2nd single “白旗宣言” (Shirohata Sengen). The following single, “ばら色ノ人生” (Bara iro no jinsei) was out on December 19.

                Only five days after the announcement of D=OUT's formation, the five members played their first concert on December 29 at Holiday Shinjuku with a number of concerts at Ikebukuro Cyber and Holiday Shinjuku after that.

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__________________ xxRxxUxxLxxExxS

                              We all don't like them but we need them.

                              Please be kind to the people in the thread.
                              This means no disrespecting, name calling, or judging anyone's opinion because everyone out here has their settled opinion about everything, especially when it's something fan related, don't ruin their spirits now. No mood killing or making anyone feel worse in the thread since that's just not right to do something like that.

                              Do not advertise in this thread or spam at all.
                              I dislike those things most of all because they make the thread messy looking and I really wouldn't want to destroy or yourself a perfectly new thread that's for everyone to enjoy, not just yourself. Respect this thread and good things will come to you in the future.

                              Please stay on topic and if you know any other facts about them, post away!
                              If you have any interesting facts about this band and would like to share, please share it with u and probably i might put it in the front page giving you credit for finding this fact. I never get someone's credits and name it mine. Remember, once you post it, it's the credits you earn for finding it.

                              If you dislike the band, you can post full opinion.
                              Remember, we're going to respect everyone's opinion, even yours. Though don't just give a post saying " it sucks. ", Cmon now, we need a reason for everything and if you just don't want to explain, well, there's other threads to go to rather than this one. Remember, don't give mood kill or the mood kill is going to go right back at you.

                              And if you never knew about this band or a big fan, here's a taste of what D=OUT
                              is with this video called ダウト (D=Out) - 鬼門 (Kimon) PV HD.
                              This PV came out in MARCH '10
                              v v v v v v

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__________________ xxDxxIxxSxxCxxOxxGxxRxxAxxPxxHxxYxx

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                ✖ Albums and EPs

                Rōman Jōmyakuteki Chabangeki (浪漫静脈的茶番劇, April 30, 2008 )
                Cannonball Vol. 4 (June 11, 2008 )
                Zipang (August 8, 2008 )
                Tōryūmon (登竜門, July 22, 2009)
                Carnival (浮世[初回盤-大, March 10, 2010) Oricon Weekly Album Chart Top Position: 41

                ✖ Singles
                "Flashback" (フラッシュバック, March 4, 2007)
                "Heisei Bubble" (平成バヴル, June 22, 2007)
                "Shirohata Sengen" (白旗宣言, October 24, 2007)
                "Bara Iro no Jinsei" (ばら色ノ人生, December 19, 2007)
                "Bankoku, Dai Tōkyō / Akai Kasa to Anata" (万國、大東京/赤い傘と貴女, February 27, 2008 )
                "Myōjō Orion" (明星オリオン, December 17, 2008 ) Oricon Weekly Single Chart Top Position: 44
                "Hanasaki Beauty" (花咲ビューティ, April 22, 2009) Oricon Weekly Single Chart Top Position: 38
                "Aoi Tori" (青い鳥, August 26, 2009) Oricon Weekly Single Chart Top Position: 33
                "Psychedelico-Psychedelico"(サイケデリコ∞サイケデリコ, September 8, 2010) Oricon Weekly Single Chart Top Position: 26
                "ONE" (ONE, March 16, 2011)
                "ROMAN REVOLUTION" (ROMAN REVOLUTION, July 27, 2011)
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          Name : KOUKI

          Part : Vocal

          Blood type : AB

          Birthday : October 21th

          Constellation : Libra

          Height : 182cm

          Weight : 63kg

          Favorite brand :
          - Louis Vuitton
          - Justin Davis
          - L.H.P
          - B'2nd
          - goa
          - GADGET GROW

          Favorite Cigarette Brand: Doesn't smoke.

User Image

Name : REIKA

Part : Bass

Blood type : B

Birthday : August 5th

Constellation : Leo

Height : 175cm

Weight : about 50kg

Favorite Cigarette Brand: Marlboro Medium

Favorite brand : PPFM Justin Dvis

User Image


Part : Drums

Blood type : O

Birthday : March 2nd

Constellation : Pisces

Height : 178cm

Weight : 50kg

Favorite Cigarette Brand: Marlboro Light

Favorite brand : And A, SCHLUSSEL

User Image

Name : IBUKI

Part : Guitar

Blood type : B

Birthday : January 16th

Constellation : Capricorn

Height : 175cm

Weight : 55kg

Favorite Cigarette Brand: KENT5 menthol

Favorite brand : -

User Image


Part : Guitar

Blood type : ?

Birthday : November 27th

Constellation : Sagittarius

Height : 162cm

Weight : 50kg

Favorite Cigarette Brand: -

Favorite brand : Royal Order, Vivienne Westwood
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__________________ xxFxxAxxNxxPxxOxxSxxTxx&xxExxVxxExxNxxTxxS

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                        This post in this box is for fans to write anything about D=OUT in a positive manner, like a fan letter or a shout box. If wanting to be in here, you must require to have a paragraph on why you like the band so much, anything positive about them in here. Don't worry, I will also hold contests worth 100k's in prizes in the future to keep this thread growing and glowing ! Remember not to over write much, i prefer only a paragraph with 5-10 sentences.

                        D=OUT Vocalist Kouki Hospitalized for Throat Surgery!

                        It has been learned on September 19th, that Kouki, vocalist of D=OUT has been hurriedly hospitalized due to problems with his throat. After detailed examination, it has been decided for him to undergo surgery immediately.

                        As the surgery had been small and went well, the live performance that is scheduled for September 25th, will be held as planned.

                        Even though Kouki is recently at the hospital, the plans for the rest of this year will keep D=OUT busy. They will be releasing their first photo book on October 21st, before performing at V-ROCK FESTIVAL just two days later.

                        On November 23rd, they will then perform their last one-man show for this year a SHIBUYA-AX.

                        We sincerely hope for a quick recovery and a successful fulfilling of all plans!

                        Kouki, lead singer of D=OUT is released on September 25th giving his tweet to everyone 18 hours ago from 1:55 p.m eastern time.


                        W00t early but feels longer than a day up until midnight ☆ life happens I hope the day! The work can also do a lot of care! ☆ Today is the heart and soul feel to live again!

                        KOUKI_LEAD SINGER
                        OCTOBER 21ST IS HIS BIRTHDAY.
                        HAPPY BIRTHDAY - !!!!


                        PS COMPANY presents Kira Kira☆Summer☆Typhoon!! Tour 2011
                        7/20(wed) Zepp Nagoya [OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00]
                        7/21(thu) Zepp Osaka [OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00]
                        7/22(fri) Zepp Fukuoka[OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00]
                        7/25(mon) Zepp Sapporo[OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00]
                        7/27(wed) Zepp Sendai [OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00]
                        7/28(thu) Zepp Tokyo [OPEN 16:15 / START 17:00]
                        Performing Artists: SuG / ViViD / D=OUT
                        Opening act: BORN
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__________________ xxLxxIxxNxxKxxSxx

These are really good threads and if you have
any time, visit them. ( • v • ) /
( If you want you're official thread here, just ask me. Post and quote
me with this )

[quote="Abuela Juju"][/quote]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

the GazettE ☠ Official Thread!

ゴールデンボンバー Golden Bomber ♨ [Official Thread]


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__________________ xxOxxPxxExxNxx!xx
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Took me the whole day to make it but
worth the time. ( • ∆ • ) /
The thread is gorgeoussssss. I love it! I'm very happy you made it, thank you!!
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AHHHHHH!!! ( /// e w e //// )
Post whenever you want. this thread is your
thread as well as for everyone in the forum.
( • U • )
Oh trust me, I will~

I've had SUNRISE stuck in my head all day. No idea why, it's just there.
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LOL! That song has been in my head
the whole time last week. I sang it and danced
like crazy since it gets me in a hyper mood.
( • U • )
I remember when i used to sing it so much in school
and my friends looked at me like
" <.<;;;; "
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Kouki!!!! heart

He's so adorable <3

They've been on the top 30 countdown for a few weeks now ^_^
And they definitely deserve it!
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I TOTALLY AGREE !! I love kouki • U •
PS Company bands are really good when listening
to them and some of their pv's. And yeah, i hear
they were in the top 30 countdown and i was like
" They totally deserved it. "
and their new cd just came out
like in July 2011.

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